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Stars complain over Tories’ ‘anti-gay’ allies in Europe

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  1. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 3:18pm

    This alliance between the Tories and the Polish facists is not only damaging the Tory Party but now that the Tories are on the far right fringe in the EU, they will also damage Britain if they get elected.

    Being opposed to the EU is of course a perfectly valid position. But the consequences of this opposition is to be linked to bigotted exrtemists.

    And of course Angela Merkel was re-elected as German Chancellor last week. She is the most powerful person in Europe seeing as the German economy is the largest in Europe (bigger than Britain’s or France)

    She has downgraded ties with the Tories thanks to their deal with the far right fringe in Europe. Regardless of whether you support the EU or not this decision by Merkel could have serious negative economic consequences for Britain.

    Has the LGBTory group condemnded the Polish facists by the way? Or are they too irrelevant to even matter

  2. Thing is, the Polish are pretty fierce people. It’s not like the UK. Do the other parties in Poland defend gay rights?

  3. Har Davids 6 Oct 2009, 3:39pm

    Dan, Poland is one the more homophobic countries in the EU, and one of the more religious, which only makes sense if you think about it. These are reasons why the country shouldn’t be part of the EU at all.

  4. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 3:43pm

    The Torie’s allies in Poland are the Law and Justice Party which is the ‘catholic’ party – it is the most right wing of the Polish parties. They have in the past been accused of anti-semitism as well thanks to their links to extremist catholic media outlets.

    The ruling party in Poland is headed by Donald Tusk – he is the Prime Minister. His political party is more moderate. The Law and Justice Party on the other hand is the other major party in Poland. This is the party whose leader (Kaczynski) thinks that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation (a direct quote by him).

    The Tories new group in the Europarliament are all cranks – they make up the more fringe elements in the parliament. The ONLY reason that the BNP is not part of this group is probably because the Tories know that this would be hugely controversial at home.

    but teaming up with the Polish crazies won’t get as much bad press back here. But make no mistake – their allies in Europe are extremists.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Oct 2009, 4:27pm

    Expect, NOTHING, from Cameron or his party! He may try to distance himself but he’s not going to disassociate himself from the bigots and homophobes in Poland or elsewhere.

    Simon, the polish roman cult during WW2 actually did collaborate with the Nazis in shipping jews and gays to the death camp, there were one or two exceptions, but for the most part, they were complicit. That mindset hasn’t changed. Where there is hatred and intolerance, there you will find the roman cult lurking in the background.

  6. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 4:42pm

    Well the Tories’ compadres in Poland are the modern day equivalent of the Nazi collaborators. Do they seriously think that aligning themselves to such lunatics will do either their party or Britain any good.

  7. Well I guess this is the Conservatives’ idea of proving to the UK LGBT population their commitment to gay rights eh? Wining, dining and being all smiley & playing host to this fascist right-wing party.

  8. I have a question: Where are all the gay Tories in all this? I don’t mean Alan Duncan & Co, (although they are keeping a very low profile on this matter), but the general Gay Conservatives. I’m sure all gay people, of whatever political persuasion find this alliance distasteful at best, and it needs an internal debate to actually question Cameron’s motives. This all smacks of the similar circumstances of Obama ignoring Tibet in case he might piss off China. There is obviously a hidden agenda going on here way beyond the gay issue, and somebody needs to find out what it is.

  9. Cameron doesn’t want to anger the Christians RobN, the Tories have said they want the church as a partner in their education plans.

    Look at their alliances in Europe, many with Christian fundamentalist influences, some more than others. The Christian Institute will be pleased if the Tories do get into power.

  10. The tories have been denying everything to do with homophobia, even though their prejudices are right in front of everybody’s faces. They deny deny deny. Denial is their tactics. Once they are in power, they’ll not only reverse many of our rights, but will sistematically ignore our complaints.

  11. aunty murdoch 6 Oct 2009, 8:09pm

    RobN said “There is obviously a hidden agenda going on here way beyond the gay issue, and somebody needs to find out what it is.”

    There was something in the papers a few weeks ago which suggested that the Tories new alliance is basically because Rupert Murdoch hates Europe, and believes it is willing and able to stand up to his expansionist designs. Hence Cameron, anxious to do his master’s bidding and gain his support, has broken away from the Conservative’s natural allies in Europe. No other explanation which makes any sense, and it’s very depressing.

  12. Ursula Bereza 6 Oct 2009, 9:16pm

    Auschwitz was erected in Poland because the Nazis put it there. Poland was taken over by the Nazis soon after they invaded in September 1939. My Polish grandfather, a doctor, was interned in Auschwitz and although he was alive at the end of the war he died soon afterwards as he weighed only 6 stone. I hopoe Stephen isn’t alleging that the Poles erected the camp or were complicit? Is this because he saw the play Our Class at the NT which portrays an image that all Poles were anti-semitic. NOT TRUE STEPHEN. Many Poles helped Jews with the knowledge that they would be killed if found out. Normally a fan, Stephen but your allegations have shocked me.

  13. Why oh why? Why not recognize some of the most insidious problems existent within the Polish society? Yes, there is widespread anti-semitism and homophobia. It does no favours to anybody but the bigots to try and deny their bigotries.

  14. Stephen was right to point out that many conservative Catholics in Poland were on Hitler’s side. They both shared a common enemy, communism, Hitler also had many communists sent to those death camps as well as Jews, gypsies, gays and the disabled.

    The Catholic church through history has always felt comfortable side by side with fascists. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Pinochet are just 4 examples.

  15. While I agree with the content of the letter, I am irritated that attention is only being given to it because it was written by celebrities. If this had been written by nobody special, it would not be news. Why is that? The issues raised are valid, the comments here are thought provoking, why must newsdogs wait for Ewan bloody McGregor to say it? David Cameron should have been challenged on this long ago, yet has been allowed to get off lightly. On the same note, interesting to see Ben Summerskill demonstrating a back bone nobody knew he had!

  16. J Musialowski 1 Nov 2009, 3:04pm

    I cant believe some of the comments I have read here. My Polish grandparents hide and fed Jewish families in their potatoe store and amongst their farm building. My grandfather died at the hands of the Nazis. My mother, then 16 years of age was deported as slave labour to Gemany. My father, imprisoned by the Germans, escaped and walked every step to Britain to join the Allies and return to fight at Arnem.
    When will someone remember these facts, and they are facts and not some made up imaginary event.
    If you want to cast stones ok, but remember what is happening in Palestine right now. Have you people learnt nothing from the past. God dam you all.

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