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Gay political blogger Iain Dale on shortlist for Tory parliamentary candidate

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  1. Does the Tory Party not have any suitable candidates who actually live in the constituency I wonder? Or is the fact this guy is an influential blogger the reason he is being parachuted into Bracknell?

    Obviously he is a person of questionable character seeing as he is both gay and tory. The Tory party has yet to prove they are not a pack of bigotted homophobes. David Cameron makes all the right noises about inclusivity but behind the scenes extremists like Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud are campaigning to have the rights of non-biological gay parents reduced. Plus of course there is the union in the Euro-Parliament between the Tories and the Polish facist Law and Justice Party – the party whose leader that believes that tolerance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation.

    Does Iain Dale support the union between the Tories and the Polish facists? If he does then he should be ashamed of himself.

  2. Another Alan Duncan in the make?

  3. I ride a scooter and in 2006 saw cameron on his bike. I didnt know who he was but had that moment of recoginition. And the look of hatred in his eyes was all I needed to know. I’m black and gay.

  4. Gay or not, Iain Dale is a wanker. But then he is a Tory, I suppose.

  5. Good luck to Iain! It would be a great asset to the House of Commons and to democracy to have him represent Bracknell, especially as such a prominent gay man.

  6. Why is he a good choice Matt? He doesn’t live in Bracknell and is being parachuted in there?

    This is true of all parties. But it simply displays the lack of respect they have for the electorate.

    This Dale character is obviously someone they want elected and they are parachuting him into Bracknell because they feel he’ll get elected there.

    I would prefer if MP’s were required to live in their constituencies.

    And I still want to know if Dale supports the expulsion of the homophobic Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud from the party for their sinister attempts to reduce the rights of non-biological gay parents. And does he support the unholy union in the Euro-Parliament between the Tories and the facist Law and Justice Party? The party whose leader believes that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation.

  7. He’s a good choice because he’s a very capable individual. He HASN’T been parachuted into anywhere as he hasn’t even been selected as the candidate yet!

    He’s been shortlisted along with 6 others and the successful candidate will be chosen by the electorate of that constituency, whether they belong to a political party or not, and that successful candidate will be put forward to stand as the Prospective Conservative MP at the next election. Can’t get much more democratic than that!

  8. Standing for Bracknell? I don’t think Aunt Augusta would much approve(!)

  9. @Matt

    What do you think of the Conservative EU alliance with homophobic and racist parties?

  10. @Dave

    The L&J is not fascist and the use of such terms damages the fight against true fascism in Britain and Europe. It must be remembered that the Poland, and those in the leadership of the L&J Party, suffered dreadfully at the hands of totalitarian regimes of Germany and Russia and therefore terms such as fascist are deeply offensive to them.

    It is clear that the British people want a less integrationist relationship with Europe. It is therefore the responsibility of the Conservative Party to further these goals. The coalition the Conservatives have set up forms a wide spectrum of views in regards to national issues, but we will come together where we agree to work to reform Europe and make it more relevant to the people who live in it.

    I would also remind people that Labour and Greens already sit with extremist groups, such as those wanting to ban all marriage, and millitant left wing quasi-revolutionary extremists.

    The Slovakian Democracy Party sit with Labour in the European Parliament and the Slovak National Party (SNP) in their domestic coalition. The SNP have publicly compared paedophilia to homosexuality and questioned whether homosexuals were normal people at all; they are a fiercely homophobic party. The Slovakian Democrats were initially suspended from the PES (Socialist coalition grouping in the European Parliament) but this was lifted in 2008 – I could therefore justifiably ask what the Labour Party thinks about sharing a platform with a party who has brought homophobia into their domestic governing coalition?

  11. Iain Fail strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was given a plum seat by the tories and managed to cock it up.

  12. “Gay man stands for election as Tory candidate” isn’t news – “gay Tory stands for LGBT rights” would be news.

