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Gay groups to compensate bar which cancelled homophobic gig

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Reader comments

  1. Touching story, though we shouldn’t HAVE TO compensate hetero concert-promoters who agree not to give homophobes a platform. It’s a bit like blackmail. The promoters should proudly refuse out of principle to allow them the platform. If we are not careful we will encourage a situation where concert promoters will be indicating that they won’t let homophobes perform, if we whip up some money to compensate them for their missed opportunities. I think the only way to deal with this situation is for governments to make it illegal and punishable for homophobes to be given a platform.

  2. Didnt Outrage announce that they had secured an undertaking from Buju Banton never to use homophobic lyrics again?

  3. It’s a good idea, this way the venue might even make more than the $10,000 they hoped to get from Buju’s fans
    And it shows that the gay community isn’t just complaining about rights, they are showing appreciation when they get what they want

    You’re right Eddy, they shouldn’t have to compensate
    But showing appreciation like this can only be a good thing and should be encouraged

  4. mike,
    a lying homophobe? say it isnt so!

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