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US gay couples fork out up to $460,000 more than straight couples in a lifetime

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 11:21am

    Hmm – does this study take into account that heterosexual couples are more likely to spawn which is just a bottomless pit in terms of money.

    It’s a hypothetical study. While it may be accurate within its own narrow criteria I hardly think it’s a definitive study.

  2. Simon – definitive or not gay and lesbian couples spend thousands with lawyers on agreements to set up the over 250 legal protections that exist automatically as a result of marriage in the U.S. We were resident for 10 years in the U.S and over time we spent significant resources not only on wills, living trusts and the like but also separate tax filings with double the accounting fees etc. None of the protections of course ensured either residency or formal federal recognition of our status which meant further expense in ratifying my visa each and every year.

  3. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 3:56pm

    I know all that Stewart.

    And I don’t agree that gay people should have to spend more to protect themselves.

    My point is simply that the parameters of this study are limited and designed to prove how gay couples are disadvantaged by not being allowed to marry.

    The number of children a couple has is FAR more important on financial statuss. Straight couples have more children than gay couples. They will pay FAR more over the course of their child’s life.

    Like I said I don’t agree with the fact that gay couples have to pay more to protect their rights. But the study seems manipulated to get the result required

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 6 Oct 2009, 9:57pm

    Would it not be interesting if, given a fixed taxpayers sum of money and ability to pay, all tax payers were allowed to vote online as to the route their money was taken.


    Out of my “X” thousand per year tax payments I do not want it to go towards “Y”

    The same simple equation could be used for Local Council Taxation.

    EG: I have no children, no desire for any either, therefore why should I cough up for other peoples childrens education and their parents tax credits purely for the fact that these people breed like bloody rabbits.

  5. Simon the report is not a comparison of spending patterns. It measures the cost of taxation and the associated tax breaks that married couples get as opposed to same sex couples whose relationships are not recognised. The report relates the net earnings of gay vs. straight couples not the way in which they spend the money -whether that is on kids or anything else.

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