    Re: Matt’s Slovakia example:

    1] That the Labor party is in the Party of European Socialists, which is tied to the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, of which the Slovakian Social Democrat party is a member while also in coalition with the odious Slovak National Party is incredibly tenuous by comparison to the Tories misdeeds
    It is doubtful that anyone from the Labor Party has even sat in the same room as a representative of the Slovak National Party, while the Conservatives sit shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the worst villains of the European parliament.

    2] The Social Democracy party were in a no-win situation once they couldn’t form a majority with just the People’s Party; if they hadn’t gone with the National Party it would have been either the Democratic and CHRISTIAN Union or the CHRISTIAN Democratic Party – I think you can guesstimate where those fall on the LGBT-friendliness scale too…

  13. @ Matt, you said:

    It must be remembered that the Poland, and those in the leadership of the L&J Party, suffered dreadfully at the hands of totalitarian regimes of Germany and Russia and therefore terms such as fascist are deeply offensive to them.

    Did you know that one of the parties in the ECR is the Latvian For Fatherland and Freedom Party which is at root a fascist party? For example, they support the right of SS veterans to march down the streets of Riga, Latvia’s capital city, every year.

  14. Simon Murphy 29 Sep 2009, 11:36pm

    Matt – you claim that to call the Polish Law and Justice party ‘facist’ is offensive. The BNP is regarded as a facist party because they are racist. The L&J party considers homosexuality immoral and their leader has stated that acceptance of homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation. How can you claim that this is not facist? The leader claimed his statements were taken ‘out of context’ but it was a direct quotation.

    Gay people were sent to their deaths in the camps because they were gay also. Let’s not pretend that the type of homophobia espoused by the Tories’ bedfellows in the Europarliament is any more acceptable than the racism espoused by the BNP.

  15. To quote another example of Labour’s bedfellows in the European Parliament who have expressed homophobic views, see today’s news article:


    ALL homophobia is wrong, no matter where it comes from, whether left or right wings and ALL homophobia must be opposed. Not all Conservatives are angels, but that is also true of Labour… My personal belief is that ALL LGBT groups in ALL political Parties need to stand TOGETHER to end homophobia, not fight against each other on the very point that potentially brings us together more than any other.

  16. Simon Murphy 1 Oct 2009, 12:15am

    But Matt – the LGBT groups in Labour and the LibDems seem to actually have the ear of their parties’ leadership. So far the Tory LGBT group seem like meaningless, ineffective window-dressing.

  17. @ Dean 3
    How do you know it was hatred? How could he tell you were gay? If David Cameron doesn’t know you personally, how can he hate you?

  18. It must be remembered that the Poland, and those in the leadership of the L&J Party, suffered dreadfully at the hands of totalitarian regimes of Germany and Russia and therefore terms such as fascist are deeply offensive to them.

    By which you seem to be saying that you aren’t allowed to tell the truth if someone finds it offensive? That is exactly the same sort of deranged logic that is employed by the fascists who seek to silence perfectly justifiable criticism of Israel

  19. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Oct 2009, 5:23am


    “By which you seem to be saying…”….’seem to be saying’…’seem’

    Spoken like an ex-gay alcoholic schizophrenic poison …I mean pirson…I mean poirson I know by the name of Droolingchops, or Monkeychops or something like that.

    Anyway, that can’t be you cos this other poirson only enjoys disrupting the threads on Pink just for fun and because at the moment, I believe he/she/it has a crush on Simon Murphy….dro-o-o-ol! Lick them chops, honey! But file those fangs first, really.

    I do like those openly gay political bloggers and broadcasters, don’t you? Or you ‘seem to be saying’ that Iain Dale is a fascist, is that the gist of it, sweetie?

    Well, you is the expoit! Anything you say, dear.

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Oct 2009, 5:50am

    Israel??? What about North Korea? Ukraine? and look at Belgrade!
    then there’s New Zealand. Antartica and Columbia. And as long as we’re sticking to the subject at hand, well, ok, the Galapodos and Canary Islands. then there’s Panama, Zambia and Timbuktoo! Every bit as relevant as Israel, every one of them, and could someone keep their fascist dogs from peeing on my democratic flower beds.

    Oh Aviad…did you hear all that…just babbling to myself, you know…

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