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Stonewall forces DVLA to withdraw auction of ‘anti-gay’ numberplates

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 11:06am

    So they’ll waste time on tiny little issues like this one but refuse to support marriage equality or proper equality legislation.


  2. Hum, yet again I seem to be missing the point… it’s difficult to imagine any homophobe climbing into a car with one of these number-plates; far less shelling-out £900+ for one!

    So the victory Stonewall seems to have won here, is to impose a ban for those gay and lesbian people who wear “dyke” and “faggot” as a badge of pride; saying that their pride is offensive and incompatible with the diversity agenda. Isn’t that ironic?

  3. Tim Robinson 5 Oct 2009, 11:16am

    Why would a homophobe drive round in a car with the number plates “FAGOT” and “DIKES”?

  4. Jason Finch 5 Oct 2009, 11:38am

    I own a gay social networking website and happily sport “R1 FAG” on the back of my motorbike.. it was bought by a load of gay people as a Christmas present and it’s never received any negative comments, even while parked up outside gay bars. Stonewall’s losing the plot a little.

  5. This sort of pettifogging mania undermines efforts against serious discrimination.

  6. Thanks Stonewall; perhaps I wanted one of those numberplates…

    Could they not have found something more important to spend their time campaigning for/against?!

  7. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 12:40pm

    Stonewall claims that glbt people do not need to be specifically protected from harassment in the equalities legislation as we are covered by existing legislation.

    Ben Summerskill thinks that Britain’s leading gay rights group – Stoneall – should NOT be campaigning for legal equality for gay relationships because ‘some’ gay people don’t want to get married.

    But they are willing to waste time and money on irrelevant matters like some dodgy numberplates.

    Seriously Stonewall is an embarrassment to the population they pretend to represent.

  8. Why would a homophobe pay at least £900 on a license saying F4GOT or D1KE? Surely it would be gay people who would be buying them! Stonewall need to get their priorities in order! They need to be concentrating on REAL discrimination and Civil Marriage. Are this lot of self-appointed loons working for us or against us? Seems as of the last couple of years it’s the latter!

  9. Dionysian 5 Oct 2009, 1:50pm

    Stonewall seem to be picking a fight for the sake of a cheap headline. I agree with those above who say they should have better things to do.

    Perhaps they are just bandwaggoning with the group who got the suffix ‘GWD’ banned from registration plates because it was offensive to Welsh christians who thought it was taking the name of the deity in vain.

    What next? All this reading of things into numberplates is a bunch of BU77 SHT if you ask me. It is an index number to identify a vehicle. Nothing more. Can I please change my passport number because if you hold it upside down and squint, in the correct light it looks like it reads ‘poofter’ … ? Thought not.

  10. A 65 year old gay man just had the sh!t kicked out of him Trafalgar Square. Why can’t this bunch of ineffective dickheads get their priorities right instead of poncing about with trivia like this? As many have already said, what homophobe is going to drive around with FAGGOT on his plates anyway?

  11. Who gave Stonewall the right to speak on behalf of gay men and women anyway?


  12. David Abrehart 5 Oct 2009, 2:45pm

    What a joke Stonewall have become.

    The mind boggles. They waste who knows how many valuable resources in fighting this meaningless battle, yet they roll over for the government and agree an Equality Bill which is far from equal for gay people, and doesn’t protect us from harassment (but does protect all other minority groups).

    They should be ashamed of themselves. Read more here

  13. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 2:50pm

    They are gay by profession. They earn their living by being the ‘go-to’ gay group.

    The trouble is that they like the government grants and money too much to ever DARE criticise them.

    Instead they embarrass themselves by getting involved in pathetic little actions like this.

    They represent no-one except their own membership. They are a joke.

  14. Eric James 5 Oct 2009, 2:52pm

    Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the sort of climate that thinks it’s funny to have numberplates with ‘dykes’ and ‘faggots’ is the exact climate in which homophobia thrives? Stonewall are right to pick up on homophobia wherever it rears its head. Are we allowed to have ‘N1gga’ or ‘P4ki’ on numberplates? Some of these commentators need to direct their anger where it actually belongs: towards homophobes.

  15. David Abrehart 5 Oct 2009, 2:58pm

    The point is Eric that it is about priorities.

    Of course, number plates like D1 KES are far from ideal (although that hasn’t stopped Jason from OutEverywhere having a FAG number plate so they can be used ironically), but no homophobe is actually going to bother buying it, fitting it and using it.

    Instead Stonewall should be directing their valuable resources at projects that DO matter – like their commendable campaign to tackle bullying in schools, or their lamentable failure to see the bigger picture when it came to being consulted over the Equality Bill.

    Their priorities are all wrong in this case.

  16. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 4:02pm

    No 14: Eric James : you says: “Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the sort of climate that thinks it’s funny to have numberplates with ‘dykes’ and ‘faggots’ is the exact climate in which homophobia thrives?”

    Homophobia thrives in an environment where LGBT people are not protected from harassment in the same manner as other minority groups in Equality legislation.

