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Gay MEP Michael Cashman criticises UN General Assembly president’s ‘unacceptable’ anti-gay views

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Reader comments

  1. As usual, well done Michael Cashman!!!NO one can work out how this sad homophobe could end up in such an exhulted postition; should he not have joined a radical mosque as a ravingly homopbic mullah instead?

  2. “He is there to defend the principles of the United Nations and that includes the Universal Declaration Human Rights Act 1948 and all following amendments and covenants of rights, including LGBT human rights.”

    Precisely. Well done, Michael Cashman. But I hope lots more people – straight and gay – will condemn this statement too.

  3. BrazilGayScene 30 Sep 2009, 6:15pm

    Raving homophobe! Totally wrong that he should be in this position if he cannot accept it’s MAJORITY view. He said that homosexuality was unacceptable in the majority of the world… what utter rubbish. This is clearly not the case as the UN ruling shows. What is worse is that this homophobic twat now has a huge platform from which to spread his poison!

  4. Har Davids 30 Sep 2009, 8:03pm

    How did this guy ever get the job?

  5. “How did this guy ever get the job?”

    It was Africa’s turn!

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Thank God (or UK) for Michael Cashman. I dare not imagine where the EP would’ve been with regards to LGBTIQ rights, if it were not for him…

  7. Simon Murphy 30 Sep 2009, 11:39pm

    No 3: you say “He said that homosexuality was unacceptable in the majority of the world… what utter rubbish.”

    Well sadly only 66 out of the approximately 200 countries signed the resolution condemning homophobia.

  8. Thanks Simon, that rather puts it all in perspective.
    Abi1975: You state “It was Africa’s turn”, but surely whoever is offered this post must be vetted by the UN, to ensure that they meet their standards. If that is not the case, WHY NOT?

  9. BrazilGayScene 1 Oct 2009, 3:13am

    Sorry for the confusion, what I meant was that although 66 countries had ‘signed’ the resolution, it was passed…. So, majority rules and all that….

    Clearly, as the ‘head’ of the UN, this bigot should be upholding the majority view of the UN… which clearly he isn’t, instead, he is spouting his hatred and personal views.. He should resign immediately.

  10. Please stop being so dramatic. Nothing of this sort has happened. The UN is not a legislative body and it doesn’t “pass” anything, so screw the majority. Both of the resolutions of homosexuality were offered to member states. Whoever wished to sign it, signed it. The document doesn’t do anything; it’s just a pretty piece of paper for future generations to be absolutely certain of what country had what stance towards homosexuality.

    The President of the UN is only an organizer, nothing more. And although he is wrong in his opinion, the difference in opinions IS a hallmark of the UN…

  11. …”resolutions ON homosexuality”. I really miss the Edit function.

  12. Church/Mosque/Religion and State/Politics must always be kept seperate, otherwise you will always upset one group or another.
    In the case the gay community. He should retract his comments and go on a course on how to behave as a statesman.

  13. Simon Murphy 1 Oct 2009, 6:44pm

    It is quite ironic though that this guy who was appointed by the dictator Gaddaffi is passing judgement on anyone. The leadership of his own country Libya oppresses everyone inside that state.

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