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Gay couple forced to leave home after homophobic abuse

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  1. “Kent Police said three people had been arrested. One was given a warning while two were released without charge.”

    So I see they are treating hate crime seriously in Kent then. NOT

  2. Sad on the heels of the woman who killed herself and her daughter afer being subjected to hate crime because of disability! ACPO has guidelines and these should be followed! Each Crime & Disorder Partnership also has policies; there is enough paperwork to fell a forest BUT it needs acting on!

  3. Maybe Kent police need to be re-educated – better do it now before the homophobes get bolder.

  4. Kent Police are “so homophobic” they haven’t put out a Press
    Release about these homophobic attacks: homophobic

    I’ve seen this homophobic attitude from other police forces, they would
    rather keep the electorate not knowing they are working with the gay
    community they are that homophobic!

  5. anti-social attacks on people who ‘don’t fit in’ are never taken seriously by councils or police. the woman who killed herself is a horrible extreme case of the anguish people go through while their cries go unheard. This is another. It will go on.

  6. I grew up on a rough working-class housing estate in Newcastle in the 1960s with a fair amount of crime and violence but this sort of behaviour would have been pretty much unimaginable. Unruly kids warned off your property generally stayed warned off. They didn’t respond with a seige. Who is producing these wild children??

  7. omar kuddus 30 Sep 2009, 2:18pm

    It is amazing to see that still in this day and age; homophobia keeps showing and razing its ugly head.
    Laws may be in place, but they are only effective if enforced, and local authorities as well as central government, made to pay notice and enforce them.

  8. Yeap! It is the real John Mead written in the article! WE went through aliving nightmare and found it very traumatic. We had more than one hundred incidents but for a week we had no Police come out. We have had alot of support from friends and family and friends on facebook etc! Yes we are saddened that nobody was brought to court on this as we were prisoners in our own home for six weeks. We only did the interview to hightlight that still in the 21st century HOMOPHOBIA is sadly still around! We thankyou all for your support! John

  9. Unbelievable Kent Police are 4th on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index!

    Do police forces have to qualify to be on this list or do they just pay?

  10. A suggestion. IF the police do not respond to your cries for help on these matters, Write to the Chief Constable outlining your problem and copy it to your local police authority chair (all are on the web) If you don’t get a suitable response, write to the Association Of Chief Police Officers. You have a right to be protected and there are excellent supportive officers out there (honest; I was one….)

  11. Pete & Michael 30 Sep 2009, 4:05pm

    We have had homophobic abuse for over eight years, it got worse with gangs of youth walking up our drive, trying to smash our front door and throwing stones etc at our car, we also had garden furniture broken and pushed over. We reported to the Cheshire Police and our MP and at first the abuse was not taken seriously by them, as the abuse got worse the Police had meetings with us and nightly patrols were instigated, we have been informed that any further homophobic abuse will be acted upon. We also have a PCSO whom calls on a regular basis. If anyone in Cheshire is having problems with homophobic acts against them, please report this to the Cheshire Police.

  12. The police certainly DO NOT take homophobic incidents seriously where I live(niether do the IPCC), especially when it is police misconduct & homophobic prejudice root of the problem. The local diversity officer (complete waste of space)has not dealt with any of the incidents (to busy playing DJ on a radio programme).

    Until there is accountability within the police forces to deal with police homophobic attitudes & practises, and STOP protecting known & identified police officers…then why are we surprised they do not act upon members of the public who are homophobic.

    The vast majority of police officers I have had to deal with locally in the last few years are homophobic scum in my experience!

  13. I feel so sorry for this couple. If someone was given a warning, one of the people responsible for a hate crime has been found and the police have – at least – been convinced he is one of those involved.

    The article clearly suggests that the problem continued, and that the police response suggests that they are not giving any particular priority to giving the protection Keith and John deserve.

    At that stage I would have have formalised a complaint to the IPCC, and written to my MP, the Home Secretary and the Chief Constable before another night had passed. All of those need the opportunity to ensure the situation is quickly resolved or have no means of escaping from responsibility. If that hadn’t produced results (especially protection for the couple) in very short order, we need to hear about it and we need to raise the profile of their case. As Mike (2) pointed out, when hate crimes are not dealt with quickly and effectively, the result can be tragic and can’t be allowed to happen.

