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Rapper 50 Cent defends ‘gay’ comments

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Reader comments

  1. he must think we were all born yesterday.

  2. Simon Murphy 2 Oct 2009, 1:58pm

    Lady Gaga did actually call her tour ‘a gay tour’. Pink News ran a story on it in fact.

  3. Simon Murphy 2 Oct 2009, 1:59pm

    50 Cent’s mother is lesbian – he was raised by her and her girlfriend.

  4. This isnt even remotely offensive
    kanye and lady Gaga do target the gay crowd to sell music
    Lady Gaga even called the tour gay herself in a pink news story

  5. I can’t stand 50 cent, Lady Gaga or Kanye. But I agree that this is not at all offensive. We surely are more mature than to take offense with every mention of “gay”. We have enough real battles to fight. Let’s not tilt at windmills.

  6. Brian Burton 2 Oct 2009, 4:01pm

    Good, you are the voice of reason and good sence here. Rapper 50 cent or a million dollars, I think they are a waste of space and do not serve anything exept their own inflated egoes.

  7. I have read this article(honest), and can’t find the story. Am I missing something?

  8. This is not at all offensive.
    Perez is a terrible respresentative of the gay community. He makes my skin crawl!

  9. It’s funny because I’ve always thought 50 cent could be in the closet…

  10. It’s annoying when people get bad mouthed for stuff like this, ok, it is difficult to try to find the line between when people are being hateful or just making a comment but this really shows no real hatred or even the slightest bit of prejudice in it and if we try to block anything like this then our fight for equality will be pushed quickly in the “political correctness” corner it is currently being shifted towards.

  11. Sister Mary Clarence 3 Oct 2009, 12:42pm

    Oh roni, of course we’re not that mature – this is pinknews, home of the knee-jerk reaction!

  12. Personally, I’d say Perez Hilton is far more of an ‘effing moron’ than 50 Cent.
    And I say this with honest truth. He uses homosexuality as a fashion label, which is simply pathetic. Surely there are other ways in which someone could get fame, rather than learning to suck their own genitals?

    50 Cent, as much as I’m not a fan of his musical stylings, said nothing wrong.


  13. As much as I dislike 50 cent and all the other hip hop/rap twats, he certainly didn’t say anything offensive here. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  14. If people actually do find it offensive, the need to get out more, or not getting enough sex. 50 Cent has done remarkably well for himself, considering his upbringing.

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