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Obama to tackle gay military ban ‘at the right time’

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 2:08pm

    And if that ‘appropriate’ time is not until after the next election Obama should kiss goodbye his gay support during the next election.

    He could immediately suspend DADT if he so chose. He chooses to keep it. He is just another 2 faced lying politician. He cannot be trusted.

  2. The ‘appropriate time’ always was, and always will be NOW. For God’s sake man, bite the bullet and stop skirting around the issues.

  3. The appropriate time presumably being:

    Not too close to an election
    Not when it might frighten his voters
    Not until the whole of the US is pro-gay

    I think this has well and truly been “kicked into the long grass”.

    SHAME on Obama! A damning inditement when even a socialist president isn’t brave enough to stand-up for LGBT rights in the US.

  4. The president who offers neither hope, nor audacity.

  5. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  6. Dave: No, but it burnt down in one whilst it’s leader fiddled.

  7. “The appropriate time” means when he’s not fighting wars, when he’s not pushing for healthcare reform, when he’s not running for election, when he’s not doing any of the myriad things that are clearly more important to him than fighting for gay rights. “Appropriate time” means NEVER (or at least not until he needs us again to win an election)! Why did we ever think it would be otherwise?

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Oct 2009, 5:24pm

    At a time when the US military is fighting wars on a number of fronts, when it is need to highly skilled language specialist, new recruits, and all the existing skilled servicemen and women it can get its hands on, it could scarcely be a better time to cease this stupid peice of legislation.


  9. He’s got 4 years in office. You can judge him by what he’s accomplished by the end of this period.

  10. Eagle Ashcroft 5 Oct 2009, 11:21pm

    If it were giving African-Americans full rights I’ll bet he would have jumped on it after coming into office, but yet another minority (gays/lesbians)is not that important or else he is more afraid of his supporters not being his supporters any longer. If he were true to his word “at a later time” would be now. What is so difficult that he can’t take care of that issue now? Does he really intend to keep his promises? Or perhaps he knows he is a one term president and he doesn’t really give a sh-t.

  11. ‘At the appropriate time’ – an interesting statement. How many more gay and lesbian service personnel in the US armed forces must die or suffer homophobia before President Obama removes DADT? Perhaps he should put himself in their position and experience at first hand what these men and women are going through.
    Or perhaps he is waiting for the US armed forces to educate their personnel to understand that ‘it is ok to be gay’. I can be very naive at times, I know.
    I really don’t understand why he has not lifted the DADT system.

  12. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 1:42pm

    11: Rich: “I really don’t understand why he has not lifted the DADT system.”

    He doesn’t want to lift it and he lied to us about lifting it.

    He is commander in chief of the US Army. He could cancel the policy immediately with an executive order.

  13. How do you know a politician is lying?
    …his lips are moving

  14. Gay men and women are being killed in his wars for other peoples freedoms, while they are not free to say who they love. The time to put this right is now Obama, and not when yen you feel like it.

    Great Americans once wrote “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Are the unalienable Rights of all Americans yet the last “the pursuit of Happiness” is denied to all LGBT service personnel.

  15. this is not a situatrion that can be taken for granted i mean, he clearly promised something but what it takes is courage to be able to stand up to do something and that is what wea all face in our everyday life e.g how long does it take for gay/lesbian person to actuall y come out about themselves since they find out.The question is do we want something to be done about DADT and just for it to be put back, we live in a world where obama doesnt have any power because we have it and he cant go against itm, so the homphobics have a lot of power and i believe obama has to build a lot courage to do something that can change history.So give him time

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