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Gay version of Real Housewives in development

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Reader comments

  1. I think a show in which gay and straight couples appear together and are treated as equally valid would be more relevant. A seperate gay show is like having a seperate black show. It’s called segregation. Surely what the gay community needs is to be treated as a normal part of everyday society. Gay couples should be on ‘couples’ quiz shows and that sort of thing. Gay couples should appear on those adverts for ‘partnership matching’ that used to be called dating agencies. I notice a lot of those and they only ever feature straight, white only couples.

  2. Holy crap I can’t wait “bring it on”

  3. Ward and George in Hawaii 30 Sep 2009, 10:20pm

    The working title, KEPT is profoundly offensive! The notion that same-gender partners are “kept” is whorish at best!

    Ward and George
    54 Years together,
    And yet
    Strangers before the law

  4. I’m not interested in “gay party boys” in the big apple. Not even a tiny bit curious. I would be interested in gay couples, gay and straight couples together in the same show, and what about something more along the lines of “Real Housewives?” Successful, mature gay men that have something to offer besides being “party boys.” I think “Real Housewives of NYC” set the standard for reality TV with mature, worthwhile women leading interesting lives. Can’t that be true of gay men as well? Come on Bravo, “gay party boys” is irrelevant and seems so pandering.

  5. Taysia of Hawaii 1 Oct 2009, 7:09am

    Seriously??? I think we should leave all the dramas and chaos to the ‘women’ who really know how to dish it out. The gays should come up with their own sh—! Fo’reals!

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