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Re-elected Portuguese prime minister promised to allow gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Full marriage or civil partnership apartheid I wonder?

    Hopefully full marriage.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Sep 2009, 2:11pm

    Vince, lets hope its marriage. If Spain can do it, so too can Portugal, or any other cult dominated nation such as the UK. I predict Denmark will be the next to get on board.

  3. Mihai Bucur 30 Sep 2009, 2:15pm

    Denmark definitely won’t be the next on board – the Justice Minister is from the Conservative Party there and is against same-sex marriage. However, as whole, the country is quite supportive, so same-sex marriage is likely to be legalised after a change in government in 2011.

    Luxembourg will be the next – same-sex marriage is part of the new government’s official programme. Iceland is likely to follow, and perhaps Slovenia.

  4. @Vince

    Portugal has already Civil Unions for same-sex couples since 2001 (un-registered co-habitation).

    What GLBT groups and left wind parties are working for is the approval of same sex marriage legislation.

    Right wing parties also contemplate GLBT issues, even though they want to give it another different name and different rights from a civil marriage.

  5. I’m confident it will happen. It’s the next logical and obvious step. And it will come already late. I’m just not sure if it will happen soon, or if to the end of this political mandate, wich would be toards 2013 or 2014…let’s hope not :./

    The legal status of gay marriage has been coming with neighbouring countries:
    the Netherlands and Belgium
    Sweden and Norway
    the next ones will have to be eather Portugal (because of Spain) or Mozambique! xD (lol, because of South Africa).

    Let’s hope for the best :.)


  6. MP Miguel Vale de Almeida made a speach about homossexuality at the National Gathering for the PS party (the party that just wone the elections). It was probably the first speach about the subject that has ever come to a happening of this importance in Portugal. Even though many of you might not understand it, as it is in Portuguese, it is good to whatch the respect everyone lends to his speach.
    Take a look:

  7. Gonçalo, I do hope you’re right and that this ushers in a change in attitudes in your country. My own experience is that Portugal is way behind the rest of Western Europe in decency and tolerance. The case two or three years ago of the murder of Gisberta is illustrative, very much so. Thanks for the link, I shall watch it pois falo português (o mais bêm brasileiro!).
    Sds, Jane.

  8. From my experience I don’t think Portugal is behind Western Europe in matters of decency or tolerance, at all. Portugal was one of the first countries to approve same-sex co-habitation unions back in 2001. Portugal is also one of the 3 countires in the world which it’s own National Constitution prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and even the Work Code prohibits any kind of discrimination also based on sexual orientation.

    Portugal’s legislation is not yet what we would like it to be, but from what I have been having the chance to see… we’re not that bad at all.

  9. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 30 Sep 2009, 4:31pm

    Portugal having gay marriage – yeah right. It won’t happen until 2011 I bet!!!

    Let me just clarify a few things here:

    Mozambique, France, Denmark will NOT have gay marriage because their governments are still WAY TOO conservative. Gay sex is still illegal in Mozambique – so fat chance of even anything gay-friendly laws in Mozambique.

    Albanian and Solvaina’s Government saying they support and will implement gay marriage was a total HOAX I bet!!!!!!

    My predictions will be in order:

    * Iceland, Luxemborg in 2010 (due to leftism)
    * Uruguay and Portugal 2011
    * Finland and France in 2013 (due to leftism)
    * Germany and Swizerland in 2014
    * Czeh Republic in 2015
    * Hungary in 2016
    * Argentina and Brazil in 2018
    * UK 2019/2021 (due to rise in support of conservatives)

    Scotland first in 2019, then England and Wales in 2021.

    * Australia 2020 (due to rise in support of conservatives)

    Iceland will be next because of a very leftist government!!!!
    Portugal are left – but not that left (more left-centre)!!!

    I do not include Poland, Italy, Estonia, Austria, Ireland and most eastern European contries (such as Greece, Romania, Russia) because they do even have any relationship recognition in the form of a civil union, civil partnership or registered partnership as of yet.

    I will now predict the US states now:

    * District of Columbia and New Jersey in 2010 and New York in the end of 2011 (I say that because the New York state Senate is still a bit conservative – it ALWAYS passes the state Assembly)
    * Minnesota and Maine in 2011 (the reason I say that is because Maine will lose marriage equality this year)
    * California, Hawaii and Oregon in 2012
    * Washington state and Nevada in 2014 (Washington state will have a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage I predict next year in 2010 because of fears about domestic partnerships being to equal to marriages)
    * Illiniois, Colorado, Maryland and Wisconsin in 2015 (I say 2015 because they only just passed a few limited measly domestic partnership rights only last year and this year)

    No southern state will not have gay marriages until 2034 when in Missouri being the first. Florida will have gay marriage in 2050 and finally both Utah and Texas will be last to get gay marriage in 2099.

    I predict all of this myself, no help from anyone!!!!! – I just know it. I lived it and I studyied it.


  10. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 30 Sep 2009, 4:37pm

    * ENDA (employment and non-discrimination act) and Hate crimes (Matthew Shepard Act) will both be implemented at the end of 2011 – I also predict!!!!!
    * The don’t ask, don’t tell (DADT) policy will not be repealed until the end of 2012.
    * The Defence of marriage act (DOMA) will not be repealed until the end of 2013.

    This is what I predict as US federal policy structure basis over the next 5 years!!!

  11. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 30 Sep 2009, 4:45pm

    I did some research in my usual digging for information and found that just back in August the Portugal President vetoed the expansion of the União de facto (de facto unions) for the second time on my birthday by the way on the 26 August 2009 (I turned 23). He vetoed the same law back in 2006.


  12. Lets hope this becomes a reality. Social Democratic parties are all promises to same-sex couples. There is all the talk for our votes but then there is the pandering to the Religious Establishment after the elections. Would be great if Portugal crossed the line with gay marriage. Another huge slap in the face to the Vatican that would be!

  13. Eduardo, don’t get me wrong, my comment was more a reflection on the cultural baggage in Portugal, primarily the malignant influence of the Catholic Church.

  14. Tim Hopkins 1 Oct 2009, 8:33am

    Nice of Paul to reckon that Scotland might get same-sex marriage a little before England & Wales! As part of our work for marriage equality, the Equality Network has just launched a survey of people’s views, which you can find here.

    If you have the time, please let us know what you think – the more people who fill it out the stronger our arguments will be!



  15. Well, our new Family Code is already in public debate now, so I predict gender-neutral marriage and adoption for January 2010. A month later than my previous prediction, that is.

    I love predictions!

  16. @Jane

    I understood what you ment and you are 100% right when it comes to catholic church :(

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