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Video: Stephen Fry says David Cameron has aligned himself with homophobes

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Reader comments

  1. John (Derbyshire) 6 Oct 2009, 7:23pm

    Mr Tannock certainly doesn`t put his money where his mouth is. In the recent vote in the European Paliament condemning the introduction of a Clause 28 in Estonia-he abstained-alongside all his other Conservative party members bar one-who in fact voted in favour of Clause 28!! Do they think we believe all their lies?

  2. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 8:57pm

    I think Pink News should do an interview with the LGBTory group and ask THEM where they stand on the issue of the alliance between the Tories and the Law and Justice Party.

    I mean they must have an opinion on it.

  3. Why is Mr Cameron alligning, associating, and not differentiating himself with extreme right wing groups in Europe

  4. I’m afraid Mr Tannock doesn’t come across as very convincing when he cites Britain as being a deeply Catholic country 50 years ago. It may have escaped him but this country has been deeply Protestant for a little longer than that. Nor would I say it was deeply conservative.

  5. Why is Mr Cameron alligning, associating, and not differentiating himself from extreme right wing groups in Europe

  6. Mr Fry is just a fantastic brain – very respected and a big voice for us.

  7. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Oct 2009, 9:38pm

    Its quite simple….. Self Interest. Nothing More.
    Be Afraid.

  8. I am more concerned about all the Polish RC priests coming to this country; probably all pooves and spouting anti-gay tripe.

  9. Wow, I was totally behind Fry until he blamed the Poles for Auschwitz. Um, no. That’s offensively wrong. The Nazis committed genocide against Poles too.Do a bit more reading before you make wild allegations, Stephen: seriously, your first point was strong enough to carry the argument without needing to resort to blatantly false hyperbole.

  10. It was good of the Tory party to throw a little bash for LGBTory outside the conference. While it invited the homophobes deep into its blossom in conference and lavished them with VIP champagne treatment and put them in a place of honour. While the gays where relegated to the ghetto of canal street outside of the conference and out of sight out of mind.

    Shows how much the NuTories think of LGBTory they invite the most homophobic people they know on the very day LGBTory are trying to gain focus from the party.

    That sounds like a cold shoulder to me.

  11. Justin Hinchcliffe 6 Oct 2009, 11:21pm

    What a pathetic stunt. The Conservative Party has changed. It’s high time lefties like Fry et al understood and accepted today’s modern and progressive leadership of the Conservatives.

  12. Simon Murphy 7 Oct 2009, 12:25am

    No11: Justin: you say: “It’s high time lefties like Fry et al understood and accepted today’s modern and progressive leadership of the Conservatives.”

    What about the Tories deal with dodgy Polish bigots. That’s a topic the Tories cannot ignore while they claim to be nuTory and accepting of gayfolk.

  13. It would be better if PinkNews had a ubuntu playable video!

  14. Mr Fry you are amazing.

  15. Mr Tannock reminds me of Neville Chamberlain, I was waiting for him to trot out the “I have in my hand a piece of paper” line. Fry is quite right, Hitler’s rise to power was immediately preceeded by a severe economic collapse with people famously carrying around currency in wheelbarrows to buy loaves of bread. They found their scapegoats then and it would seem they’re finding them now.
    “Trying to change the system from within” is not going to cut the mustard with me Mr Tannock.

  16. Jennifer Hynes 7 Oct 2009, 8:56am

    Never mind the anti-LGBT lot in Europe, what about the Tory front bench? Most of them voted against gay rights in parliament, and don’t have a particularly good record when it comes to general human rights issues either. Conservative by name, conservative by nature. From the Oxford English Dictionary: averse to change and holding traditional values…

  17. Justin Hinchcliffe 7 Oct 2009, 9:11am

    Simon M, that has been explained more than once. To repeat, because of Communism, many in Eastern Europe are not as liberal as we are in Western Europe. That will change all of that. And you should be aware that the new Conservative grouping is fully signed up to the equality agenda.

    Why won’t you investigate the parties that British Labour and Lib Dems politicians sit with? Only last week a senior politician from Germany’s SPD (who sit with Labour in the main Socialist grouping) said that he “didn’t want a gay Finance Minister” – a reference to Guido, leader of a centre-right liberal party, who has now joined Angela Merkel’s conservative coalition.

  18. I am deeply ashamed by Mr Kaminski and Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc (Law & Justice Party) as well as by the family ruling Poland. Their homophobia is a result of lack of understanding and education and fear against unknown. People ruling Poland are corrupted and false. With such an attitude Poland should have never been accepted by EU. It is very difficult to watch what is happening to used to be a proud and beatuful country now being destroyed by greed and foolishness.

  19. Mr Tannock should check his facts first. He claimed in that video clip that he had never once heard any of the polish law & justice party members utter a single homophobic comment. So why on earth should we believe him when he talks of a more progressive tory party? Hollow words indeed.

    Stephen Fry is absolutely correct in the points he was making. As for those who try to dress this up as a left vs right politics issue, rubbish! Its perfectly acceptable to believe in gay rights & human rights for all, whilst still been in agreement with other tory polices. This is not a left vs right issue, its about modern british political parties not shaming the country’s reputation because they are in bed with anti-semitic, homophobic people & organisations.

