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False rape allegation forces gay US soldier to out himself

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Reader comments

  1. How stupid is the American government?
    Obama could repeal that law easily but doesnt want to clearly
    He’s trying to keep everyone happy and failing miserably

  2. USA is the third world of the western civilization.
    shame on america (show off your black president
    to the world but still most homophobic nation!!!)

  3. Pumpkin Pie 29 Sep 2009, 6:38pm

    Under DADT, if this guy got fired for telling, shouldn’t the police be fired for asking?

    I would dearly love to see a mass coming out of every single gay or bisexual person in America’s armed forces. Either DADT would have to be repealed, or the armed forces would fall to pieces overnight.

  4. Thomas, Florida, USA 30 Sep 2009, 2:10am

    Obama is a huge disappointment to gays in America. Huge. No more $$ to any of them again until concrete action occurs. Looks like I’ll be holding on to my funds for a while. America is an embarassment. You in Britain are lucky… you get more than just pretty words from your government. Obama is a coward.

  5. I don’t understand why President Obama has not repealed DADT. If he did more for the gay community , America would blossom and rise like a phoenix, but he is not and I don’t understand why he is dragging his feet and not standing up and putting into practice what he preaches. America seems to be rotting – the law courts are out of control and running amok – the people seemed to be disillusioned and unhappy and American politics seems to be about money and who can buy whom for the highest price.
    I call on all LGBT people in the American armed forces to choose one day to all come out together. There’s a challenge for you all.

  6. “USA is the third world of the western civilization.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Its what happens when Europe chucked its poor stupid masses and religious zealots over to that country for decades, the pinnacle of their culture could never amount to more than a bunch if god fearing hill-billies drinking moonshine.

  7. USA is the third world of the western civilization

    I disagree. The United States is neither civilised nor a beacon of this much heralded ‘freedom’ that it seeks to impose around the world. It is an uncivilised hell-hole.

  8. “It [the USA] is an uncivilised hell-hole”

    Yup – just like that repellent, rogue nuclear and apartheid fascist state that it continues to prop up in the Middle East.

  9. Kay from New Zealand 1 Oct 2009, 10:38am

    Even better, if ALL servicemen and women came out as bisexual (which no one could disprove), then they’d have to change the policy. But unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Oct 2009, 1:58pm

    One of the problems why LGBT people get nowhere fast is that they believe the Democratic party actually believes in full equality. It doesn’t. If every LGBT person stopped giving them their votes, votes these career politicians take for granted in every election, including gay republicans supporting the conservative party, you’d see how fast we’d see real change. We need to get behind a party that gets behind us and not afraid to speak out on it, such as the Greens where we have a huge amount of straight allies. We need to put a huge dent in both parties to get our message across. If they want our vote, let them earn it by passing full equality legislation or else suffer the consequences.

  11. Simon Murphy 1 Oct 2009, 6:11pm

    Robert – I agree that the Democrat Party is no friend of the gays. However the ONLY alternative to the Democrats is the Republic*nt party. And looking at the slime that makes up that party (George W Bush anyone) I don’t want them either. In fact I would choose the Democrats over them. If gay people stop voting Democrat they have no other option to choose. Resulting in bigger percentages for the Republic*nts.

    The US has ALWAYS been a 2 party system and is designed to ensure it remains that way.

    Is there no campaign to reform the US electoral system to ensure a better representation of people’s opinions?

  12. Simon Murphy 1 Oct 2009, 6:15pm

    No 3; Pumpkin Pie – you ask: “Under DADT, if this guy got fired for telling, shouldn’t the police be fired for asking?”

    Well no. DADT is an internal Army policy. A rape allegation would be dealt with by the police who are separate from the army. They are free to ask what they like. In any case the fired soldier volunteered the information about his sexuality.

    As Commander in Chief, Obama could simply issue an executive order suspending the policy. He chooses not to.

  13. It pains me to read almost a on a daily basis, stories of Armed forces Personnel from the USA. Who are being fired or about to be fired all because of a ridiculous policy that should never have been implemented. I’m thankful I live in Australia. The Armed Forces of Australia don’t care if you’re straight/gay/bi as long as you can do the job! We’ve been lucky enough since 1991 to have had old archaic laws repealled and new ones put in place that not only allow straight/gay/bi into service, but these laws also protect them at the same time.

    Come on President Obama the World is looking in your in direction and they’re not happy with what they see, it’s time you pulled your finger out and actually did some work instead of grand standing for the masses. Repeal DADT Issue an Executive Order & then reinstate all those good men and women who have lost their jobs because of it!

  14. The USA need to change the law why because he gay and this only come about through this man that was making a false claim should he be kicked out of service he has done 18yrs loyal service for his country and no problems. America as Britian still live in the dark ages one law for the so called str8 men and women and one for GLT Law have to be change and the atitude of police and Armed forces and Goverment.
    that is the reason that John and I allowed our story in uk to go on tv and in the news
    wishing you well with whatever you do in the future

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