  14. The police lack of response involved in the woman and her disbled daughter afterwards said lessons would be learned. Why is it always afterwards lessons are learned . Too Late then. These yobs are basically cowards with too much time on their hands whilst their parents are at home with their feet up! i would be tempted to follow a yob home and give their home a taste of their own medicine!

  15. Apparently the yobs who terrorised the woman and her daughter in Leicestershire are now squealing like stuck pigs because they in their turn are being threatened and abused. It is typical of this mentality – horrible behaviour is only real if it happens to THEM. How can people be so lacking in empathy that they can’t imagine how this stuff feels unless they are on the receiving end of it themselves? I suppose in the case of this gay couple the yobs think it’s even less of a deal because they’ve been taught that ‘poofs’ are fair game. Pockets of our society seem to be breeding psychopaths – inside and outside the financial sector.

  16. Daphne up in Leicestershire had hoped the yobs would stop for her…. in the end she felt walking in front of a train was the better option. She ended up just another trans suicide in the police statistics yet again they failed to help.

  17. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Oct 2009, 12:49am

    Mike (10):

    You know the innards of the system.

    Anyone in a panic would go crazy trying to get in touch with the right person at the police station.

    Why not just have one number and let the receptionist do the ‘footwork’ a.s.a.p.?

    These are serious matters against tax-payers while those yobs don’t even know what it means to pay taxes.

    Here in Canada, we have the right to shoot trepassers if a no trepassing sign is visible.

  18. Eagle Ashcroft 1 Oct 2009, 3:13am

    Sounds like England is as bad if not worse than the USA. The tables need to be reversed and have a bunch of militant gays show up in the abuser’s neighborhood to “straight bash” these bastards. England needs to form the Pink Panthers to rid their country of these domestic terrorist and put them on a one way boat headed for the Middle East where they can join the Muslim faith with the rest of their ilk.

  19. That is a very sad and frightening story. All people should have the right to privacy, safety and to be able to live in peace!

  20. John (Derbyshire) 1 Oct 2009, 11:38am

    When we suffered this kind of abuse from local youths we weren`t initially taken seriously by the police either. However-once we had CCTV fitted up-and started sending the recordings to the then Home Secretary and the local media-we WERE!! Our advice would be-if you can afford it-splash out on a CCTV system. Make daily recordings of the abuse you are suffering and then publiscize these-following up with interviews with your local media. You would be amazed what a huge difference this makes. They have no altrnative then- and in the light of the recent double suicide and also the upcoming election campaign which now appears to be focussed on anti-social behaviour-I think you`ll find that the police will be FORCED to act(even if they don`t want to)

  21. @17 Jean-Paul I agree with you entirely but in this country if you shoot the little bastards you would be charged with murder! Personally, they need to be caught, charged and put in custody in a place which gives them the maximum amount of punishment and the least amount of luxuries. At the moment they laugh in the face of the Criminal Justice system and their prison accomodation is like a 4 star hotel!

  22. Police are the primary homophobic problem.

    They refuse to act when other police officers are involved in targeting gay people with intimidation. As a gay man I know not to trust any police officer, they are just the uniform branch of the BNP.

  23. Since 2004
    I have been victim of violent homophobic assaulted twice
    There have been thefts from my property
    There have been acts of wanton vandalism upon my vehicles parked on my property
    There have been threats of physical violence made against me
    My pensioner mother abused by (known) police, as have her tenants
    There has been an attempted extortion made against me
    Others have been intimidated & abused by police misconduct
    My home has been raided ‘twice’ by police (No charges or Prosecution)
    I have been arrested on false homophobic allegation ‘twice’
    Cornwall police have destroyed both of my business through their deliberate misconduct & prejudicially based actions
    I have attempted suicide twice as a direct result of Cornwall police homophobic motivated actions & failure of duty of care & police refusal to act on complaints.
    Police have maliciously suppressed witness evidence & statements
    This is only some of the list of abuses which police have failed to act upon or are directly responsible for having carried out since 2004.
    I have been targeted by police relentlessly, with un-logged visits & police stops.
    I now suffer with medically diagnosed ‘Severe Anxiety & Depression’ this as a direct result of Cornwall police misconduct & targeted homophobic motivated abuse
    I now live on incapacity benefit & suffer from agoraphobia, no longer drive & only leave my rural isolated home in company of a witness due to direct genuine & justifiable fear of yet further police homophobic reprisals & victimisation to that I have already witnessed & experienced since 2004.

