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Man jailed for homophobic sexual assault and robbery

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 1 Oct 2009, 9:34pm

    A homophobic con-man, not exactly a catch! Still he’s gone to jail where he will learn to be more suttle with his con-tricks!

  2. Brian Burton 2 Oct 2009, 8:32am

    I was in Portsmoth Prison once, with a concert party I hasten to add. All the Prisoners were serving Life for Murder. The consert took place in their big dinning area. We were locked in with the Prisoners so during the interval we sat in the audiance with them and talked about anything but murder! It was an experiance!

  3. As he bent down to pick up the soap in the quiet prison showers, a large hairy arm grabbed him. “I’m not gay!” he cried. A deep voice from behind him said “Neither are we. Who cares?”

  4. Not gay….. yeah whatever!!!

  5. BrazilGayScene 3 Oct 2009, 6:12am

    …It was the 21 yr olds first night in prison and the guard took him to his cell. He saw his cell-mate laid on the lower bunk and could not believe it.. he was a mountain of a man!

    As the guard slammed the cell door shut, the youth climbed-up onto the empty top bunk. “This your first time inside kid?” the mountain grunted from below.. “Yyyyes..” stammered the youth.

    “Well kid, this is how it is… If you wanna to survive your first night in here, we’re gonna play a little game….It’s called ‘mummies and daddies'” he told the shaking youth..

    The lad thought about this…’oh my god…I’m going to be raped’ he thought…

    The mountain continued….”But as it’s your first night, I’m going to give YOU the choice…do you wanna be mummy or daddy?”

    The terrified youth quickly realized which would be worse for him..

    “I’ll be daddy” he answered finally…

    The mountain of a man below was silent for only a few seconds…

    “okay then Daddy, get down here and bend over for MUMMIES COCK!” :-)

  6. Brian Burton 3 Oct 2009, 8:39am

    The soap is picked up by extending the foot, the toes pick the soap up!… Don’t you know anything RobN?

  7. Brian: erm.. no, I have yet to try shower time in prison. It’s sounds like you speak from experience. lol.

  8. Brian Burton 5 Oct 2009, 7:29am

    If I was a Tower of streangth, I’d walk away, I’d look in your eyes and here’s what I’d say. I don’t want you, I don’t need you, I don’t Love you any more and I’d walk out the door. You’d be down on your knees, you’d be calling to me. But a tower of streangth is a somthing I’ll never be! Oh! pick the bloody soap up Robn!

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