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Tory leader David Cameron challenged to commit to gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. A smear is when something is untrue. David Miliband is being truthful about the sort of friends David Cameron has in Europe.

    A real smear is going around telling everybody in the media the prime minister is on drugs.

  2. Where can i read about Cameron’s commitments to gay rights?


  3. The point is that Cameron will say anything, including that the moon is made of green cheese, to win next year. Don’t hold your breath on lgbt rights if they win. The Tory support base is just basically homophobic.

  4. Simon Murphy 5 Oct 2009, 3:53pm

    The Tories connection to the Law and Justice Party in Poland (the party whose leader believes that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of humanity) shows the depth of their commitment to lgbt rights.

    The Tories are the homophobic party despite whatever PR bullsh*t comes out of David Cameron’s mouth.

    Don’t forget that senior Tory parliamentary candidates Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud are members of the Centre for Social Justice – a group which is campaigning for the reduction of parental rights for non-biological gay parents. Cameron has said and done nothing about this.

  5. I rather suspect that Cameron would win next year even if he disappointed the voters by stating his conviction that the moon was *not* made of green cheese.

    As for his stance on LGBT rights, I think Tatchell has said it all. I can’t find the CSJ materials on LGBT issues, maybe someone will help with that. I don’t expect they’ll be very progressive.

    Anyone who campaigns on “getting Britain back to work” is telling us that he can squeeze 2.47 million unemployed (source: ONS) into 434,000 notified vacancies (source: ONS). If people will believe that, they’ll believe absolutely anything.

  6. Andromeda 5 Oct 2009, 5:05pm

    “The point is that Cameron will say anything, including that the moon is made of green cheese, to win next year.”

    Nice point Riondo (3). My old papa used to tell me the moon was made of green cheese, but I laughed when I went to school and found it was made of rock and dust, which is made up of atoms. In these atoms are even smaller particles called Quarks. look in the dictionary and a Quark is a type of cheese…so therefore…

    However joking apart, whichever party gets in we’ll be stuffed I,m sure !

  7. I do wish some gay men would grow up and grow out of their victim mentality of navel gazing. There are many far more important issues facing our society than gay blood donoring. I want a new government to be tackling climate change, unemployment, the state of the health service and our schools, over-population due to uncontrolled immigration, crime and disorder, benefit cheats, the car and aeroplane dependency culture, dying villages and town centres sucked dry by yet another Tescos etc.

    Most gay men are far more concerned with the bigger picture and are not selfishly obsessed with perceived inequalities. Labour have done a grand job with the gay equality legislation and will go down in history for their progressive step-change in this field, but they’ve now run out of steam and voters gay and straight are crying out for a change and will vote accordingly next May.

  8. Abi1975: Smears do NOT have to be untrue. However, any good salesman will tell you that they never slag off the competition, and will often point out how good they are, but nevertheless, their own product is better.

    Badmouthing your opponent is not only unsportsmanlike, it actually does you more harm than good.

  9. Brian Burton 5 Oct 2009, 5:27pm

    One of your favorate expressions Dear…”Windmill Tillting.” Any one foolish enough to expect anything in the way of a concession on gay rights from Cameron will most certainly be “Windmill Tillitng.”

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Oct 2009, 5:40pm

    No Labour or Tory party is going to back full marriage equality. Not in their psyche, sadly. They’re afraid to buck the state cult et al, just as Blair was, while other countries pass us by.

  11. Cameron’s own voting record includes voting to retain section 28 as recently as 2003, and voting against equal access to IVF fertility treatment for lesbian couples just last year(which I guess shows us his position on point 4 above).

    @Thomas, this is an LGBT website about LGBT issues. Many of the mainstream papers debate the economy, nhs, housing. Some of them are remotely fair about it. Some of them. Social inequality is NOT a “selfish” issue. David Cameron has had an extremely priviledged upbringing, and good luck to him. However, many more Britons are not so priviledged.

    Being abused for your perceived sexual orientation is not “selfish”, it is frightening. It is also increasing. Measures still in place that restrict LGBT people, that give the message that LGBT citizens are not as equal as others, make those who abuse us feel they are right to do so. An easy example is the rise of the christian right, and their stepped up campaign of homophobia across the world. In their train are the corpses of the LGBT people who were murdered just for being LGBT.

    It is not on medical grounds that LGBT people are denied blood donation, so the ban reinforces the false notion that abusing LGBT people is the right thing to do. I do not want special rights, but I will NOT be second rated in my own country, and held back just because the state sees me as LGBT.

    Frankly the economic crisis is global, so whichever party gets in is going to have to make “tough choices” although no one really knows what “choices” Cameron is considering. He could do no worse than labour, but probably no better either. No. My vote is going to those who put their money where their mouth is. I never thought I would say this, but I am with Rupert Murdoch on this rather than his son James (who was allegedly behind the Sun’s decision last week to back David Cameron). I trust the dour Gordon Brown more than the suave, slick, policy-less David Cameron. Dear me. Agreeing with Rupert Murdoch almost makes me want to change!

  12. vulpus_rex 5 Oct 2009, 6:02pm

    Get off your high horse Tw(M)att B – when did you get to decide what can and can’t be discussed on this web site?

    Churning out your tediously predictable and moronic support for the worst prime minister ever just marks you out as an unthinking, uncritical new labour Troll.