    The Police are vile, lying, hompohobic, prejudicial, Neo-Nazi. The IPCC do nothing but collude with police in covering up police violations. I hate police scum (who I have publicly named) for the abuses they contributed too & have carried out!

  24. Pumpkin Pie 1 Oct 2009, 7:36pm

    I’ve always said the police were a Masonic institute. Sure, you find good apples and bad apples in all walks of life. Only, with an immensely powerful institute like the police, the institute closes ranks to protect its bad apples, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

    We need a powerful regulatory body to keep tabs on them. Furthermore, police officers found guilty of crimes to do with abuse of power should receive extremely harsh prison sentences. We need to turn abuse of power from a perk of the job to an unthinkable, career-ending, life-ruining mistake. Bent coppers are amongst the basest and most despicable scum of all.

    There was a song I heard on the radio a week or two ago, which I haven’t been able to find since. It was generally about abuse of police power: “the law creates an uproar, the uproar justifies the law”, that kind of thing. In there was a really clever little exchange that made me smile:-

    “What do you call a copper caught on camera?”
    “What’s it to you?”
    “What do you call a civilian caught on camera?”

  25. John Mead 2 Oct 2009, 1:46am

    RIGHT! This is the real John Mead (FORMERLY of NORTHFLEET!) mentioned in this article with my partner Keith! YES at the mo we are angry not only with the thugs but the Police and the Gravesham borough council! YES WE ARE ANGRY and I will tell you why. First of all if you have seen the BBC SOUTH EAST TODAY interview which was broadcast on Tuesday from how we felt they got it right! The police however were a different matter as we Gravesham borough Council! CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT Paul Brandon(who we have never met!)said they kept a close contact with us over the six weeks was rubbish! AFTER the Graffiti (which was on BBC south east today) they finally took it seriously! BUT as the report on here goes he took anti-social behaviour crime serioulsly it was HOMHOPHOBIC!! As for them keeping in close contact with us THEY DIDNT!! After the first two weeks of reports to the police they said that unless we were actually threatened or eggs, stones, or bricks thrown which was done just write it down on a report sheet (which they havent asked for yet!!!) and we have been moved out of there over two weeks ago! The chief superintendent also said that they kept in close contact with us! THEY DIDNT!! We had a PCSO Tiffany Hills come the week before we were leaving and she seemed to just laugh about it! I hastne to add it was the first time we had seen her since this ordeal began! It makes me laugh (unless I cry) that I saw a local newpaper yesterday from our old area saying that they had a few more PSCOS on duty in the area we come from! Whats it take before they take it really seriously! AS for Gravesham Borough Council! They lied to the media and we are unhappy about that! They said they offered us emergency accommadtion! THEY DIDNT!!! They said we could move away but would only have to take ourselves and a bag (without our pet dog Maisey)to west of London wothout any furniture and further awat from some of our family that have been taking care of us! THEY ACTUALLY NEVER OFFERED ANYWHERE!! If you want to get in contact with us direct please email and we will tell you more! Thankyou and hugs for your support! Johnxx

  26. Rob V Nieulands 2 Oct 2009, 8:37am

    I suffered ten years of hell in the East End of London, due to lack of Police help and Council’s, to a point of suicide, which failed. I ended up having a breakdown, forced to go back to my home for fear of losing my dog (I would have been deemed as unfit to look after him)….the nightmares continued….I basically gave up and lost my job, and reached rock bottom…..I am now in a new home, and starting afresh….but I am not well, and suffer paranoia tendendancies with anyone who may show indifference (gay or straight, and especially authorities)…it is just me and my dog and one damn good friend….

  27. Rob V Nieulands 2 Oct 2009, 8:39am

    Since all this…it has been reported that there has been a 13% rise in Homophobic hate crimes in East London……I am disabled too….so what the hell are the Police and Councils doing to allow this to happen in the first place???

