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New Jersey Republicans call for vote on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 30 Sep 2009, 5:51pm


  2. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 1 Oct 2009, 10:55am

    29 states of the US – NOT 30 have consitutional amendments banning gay marriage and polygamy – by defining a marriage “as a union between one male and one female as husband and wife” [sic].

    Hawaii actually bans gay marriages by statute and the Hawaii Consitution actually says “the legislator has the power to uphold marriages as between persons of the oposite-sex” [this does not actually ban gay marriage by the Hawaii Consitution].

    It actually gives “power to define marriage” to the legislators – not actually outlawing it by the Consitution.

  3. Jen Marcus 1 Oct 2009, 3:37pm

    More hate based divisive rhetoric and politics emanating from the GOP: the USA’s Republican Party. I am beginning to think they are run by a bunch of Neo-Nazis or religious fanatics.

  4. “I understand this is a deeply divisive issue,” Corzine said. “All people are created equal.”
    They aren’t treated equal though are they?

  5. I live in NJ…. For now… and the Republican party is a bunch of religious nut jobs… calling them nazi’s is an insult to nazis(and I’m Jewish) ..guess I should look at moving out of the US before it completely goes to hell….

  6. Joe Richard Haley 2 Oct 2009, 4:26pm

    I think it is right to allow Gay Marriage into law in that State. We cannot go against it anyway because it doesn`t look right, and it`s not fair for some states in the U.S. to have Gay Marriage in their states. We want the state of NJ to allow Gay Marriage to pass. I don`t see anything right about straight Marriage anyway. Like if a Man dates a Woman, the Woman has to say to the Man like You have to be tall to marry a Woman. That does not say that in the Bible and even Jesus did not say it too to anyone. We need Gay Marriage more than anything.

  7. Gabe Burt 2 Oct 2009, 4:39pm

    I think it is right to allow Gay Marriage because it`s right for some people and we need to respect that also too.

  8. Bishop Ioan 20 Oct 2009, 1:12pm

    I am looking for the day that all Americans, gay and straight, have an equal right to marry in the United States. There is nothing against it except religious prejudice and that must not be allowed to overrun the separation of church and state.

    JS I do agree calling the Repukes “Nazis” is an insult to Nazis.

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