    Gordon Brown is a terrible prime minister, was a terrible chancellor and Thomas is spot on – most gay men other than you apparently appear able to discriminate between a bigger picture and the ludicrous sacrifice of every other principle for the sake of one area of issues.

    Is giving blood going to help you feel better about the 100,000s of dead Iraqis?

  13. @Thomas. Thomas, according to a poll published today and commissioned by the Tory party, people are not crying out for change, they are only backing the Conservatives because they see no other choice. It’s not exactly a sea change in political thinking. It’s just winning by default. The other team haven’t turned up.
    To my memory, most, if not all of your points, were part of the Labour governments previous campaigns and the Tories before that. Personally, I’m hoping for a hung government, which seems to me to be likely, with the LibDems holding overall control. I’m not a LibDem fan but it seems to me that in a hung Parliament they would stop the excesses of either party.

  14. David cameron has no real support for gay rights his party passed section 28 in 1988 his pary refused to reform the sexual offences laws to remove gross indecency
    they also refused to make the age of consent 16 for gay people

    They also let gay bashers continue to bash gays in the streets

    Don`t be fooled by the Conservative party and their so called support for gay rights just look at their past voting records on these issues

    Peter tatchel is right again they should be pressed on these issues make them come clean about their views if they have suppose to have changed

    No conservative government anywhere in any country has supported equality they are not progessives

    Labout have made some good changes over the years but even some of their so called changes haven`t been all that good take civil partnerships for instance anyone who supports them is supporting a second class marriage and a second class status for LGBT people

    Labour have refused to remove the blood ban after 10 years of protests on LGBT People giving blood and a conservative govenment won`t remove it thats for sure

    Lets face it we have come a long way since 1967 but not far enough
    all we demand is the right to be treated the same with the same rights as straight people nothing else

    We don`t want extra special laws for us we want to be treated the same thats all

    Britain claims to be a good place for gay rights I struggle to see why compared to holland and demark and oher european states we are rather behind still even after having a left wing government in power for 12 years

    We need real equality and real change to be taken seriously for once not just pathetic all talk and no action

  15. John (Derbyshire) 5 Oct 2009, 7:25pm

    It doesn`t matter one jot what David Cameron says about gay rights. On this issue the majority of the conservative party are against gay people having equality (58% against). They honestly think gay people are inferior and deserve to be discriminated against. They also oppose gay marriage and gay adoption. In a word they have “no-time” for us at all. Only 28 out of 192 conservative MP`s voted for the ban against gay people being discrimated against in goods and services”.

  16. Love them or loathe them, better get used to them because it’s more than likely they’ll be forming the next Government.

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Oct 2009, 9:47pm

    However, gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has said that Cameron and his party are “all talk and no action” on gay rights.

    He said: “The Conservatives will never be taken seriously as defenders of gay human rights unless they promise concrete policies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. We don’t know what a Tory government would do because David Cameron offers only vague generalities, not policy specifics.”

    I agree with so much of what Peter Thatchell says, really.

    But why did he have to come out against the British Monarchy? It makes it difficult to agree with him on one thing while disagreeing with him on another.

    Same applies to to his adherance to the Green Party.

    I agree with Peter’s gay activism, period.

  18. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Oct 2009, 9:49pm

    “Badmouthing your opponent is not only unsportsmanlike, it actually does you more harm than good.

    Comment by RobN — October 5, 2009 @ 17:15”

    Something the mirror on the wall told you, my pretty?

  19. The Tory Party can never be trusted on LGBT rights depite the recent sounbites and crawling that has been going on towards our Community. A History lesson is needed in regard to Tory Policy. It was that female leader who thankfuly is now in the advanced stages of dementia, what she deserves -who implemented section 28. It was under the dictatordhip of Thatcher that we saw that Nazi chief of Police James Anderton reign over Manchester with his evil intimidation of the gay community. David Cameron does not have a perfect record on voting for LGBT equality neither do most of the shadow Cabinet. If Cameron is serious about reaching out to the Gay community he should duly apoligise for Thtachers anti gay legislation as well as his own poor voting record on LGBT equlaity. I will certainly not be voting for the Tory Party, they are in reality out of touch.

  20. vulpus_rex 6 Oct 2009, 9:40am

    “If Cameron is serious about reaching out to the Gay community he should duly apoligise for Thtachers anti gay legislation”

    I think you’ll find he did earlier this year – is it me or am I the only person scared that someone this ill informed and stupid has got the vote?

  21. “Something the mirror on the wall told you, my pretty?”


  22. Simon Murphy 6 Oct 2009, 11:32am

    The Tories are on the fringes of Europe as well. Their new alliance in the European Parliament makes them part of the lunatic fringe or the extreme right.

    Angela Merkel – the most powerful person in Europe in charge of the EU’s largest economy – has downgraded relations with the Tories thanks to their alliance with the lunatic fringe.

    The Tories may spew PR about being gay friendly but let’s not forget they are regarded internationally as edging towards the Far Right.

    Any gay person who votes far right is an utter idiot.

  23. Brian Burton 6 Oct 2009, 12:13pm

    Get this Boys ‘N Girls, Camerons Good Buddy from Eaton. Shaddow Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was featured on BBC Newsnight where he gave a speachon another TV thread. People watching were asked: Who was the Politicion on the screen and all replyed ‘NICK CLEGG’ (Clegg is Liberal Domocrat!)

  24. A group of gay personalities and allies have also just released an open letter asking Cameron to ditch the far right coalition in the EU.

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