  28. John (Derbyshire) 2 Oct 2009, 2:43pm

    Can`t we start a support site for all these folks Ben?

  29. It is at EVERY level throughout the police that homophobic practises remain protected by Chief Constables & local (free mason lodges) Authorities.
    How Chief Constable Steven Otter is allowed to remain ACPO lead on ‘Equality & Diversity’ I fail to understand given the abuse practises towards gay people carried out by his police officers.

  30. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Oct 2009, 12:40am

    Mike (21):

    What kind of movies have you been watching, dah-link?

    I was thinking of shooting the little sons-of-biches in the leg, a kneecap with any luck. Then they would be easily caught by the police, hospitalized, identified, and prepared to appear in court, before going into therappy at your friendly, neighborhood psychiatric ward.

    Of course, it would be to the gay victims’ advantage if a ‘Private Properly’ sign were present in several places on the property, you know, the size of that little stripe of paper inside a fortune cookie. Then if the scoudrel said something stupid like:

    “Dah, I didn’t see no ‘Private Property’ sign”,

    the authorities could always send him to have his eye sight examined while he is having his bandages changed in the prison infirmary, poor thing.

    And on the off-cahnce that he would return to harass gays, then I would aim for between the eyes, set an example and take the consequences. C’est la vie.

  31. I just heard a guy got beaten up in trafalgar square it was a homophobic attack. WTF is going on.

  32. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Oct 2009, 4:57am

    WTF is going on? You guys have never heard of pepper spray, that’s WTF is going on, doll.

  33. Pepper spray is illegal rape alarms are as good as it gets and of course the traditional way fists and feet. The west end is now a dangerous place for us intfact the whole of London just hot worse this generation are lawless can’t way for their kids! I reckon we’ve rolled over gay pride isn’t a march once a year it’s a life style. AnyWay I’m more into gay respect and dignity so walking around in chaps with my ass hanging out never = pride to me.

  34. Rob V Nieulands 3 Oct 2009, 9:56am

    if you guys want to set up something positive….try contacting us on Facebook…and we can organise a mass petition….thousands of “signatures” to highlight failures and send to all our police/MPs, and Councils….I believe there is a possible backlash from Leeds due over the death of a father, killed by youths who got jailed…but the sentence was pathetic….JOIN UP and use technology to shock Government and etc into action….it is up to you to do it rather than sit back and wait to be the next victim…

  35. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Oct 2009, 10:40am

    Ideally, I agree with Rob V Nieulands, of course.

    In the real world, marijuana is illegal too, honey. Get the picture?

  36. the time for petitions is over each one teach one. let them know were no pushover let then think twice. its our responsibility not the police or polititions. im talking about a shift in gay culture back to what stonewall was really about.

  37. Jean-Paul Bentham 5 Oct 2009, 3:20am

    Time to rumble! Wish I were there. What’s a few days in jail for defending yourselves. Take notes and lotsa footage.

    History in the making, baby.

    In fact, if you know who these bastards are, why not drop in on them in the wee hours….with a house brick tied with a pink ribbon, and toss it right through the living room window. Brind a little dog on a leash and just saunter about and tell the cops: “He went that way!”

    Hi Mike, you getting all this, dah-link?

  38. Eagle Ashcroft 7 Oct 2009, 1:21am

    Better yet do what the Black Panthers did back in the seventies in Watts: “Burn their f-cking town down around them!” That will get their attention a lot faster. Stonewall in New York burned the city and started riots and that begin turning the tide toward gay rights. Its no use trying to do anything peaceful because they will only take it as a sign you’ve weak and afraid to fight. But start a small gay war by rioting and burning their f-cking town down and the sorry bastards will be kissing your a-s to please you. It works every time because if they think you are not afraid of them and you will fight, they will stop their bullsh-t and back off and give you a wide berth. As for the cops they will leave you alone too if you out number them and you also need a million person gay/lesbian march on Parliament for equal rights. You need to gather in from all over your islands and march on London like they do here in the states on Washington. Use Stonewall’s tactics of 1969 as was done in New York and the tide will turn. Viva Gay Liberation!

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