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Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill says Tories are monitoring Polish allies’ homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 7 Oct 2009, 5:05pm

    “Poland is a Catholic country. Most of the parties in Poland do take a stance like that on issues like gay marriage.”

    Ireland and Spain are catholic countries. NONE of the parties in Ireland or Spain take a stance like that on issues like gay marriage. And none have EVER made a Nazi-like statement that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation. The leader of the Law and Justice Party has made such a statement. The leader of the Tory’s group in the European Parliament has referred to gay people as ‘fags’ but denies it.

  2. So now Cameron is justifying homophobis in Poland by saying it’s a Catholic country? It’s disgraceful. This man will reach for any justification for homophobia during his term, if he gets ellected, just to appease his homophobic base. This is just the beggining

  3. I’m sorry, but if the tories are serious about equality, then the last thing they should be doing is insisting on maintaining this alliance with the homophobic law & justice party. Its about as two-faced as they can get and nobody will trust them for as long as that is the case.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Oct 2009, 6:51pm

    “And none have EVER made a Nazi-like statement that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation”

    Simon – did te Nazi’s ever make statements like that then?

    Other other hand you might want to read some of the statements the (Catholic) Vatican has been making

  5. If everyone on here is claiming this ‘Law & Justice Party’ is homophobic, what actual proof have they got? How much is hearsay, and how much is fact?

    If there are proven instances where it is shown they are indeed anti-gay, why hasn’t Stonewall and others already presented the Conservatives with this information? and if they have, what has been their reply?

    All this in-fighting is based on this existing (apparent) evidence; monitoring for more is pointless, the Poles aren’t stupid, and will now keep their heads down and play nice.

    This whole thing has to be brought right out into the daylight and the evidence examined. Based on what the Conservatives do on that outcome will tell everyone who’s side they are playing for.

  6. To RobN:

    Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of the Law And Justice Party, September 21st 2005:
    “Homosexuals should not be isolated, however they should not be school teachers for example. Active homosexuals surely not, in any case.”

    Lech Kaczynski, while mayor of Warsaw, refused authorization for a gay pride march; declaring that it would be obscene and offensive to other people’s religious beliefs.

    In June 2006, while the party was in power, the state prosecutor announced an investigation of all gay groups for illegal financing, criminal connections, and pedophilia. In addition, the Ministry of Justice (headed by Zbigniew Ziobro) has ordered local prosecution offices to investigate if ‘any crimes of a pedophile nature have been committed by homosexual persons’ in their respective area.

    Please point out how these actions are not anti-gay, anyone.

  7. I support stephen fry and the others on this one and thank them for speaking out like this

    The tory party have proven by joining an homophobic party that deep down they are still right wing and still homophobic

    I am sorry I DO NOT BUY the tory claims of supporting equality NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS

    Its all a con to get the gay vote from other parties It won`t work

    We won`t forget section 28
    We won`t forget their past track voting record on equality
    We won`t forget the gross indeceny laws they refused to repeal
    We won`t forget how they refused to crimialise gay bashings
    We won`t forget how they refused to allow gay couples to adopt


  8. Simon Murphy 7 Oct 2009, 10:21pm

    “Simon – did te Nazi’s ever make statements like that then”

    Sister Mary Clarence – I don’t know if the Nazis ever said acceptance of homosexuality would lead to the destruction of civilisation.

    But they did send 50,000 gay men to the death-camps for their ‘crimes against nature’

  9. The only equality the NuTories want is to make the poorest in society to pay for the mistakes of their own rich banker families and friends who got us into huge debt. That includes the family of Ben Summerskill.

    So what do the NuTories want to do?

    Make us pay for it while they give the rich no inheritance tax to pay. Like most LGBT people I am considered single in the eyes of the tax system so I must pay for the lions share of the debt. While the families get all the tax credits and other benefits of the tax and benefits system.

    The NuTories will increase the tax burden on the LGBT while it focuses on what they call traditional families.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Oct 2009, 11:31am

    Abi1975, so you’re saying that civil partnered couples are considered single in the eyes of the tax system? Surely not?

  11. John (Derbyshire) 8 Oct 2009, 1:54pm

    I don`t know why Stonewall are bothering to do this- since it will make absolutely no difference to the stance of the conservative party if they find any evidence of homophobia. Indeed-to be realistic-if they DO find evidence of homophobia within these polish political parties-it can only ENHANCE their standing with the conservatives hold them!! Get real Ben- it really is the same old Tories you are dealing with!! The ones that actually introduced Clause 28-and who admire any country doing the same.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Oct 2009, 7:11pm

    Simon Murphy, I don’t think they did either, however the Vatican said somwething not entirely dissimilar not so long ago, and the point has been made that the comments were more in keeping with religious belief.

    I am certainly not defending the comments that were made, but can we all stop screaming Nazi everythime we disagree with something

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Oct 2009, 7:14pm

    Abi – I think you’ll find it was Labour’s banker friends that got us into huge debt – so chummy they all but ceased regulation of the financial sector in order that the government and the bankers could make themselves a fortune.

    It may have escaped you that the Tories were not in power at the time and therefore were not involved in the decisions that allowed this to come about.

  14. Bit naive there Sister Mary, money is money and the ones controlling it all hardly change who ever is in power. Section 28, when imposed during the heightened days of the AIDS epidemic, caused a lot of extra suffering in our vulnerable community, with extra fuel poured on by the Murdoch press. Lest we forget I say. Any alliance with homophobes from Europe is dangerous as it would be with the fundamentalists from islam.

  15. What is Mr. Cameron pretending not to know about his European partners?

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