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Report finds better gay representation on US TV

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Reader comments

  1. Begs the question of when we are going to see any balance to the gay representation on our State funded British TV. Try looking for a professional gay/lesbian couple in a happy, fulfilled relationship holding down regular jobs and you will find zip on the BBC. On the other hand, if camp, sexless parodies played strictly for laughs are the sum of gays in Britain then the Beeb is doing a great job. It’s enough to make you want to ask for your license fee back…..

  2. Better gay representation? On American TV?

    Someone must be having a laugh. The only representation of gay characters I see on American TV are as bitchy and effeminate stereotype serving their purpose as the comedic foil that you aren’t supposed to like.

    Prominent? Quite possibly
    Realistic? In the sense that there is small minority of gays who are like the stereotype – but in no other sense.

    I think the GLAAD assessment says more about the typical vacuous member of GLAAD than it does about the realism of the representation and portrayal of gays in TV.

  3. Brian Burton 1 Oct 2009, 6:08pm

    You are a real prophet of DOOM’N GLOOM. But still, all comments are valid on these threads. Some of us are quite satisfied with Gay representation on US TV.

  4. Stewart, I know this is not included in the “fulfilled” relationship part but the Eastenders story line has been good, neither appears camp to me and it seems to be genuine love rather than the stereotyped sex-filled “sin” and the whole religion thing is a genuine gay issue from real life, it’s seems like a pretty good story line considering.

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