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Former student supports gay White House staffer over condom comment

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Reader comments

  1. Pumpkin Pie 5 Oct 2009, 3:11pm

    Nice, very nice. I’d like to see the Republicans try and twist the situation now.

  2. The story was completely blown out of proportion, and facts were distorted part of an agenda by extreme rightwing fanatics like peter labarbera and other nutcases, aimed at ousting kevin jennings at all costs.

  3. J.L. Barnes 6 Oct 2009, 6:14am

    Kevin Jennings is a very well-known educator here in North America, particularly dealing with bullying, discrimination, and harrassment in school. He has been lauded throughout the US, even in the conservative South, for his work tackling these issues and advocating tolerance, respect, and dignity in the school hallways. Perhaps it would serve the right-wingers well to attend one of his seminars on these issues, and they might learn a thing or two. One is never too old to learn something new.

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