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Anti-gay group calls for resignation of Obama aide

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Reader comments

  1. That’s Americans for ya!

  2. Americans for ya!

  3. PinkNews hasn’t yet fully covered this story, but in the link below Mr Brewster effectively debunks all the false claims made by the right wing media in the US, and has left egg on the faces of the likes of Fox News.

  4. “Are we to believe Kevin Jennings will fairly treat Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong? Students of faith will hardly be safe from bullying and intimidation in any school that listens to him.” That really says it all and wait, they want kids to be safe from bullying? that’s strange because I could of swore this group wanted alot of kids to be bullied, suffer and then commit suicide, that seems like a given from othordox christianity who completely ignore the teachings of Jesus.

  5. Yes, this has been completely debunked, but no matter for the fanatical nutcases like AFA, and their christofascist agenda.

  6. Vo Dong Cung 7 Oct 2009, 7:48pm

    The right wing media fault-claim Jennings “cover-up” a crime and demand his resignation. Why they do not claim the top leaders of Catholic Church covered-up thousands by thousands crime through out all over the world? Right wing media need to demand all top Catholic leaders, from Vatican to local church, resign imediately at the same time. Now…

  7. “Students of faith will hardly be safe from bullying and intimidation in any school that listens to him”….. they are joking, are they not?

  8. “Are we to believe Kevin Jennings will fairly treat Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong?”
    It’s his job and hes not done bad so far
    The AFA wants him to treat these biggots fairly and at the same treat gay people unfairly

    This man can’t win either way promoting equality because the AFA will constantly claim hes being unfair to the biggots

  9. Sounds like he gave the boy sound advice. If he was actually 15 at the time, the relationship should have been reported. But as the man is stating he was 16, it is a shame that the right wing is attacking Mr. Jennings instead of applauding him for passing on sensible knowledge to stop the spread of a nasty disease.

  10. ‘ Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong?’ Don’t tell me what I believe!!!!

  11. Eagle Ashcroft 8 Oct 2009, 11:18pm

    According to Homeland Security the American Family Association is listed as a domestic terrorist group as well as a hate group and are fair game, which means they have no say and anyone attacking them may be rewarded for capturing a terrorist group. In fact most all hate groups which includes Christian fundy groups are listed as domestic terrorist groups and are watched by the FBI and the Justice Department. Their phones are all tapped, their members are watched closely for any plans of violence or any plans to demonstrate against any other peaceful group or person/persons. When Homeland Security was first formed I was a member for awhile and got all of the lists of the domestic terrorist groups which included most of your environmentalist groups, religious organizations and Middle East groups. Both domestic and foreign terrorist groups are considered just as dangerous as the other. Anyone attacking, threatening, demonstrating or harassing gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-sexuals, blacks, Hispanics or any other race or person either by word or gesture or threat will be investigated and put on a black list as “enemies of the United States” and be labeled as terrorist. This is the statement of Homeland Security, not my statement. Focus on the Family is another terrorist group as well as many fundy individuals; Pat Robertson, Benny Hind and many TV preachers. So the president is not about to listen to these enemies of our country because if anything they might end up in a military prison to just disappear. Fred Phelps in on Homeland Security’s sh-t list as well as his Westboro church members.

  12. America gets sicker daily. The American courts are out of control and running amok. The media publishes lies and the American president can’t repeal DADT. To mention but a few, and this is supposed to be a world power?

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