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Updated: Gordon Brown mentions civil partnerships in conference speech

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Reader comments

  1. Progress perhaps, but not on an equal footing with heterosexual couples.

  2. “Separate but equal” is not equal Mr Brown.

    I wonder does he even realise the widespread dissatisfaction with civil partnerships within the LGBT community.

    Probably not. I mean the government speaks only to Stonewall when it comes to gay issues. And that joke, Ben Summerskill is too interested in being a professional gay to campaign for equality. Remember his pathetic interview with Pink News when he said that Stonewall does not support equality for gay relationships because “some” gay people don’t want marriage equality.

  3. I too am not satisfied with seperate but equal civil partnerships. However, they were and are a step forward towards full equality and that has to be recognised. I am not sure how to bring it to the government’s and Mr. Brown’s attention that they may want to look at this again in a way which would get us listened to.

  4. At least Gordon Brown acknowledged the existence of LGBTs, which is a lot more than Nick Clegg did in his Lib Dem conference speech.

    I wonder what David Cameron will say in his closing speech.

  5. Brown did a lot of good things for us, he made us more equal than any other leader before him
    Try as i might though, i just can’t bring myself to vote for him while he wants us to be part of the EU, keep making phoney taxes, and wont treat our soldiers with respect and proper funding.

    This year i’ll either vote UKIP or not vote at all
    None of the parties will fight for our rights like labour have though
    We need a pink party or something

  6. MattLondon 29 Sep 2009, 3:49pm

    @ Tigra 07

    do you really think that a vote for UKI or not at all is a good use of your human right to a vote?

  7. Civil partnerships are not equal just as the proposed single equalities act does not offer full equality for the LGBT that they promised.

    Giving us an illusion of equality by dressing them up is not equality its trickery.

  8. Brian Burton 29 Sep 2009, 4:00pm

    Vulpus Rex,
    Please note that Brown mentioned Gay Partnerships at all in his speach. Cameron will anounce no doubt, the Tory alliance with Polish Homophobic Parties!

  9. Tim Hopkins 29 Sep 2009, 5:22pm

    As I may have mentioned here before (!) there is an active campaign in Scotland, for legislation here to introduce same-sex marriage. You can see more on the Equality Network website here.

  10. No party would be able to pass “gay marriage” because of the involvement of the church.

    I love being in a CP. It gave us every reason to think outside of the box for our ceremony. It was like no other straight wedding I’d been to.

  11. Tim Hopkins 29 Sep 2009, 6:04pm

    Rather too pessimistic I think, JJ. It would not of course be feasible (or right, imo) to legislate to try to force any church to conduct same-sex marriages, but legislating to allow those churches that want to (like the MCC), to do them, is a different matter I think. As well, of course, as having civil same-sex marriage available from registrars.

    Civil partnership should continue to be available too, for people who prefer it. In the Netherlands they have both marriage and a CP-equivalent. Around a quarter of same-sex couples choose CP, and 3/4 choose marriage. Around 1/10 of mixed-sex couples choose CP, and 9/10 choose marriage.

  12. I agree wholehearted with Tim, here…and perhaps go further by saying that legal marriage should be secular, but that there should be nothing to prevent people having a religious wedding, if they choose (including signing the register).

  13. Better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don’t know!

  14. Civil partnerships are not equality only a step further

    OK labour have done a lot more than the tory party ever did for gay rights but still there is no full equality

    But let me make a point here Gay rights will not progress under a tory government alone nothing will change as far as equality is concerned

    personally I am no labour or tory supporter but if labour had a new younger leader and a new reshuffled party with bold ideas like they did in 1997 then I would vote for them over tory toffs

    But that isn`t gonna happen so i`ll wipe my backside on the poll card next May

  15. oooh our second class semi-marriages get mentioned by the pm and its a huge deal….

    this is pathetic…

  16. Yeah. Big fat hairy f_cking deal:

    Civil Partnerships = +1 points

    Bring the country to near financial ruin, getting hundreds of poorly equipped soldiers killed, bringing the NHS to it’s knees, reducing education standards to the vocational ability of a dyslexic snail so as to get kids into universities, Managing to still keep that lizard Mandelson in a job etc, etc
    = minus 5,000,000 Points*

    *rough guess. Make up your own minus figure.

    No matter. All the idiotic leftie gay sheep on here will continue to vote for the cretinous Labour party as we sink into the slime. The country might be well and truly f_cked, but dammit, they are nice to gay people! (ish)

  17. The government are the people not Gordon Brown, make him bring in marriage equality. The people of our gay communities must get of their asses and make this happen for them selves. Expect no leader to do it for you. Write, phone, shout for equal rights… be refuse to vote in the next election or void your ballot in protest for equal rights. Do something. I am originally from Canada and we kicked ass on this issue when it came time to get it done. Britian, I love you, and it is your time now.