    Homophobia thrives in an environment where a law abiding, tax paying minority groups is not allowed to enter the civil contract of marriage simply because they are gay.

    Stonewall refuses to campaign for equality as they are frightened of annoying their bosses in government.

    I think Pink News needs to run a poll to see if ANYONE supports Stonewall anymore. In my view they truly are toothless and utterly irrelevant.

  17. It’s about time you all grew up. You’re like a bunch of kids.

  18. well said Simon. Stonewall are a closed shop who are interested in protecting Stonewall. When was the last time Ben S was out meeting various gay groups in the UK? i’ve never agreed to Stonewall protecting me.

    Oh and Eric what has Stonewall done to stop dancehall artist coming to the UK promoting the incitement of murder towards gay people.


  19. I’m sure the amount of money and time spent on this particular cause is relative.

  20. id love a ‘dyke’ numberplate.

    yet again stonewall act like twits.

    we want marriage and equality ya morons! if someone wants to pay a few grand for a ‘funny’ plate whats the harm?!

    its almost as though their only interested in going after soft targets because they have got too used to being a govt pet…

  21. So, Pink-News… you’ve read the comments. Are we going to see an article soon about Stonewall’s response, after you put our comments to them?

  22. BouncerManInBlack 5 Oct 2009, 8:33pm

    Above reads <>>>

    Personally I would LOVE to have a number plate with FAGGOT on it. And many Pakistani and Black people, that I know or work with, would be very proud to sport a ‘N1gga’ or ‘P4ki’ plate.

    What is wrong with us all being proud of what we are and who we are?

  23. I think I’m going to get R0BN for my new plates.
    Most people on here would find that offensive. ;o)

  24. theotherone 5 Oct 2009, 9:37pm

    As has already been commented it would be Queer people who would buy these plates and use them.

    Is Stonewall now saying that we’re not allowed to call ourselves Dykes, Poofs, Trannies, greedy (for Bi) or any other ‘insult’ we wish to take back and turn on the homophobes?

    Why don’t they bugger off, I’m sick of their bv11 5h17.

  25. theotherone 5 Oct 2009, 9:45pm

    RobN: I’d not hate you, I’d think you where a small, loud mouthed red breasted bird that heralds Winter – a robin red breast driving a car! How cool’s that!

  26. I really do not think that Stonewall gave this matter proper consideration before crying ‘homophobia’. It seems that obvious only an lgbt person would be interested in buying these plates or perhaps Stonewall realised this and are protecting us from ourselves!

  27. I agree with the Eric James to an extent, these do kind of feed into a culture where calling gay people dykes and faggots is acceptable.

    That being said I’m amazed at Stonewall’s priories here. They can’t find the time to fight for marriage equality but can easily find some to fight against offensive number plates?

    It’s quite likely that Britain has been dumped with the worst gay rights organisation in the world.

  28. Eagle Ashcroft 5 Oct 2009, 11:30pm

    Come on surely they can’t take offense to those plates or else they have a very big imagination. It looks nothing like “faggot” or “dyke” to me. It seems Stonewall is very paranoid over something that does not exist except in their delusional minds.

  29. markymark 6 Oct 2009, 5:17am

    I really can’t see any homophobes wanting to purchase these number plates for their car. They would be the laughing stock of their mates. It seems somewhat of an overreaction.

  30. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 6 Oct 2009, 9:26am

    I’d like to order “D1KE 69” please for my car :)

  31. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 6 Oct 2009, 9:27am

    Oh, and I agree with what lee posted near top of page

  32. “I think I’m going to get R0BN for my new plates.
    Most people on here would find that offensive. ;o)”

    Indeed. But why bother? Your mother probably finds you offensive enough, you don’t need plates to emphasise that particular trait your seem so bafflingly proud of. Must be all you’re particularly good at if you feel a need to advertise constantly that you are.

  33. What a meddling, tiresome nuisance and embarrassment to the gay cause Stonewall has become. If anything their nit-picking ways are likely to stir up anti-gay sentiment, not the reverse! It is Stonewall’s absurd distortion of priorities that is making them/us prime cannon-fodder for the mainstream media; without which these ridiculous stories would not reach the pages of the Mail et al, making a laughing stock of us all. Isn’t it time people stopped supporting their gala fundraisers and put their faith in more worthy organisations instead?

  34. LOL@Andy. Better yet Rob, see can you buy this one for yourself:-


  35. Surely in this country a faggot is a meatball and a dyke or dike is an earthwork for defence, ie Offa’s Dyke (who was not his gay sister!) For once I have to say little bit silly Stonewall!

  36. PS have they thought of banning “RU 1 2” ? ;-)

  37. bodega vendetta 7 Oct 2009, 3:22am

    um, hello, who’s bidding? i take one of each just to be polite.
    these plates are super rad. what are you you blokes thinking, get
    out of drag and start bidding. bodega vendetta and prvtdncr point blank, period dot.

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