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Tasmania to give gay couples official ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. A step in the right direction but more needs to be done to have full rights

  2. A step forward but still clearly inadequate.

  3. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 30 Sep 2009, 5:00pm

    Thank you Roodney Croome!!!! (the famous big Tassie gay activist).

    IVF parentage legislation is also pending in Tasmania. This will give lesbians who under went IVF the same parentage rights as straight women. Similar laws regarding IVF perantage are already available in England, Wales and various other Australian states and territories.

    Tasmania or any state or territory for that matter CAN NOT legalize marriages for anyone by the way – because it is a federal (Commonwealth) legal policy framework responsiblity that is listed under the Australian Consitution.

    However states/territories can freely implement relationship recognition such as unregistered cohabitation and/or relationship registries. which the ACT, VIC and TAS have done already.

    NSW and QLD are thinking about relationship registeries (but no implementation yet). WA, SA, NT and the Commonwealth federal government are TOO CONSERVATIVE, they will just not have relationship registeries for a while yet!!!!

    All levels of Australian Governments – both the states and territories and even the federal Commonwealth government does have unregistered cohabitation or de facto status.

  4. There will not be one big win. The win will be a thousand steps forward, in different places, re different parts of the issue. And everyone of these steps will be a nail in the coffin of homophobia, and a disgracing of the religious Christian and yes even Ultra-Orthodox jewish Taliban (I am nominally Jewish btw).

    Make it so.

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