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Fugitive preying on gay men through dating websites

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  1. Eagle Ashcroft 7 Oct 2009, 12:23am

    Too bad Nigel you aren’t here in my state as I’d fixed your state good where you would not be targeting any more gays or trans-sexuals because I’d fixed your clock to where it would run backward and then stick it up your ugly a-s. Although I am sure that bastard does not read the Pink News, anyone that knows this a-shole Nigel can pass it on that an American Indian-Jew wants to fix his m-ther-f-cking clock once and for all and he needs to buy a ticket on a fast plane to New Mexico where this ornery old Indian wants to take more than his scarp for scarping my gay brothers across the sea.

  2. Eagle Ashcroft 7 Oct 2009, 12:25am

    That should have read “wants to take more than his scalp for scalping my gay brothers across the sea.”

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Oct 2009, 12:08am


    An Amrican Indian Jew? well, how do you do?

    Do me a favour, willya.

    Go to, sign up as a member, then get in touch with me, Jean-Paul. I need to get to know you,

    My niece is a 100% Miqmaq Native Canadian Indian. My sister adopted her while she was still in the crib.

    Now don’t be stand-offish. It ain’t American!!

    Yea, NIGEL: come up and see me sometime, sweetie.

  4. Eagle Ashcroft 8 Oct 2009, 3:09am

    Well now I am signed up already to receive the Pink News as it comes to my email every other day or so.My father was a full blood Navajo, his father had been adopted by English parents from England. My mother was a German Jew whose grand parents immigrated from Germany, but my mother was a Christian, but Hebrew by birth. Both of my parent’s family disowned them from marrying each other, as my mother’s Hebrew parents did not want her marrying an Indian and my dad’s parents did not want him marrying a Jew. Anyway that makes me a Jewish Indian or an Indian Jew or a Hebrew Indian if you like. I grew up amongst rebels and amongst the civil rights movement since the age of twelve over 65 years ago and became a militant gay during the early seventies joining Gay Liberation and the Pink Panthers and am still ready and willing to fight homophobics as I love to beat the tar out of them and send them to the hospital. It matters not what country gays and lesbians live in, if any mother-f-cker wants to attack them I challenge these a-sholes to fight so as I can shove their brains up their butts and send them packing. My gay brothers and sisters are world wide. Love em all.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Oct 2009, 4:24am


    My man, my good man, you are part of history.

    Did you know Harry Hay and that bunch?

    Kerouac, Ginsberg (Howl) and that gang?

    Did you meet Harvey Milk?

    Do you visit The White Crane website in NYC?

    Do you have photos of your parents and ancestors?

    Is anybody writing your BIOGRAPHY? If not, why not?

    Still, receiving the pinknews letter is one thing, being a member, another. It ain’t complicated, trust moi.

    On the front page of PinkNews, there’s a grey bar near the top with the name of a several topics on the grey line.

    At the far left, you will see the word “My”

    Click on that, and the next page opens on my.pinknews; it’s a gathering place, free.

    Use whatever name you want as a user’s name, enter your e-mail address (it will remain unseen by anyone), a password and you’re in.

    You will show up as a new member, but I will not recognize you unless you use the name of Eagle.

    The option is, after you’re signed in, to click on a square that says “Members”. That will open up page after page of members. You can scroll through at your leisure until you come to me (Jean-Paul). You will see my photo, my profile, and a means of sending me a message or a wave. Just write and say “Oy”, OK.

    What do you suppose would motivate a man like Nigel. Yea, well remember the Oklahoma bomber. No ryme or rhythm.

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Oct 2009, 5:48am

    Hello Eagle:

    http://www.pinkpanthersblog dot com/

    It’s going to take a while for me to check this out. So far, I like what I see. I’m an Acadian. My ancestors who came to the “New World” were not prepared for Canadian winters and they would all have died had not the Native Migmag taught them how to survive the climate and the scurvy (deadly lack of vitamin C).

    Migmags and Acadians have been friends ever since, and They were NOT the savages. Long story; you know about lond stories, right.

    Besides being an American Indian Jew, you are also a warrior and a teacher, you know that. You have something IO need to hear.

    Love and Peace, and blessings.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Oct 2009, 8:22pm


    OK. Then contact me at: , please.

  8. Eagle Ashcroft 8 Oct 2009, 11:47pm

    Well I once lived in Louisiana where I had many Cajun friends and love their music as I have an album of it on a CD. I wrote two biographies, one which sold well years ago as was at the top of a best seller list for awhile. I am a well renown writer having written 52 books and one “Nibs goes to London” is still selling fairly well after two years. But my editor messed up misspelling words and purposely tried screwing it up so I would pay her more money to make the corrections, but I refused, so it went to press anyway. I am also a well known artist having a lot of my works hanging in private homes and government buildings from Canada north to Mexico south and even overseas.I paint historical landmarks as well as optical illusions. I am quite famous here in New Mexico for not only my writing but as a civil rights fighter. For many years after graduating for a Christian seminary was an ordained minister having had three churches; one in Arizona and two in Oregon. But over time I did a lot of research which brought me to atheism, but I still attend the United Methodist Church because they accept gays and even though I believe Jesus was a mythical character, his message and acceptance of everyone was/is a good message to live by. In my Nibs series of 30 volumes Nibs is another fictional character I believe in and try to live my life as Nibs did. Lord of the Rings is another inspirational story of good verses evil. I detest anyone who hates another based on how they were born and I will fight them to the end. I detest most fundy religions for the same reason. You can find me on the internet by typing in books by Eagle Ashcroft on google.

  9. Eagle Ashcroft 8 Oct 2009, 11:56pm

    Met Martin Luther King, but unfortunately never any of the others, but I knew people from the Rainbow Family and Timothy Leary’s bunch and got to see their famous bus. I met some of the members of the Doors, Who and Credence Clearwater band.I met many famous people and groups in my day, but many I never got to meet.

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