  18. @RobN why are you so bitter and unhappy with life? Your vitriolic attacks are interesting to read but perhaps I have a more positive outlook on life and can’t really agree with everything you say. The Labour Party has done more for the LGBT community than any other single party in the history of Britain and they will continue to to do more as time goes on. We must not stop here but push harder and with greater determination and force to get our full rights. Gordon Brown is alright – he is a fighter and has courage in the face of opposition and at times, almost impossible odds. I believe the Labour Party will go from strength to strength. I shall vote Labour.

  19. vulpus_rex 30 Sep 2009, 9:59am

    “Baaa, baaa” go the new labour sheep – ooh I can sleep with a nice young 16 year boy now.

    Given that the cost of that equality is the ruin of the pension industry; national debt that will take generations to pay back; the absolute ruin of the education system; a car crash of an economy; 1 illegal war and 1 unwinnable war; prisons bursting at the seams; crime at unbelievable levels;

    You would really have to be an absolute moron to vote for any more of this new labour madness.

  20. Civil partnerships – a step in the right direction – but LGBT people are still second class.

    If this Government was really serious about equality, why not allow gay or straight people to choose between a religious or civil ceremony?

    The Government says one thing but means another.

    For instance, the so called “Equality” Bill drafted by Harriet Harman is not about equality at all. In fact, if the Government’s new (in)Equality Bill goes through, it will be legally permitted for businesses/organisations with a religious objective to discriminate against gay and trans people. The Government has specifically written that into the Bill!

    The (in)Equality Bill also includes exemptions for schools, single sex services and members clubs, insurance companies, the armed forces and the Government itself. The Govt has deliberately allowed these organisations to discriminate against us – how is that Equal???

    Whatever you think of Peter Tatchell, please support his current campaign to get these nasty exemptions removed from the Bill – they actually remove the rights that we already posses under existing British and European legislation. Harriet Harman likes to pretend she is a champion of equality, turning up to Pride, condemning the BNP whenever she can, but she and the Government want to allow these groups to discriminate against us by exempting them from all equality legislation protecting LGBT people.

    This goes against everything that Labour used to stand for, against European human rights legislation, against modern notions of equality and democracy, and against common decency.

    Please, please, take an interest in the so-called Equality Bill. It does exactly the opposite of what it should – it is a bigot’s charter and deliberately removes our rights to equal rights!

    This is not a fair Government – it is an authoritarian Government that panders to the status quo, the religious right, middle England and so-called “family values”, which is a code word for homophobia.

  21. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 Sep 2009, 2:05pm

    Vince and others,the LGBT community needs to ditch StonewallUK. I once received a response from that useless organisation telling me that marriage equality isn’t high on the list of priorities, in fact, non-existent simply because civil partnerships are the remedy as if they speak for the entire LGBT community as some who post here seem to claim. It was either that or nothing, fine, but Summerskill gave up. None of them, himself included, can see outside the larger box when you look around the world. Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, South Africa and a handful of states in the U.S. I suppose Summerskill thinks that civil partnerships will be the norm across the EU….he’s delusional to even conceive of it.

    JJ, the church can rant and rave all it wants about marriage equality, look at Belgium and Spain, two catholic countries where the roman cult had far more influence than the inept C of E. If they can get it through, then there’s no excuse why the UK can’t. Its up to the LGBT voters to get organised and demand it. As I said earlier, ditch StonewallUK and form a national movement for marriage equality as other countries have done and are doing. Stonewall is irrelevant, expect NOTHING from them, nothing more than an apologist for banning full marriage equality and working against those of us who want that choice.

  22. Sarah Brown was up there supporting her tired old hubby like a true trooper! But we all know Mandy is now in charge and he does not appear tired out but tiredness can bring down even a popular PM; remember Harriet Jones in Dr Who…….

  23. I see Loopy Rex has learnt to bleat like a sheep. I guess that is better than her usual barking. It is weird, on an LGBT article in an LGBT paper, on LGBT issues, Vulpine Rover wants us to ignore any move towards LGBT equality in order to bash labour (And while I am no labour fan, I can recall EXACTLY the same accusations aimed at Ian Duncan Smith. Are they any more true now?)

    It is clear that reasoned criticism is aimed at Gordon Brown and Ben Summerskill on this board from across the political spectrum. Only a few manage to be absolutely barking, which we may expect from rabid tories.

    It is NOT a choice between two evils. Saying NO to Labour does not have to mean saying YES to Cameron. You would have to be a true moron to do that!

  24. Rich: “The Labour Party has done more for the LGBT community than any other single party in the history of Britain”

    SO F_CKING WHAT!? Did you not READ my last post? You are EXACTLY the half-witted sheep that just follows the pack as I typified there. There are a damn sight more important issues to worry about than your bloody LGBT crap. Get some f_cking perspective man.

    I believe the Labour Party are totally and utterly screwed, and hopefully, may never recover.

  25. vulpus_rex 1 Oct 2009, 5:34pm

    M(tw)att B – I completely agree in one sense it isn’t a choice between Labour and Tory.

    However, obviously blinded by your ignorant, self righteous indignation you fail to point out exactly where in the above comment I say vote Conservative – learn to read properly you moron.

    To be clear, vote blue, vote green, vote yellow vote anything but for the Labour party of war and corruption.

    Don’t be a sheep people!

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