  20. Simon Murphy 7 Oct 2009, 10:26am

    No 17: Justin: “Simon M, that has been explained more than once. To repeat, because of Communism, many in Eastern Europe are not as liberal as we are in Western Europe. That will change all of that.”

    This is an inadequate response as should be crystal clear.

    I will rephrase.

    What are the Tories doing to ensure that the homophobic facists they are allied with in Europe change their hideous bigotry.

    You do realise that simply waiting for them to change by themselves is an unacceptable response in light of their leader’s facist statement that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation.

  21. Justin Hinchcliffe 7 Oct 2009, 11:02am

    Because of the nature of the European Parliament, Simon, you sometimes have to sit with people you don’t always see eye to eye with.

  22. Well why don’t you just invite the BNP into your little European club of racists, homophobes and fascists Justin Hinchcliffe? You will have the full set of NuTory nasties then.

  23. “Dave” has never convinced me, even if the Nasty Party has recanted on Section 28! Jumping into bed with the right wingers of Eastern Europe is exactly what you would expect! So we will have a Govt which is allied to neo Nazi’s, will tax us to the hilt, cut public services and bring in austerity? Mmmmmm! Ps Good for Stephen Fry standing up to be counted!

  24. Well done Mr Fry – good comments – the truth hurts

  25. Justin wrote

    “Because of the nature of the European Parliament, Simon, you sometimes have to sit with people you don’t always see eye to eye with.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    This goes without saying . . .

    But there is a difference between tolerating extreme groups because they have been democratically elected, and associating ones self with extreme groups.

    Why is your leader associating, alligning and making overtures to the extreme politics of some eastern european countries?

  26. Simon Murphy 7 Oct 2009, 12:31pm

    No 21: Justin: “Because of the nature of the European Parliament, Simon, you sometimes have to sit with people you don’t always see eye to eye with. ”

    Including facists?????

    Will the BNP be invited to join the Tory/Polish facist club?

    Why is Polish facism acceptable to the Tories but BNP facism unacceptable?

    Why the double standard? Especially since the Tories attitude to Europe is so close to the BNP’s?

    This alliance between the Tories and the Polish facists makes an utter mockery of Cameron’s claims that the Tories are an inclusive party.

    That Polish party is deeply unpleasant with their jingoistic nationalism; homophobia; anti-semitism and alliance with catholic reactionaries.

  27. When you look at the NuTory wish to repeal the human rights act, you must wonder exactly what the NuTories have planned for members of the LGBT? All significant advances on LGBT rights have stemmed from the European convention on human rights what the human rights act is based on. So are we going to see an attack on civil partnerships, gay adoption, gender recognition certificates and gender reassignment under the proposed NuTory repeal on human right in this country?

  28. The repeal of the human rights act is the NuTory section 28 of our time.

  29. The Tories are priding themselves on how open and honest they will be under there leadership, but they are not being very honest with regards to how homophobic they’ll be???

  30. Read this 2009 Amnesty International report into Poland’s human Rights!

    If the tories think homophobia is behind these poeple they are sadly mistaken.

    Rights in Republic of Poland

  31. Well done Mr Fry, i salute you for advancing a strong argument and tand up aginst these vile racists on our behalf. You defenitly on top of my tea list! mwhaaa!!!

  32. Nice of Stephen fry to drag the whole of Poland into this debate. Homosexual sex is legal in Poland and has been since 1932. Poland’s age of consent for both heterosexual and homosexual sex has been 15 since 1932. Compare that to the UK’s record on legislation and there is quite a contrast. There are homophobic people everywhere in the world including unfortunately a great many in the UK, despite all the education we’ve had on the subject.

    The fact that the tories have aligned with a very right wing party that many Poles loathe is the issue, so why Stephen Fry has to make completely false statements about Auschwitz being anything to do with Poles or in a free Poland with its own borders is simply unfathomable. In case anyone is unaware of the history, the concentration/ extermination camp was constructed in Nazi-occupied Poland on the orders of Hitler & co. The Polish resistance were the first to let the allies know with many reports of the attrocities there starting very early on in the game (1940), but until 1943 they were dismissed as exaggeration or ignored. The allies did not bomb the railway lines as was planned because it was too risky or something (they were not sure they could bomb the lines and thought they might kill some prisoners)….so lots of people were murdered needlessly anyway. Someone needs to buy Stephen a historical/political atlas so he can see that Poland was occupied from 1939 pretty much up until 1989 firstly by the Nazis and then the Soviets. Other than the years directly following WWI, Poland as a ruling state tends to have a history of being fairly liberal. Several current parties support gay rights. The law and justice party are going in completely the wrong direction and are probably Poland’s version of the BNP…

    Poland is in the main a catholic country. If stephen has an issue with the Catholic church’s view of homosexuality then he should complain direct to Rome. They make the rules there.

  33. @32 Annie, sadly methinks any compliants Stephen might send to Rome would fall on the deaf ears of the Arch Homophobe Himself!

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