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Bruno banned in Malaysia

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Reader comments

  1. It is a rubbish film. They’re not missing much.

  2. Malaysia I can understand, but Ukraine? Time to grow up there?

  3. Rubbish film or not, the people of Malaysia have been denied the right to decide that for themselves by not being given the choice of whether or not they can see it at their local cinema.

  4. Thank goodness for satellite TV and the internet! Look at the “Top Worldwide Search Requests” column for keyword “sex” at (you have to scroll down).

  5. “There are a lot of sex scenes. It’s contrary to our culture.”

    Wow… what fun loving people the Malaysians must be.

  6. Banning things usually just draws attention to them anyway, so I suspect this film will get more interest this way. I’d like to know if it was the showing of gay sex scenes that was contrary to their culture or just being gay. The latter wouldn’t make sense, of course, because it’s not a cultural thing just a natural one – however much some people might wish it not to be.

  7. I watched this with my Malay boyfriend… it didn’t really phase him!
    I guess the advantage is we get cute gay Malaysians coming over here for what they can’t get at home ;)

  8. From my experience of visits to Malaysia, the ordinary Malay citizen can and does enjoy himself regardless of the medieval rules and regulations. I just hope they dont eventually join other brain washed religious fanatics.

  9. I think we all support censorship at some level, I don’t think we’d find it acceptable to watch just anything. There are things we would find distasteful, inappropriate, and that we’d rather weren’t shown in cinemas it’s just a matter of where we draw the line. So what if Malaysia and the UK draw that line in different places? If we think that Bruno was fit for release in UK cinemas, that’s great, but who are we to impose our standards on other cultures anyway? There are things that are banned here in the UK, so maybe we should focus our efforts on unbanning them here instead of telling other countries what they should watch. Are we so proud of Bruno as a product of our western culture that we so staunchly want to see it exported across the globe?

  10. I’m glad that cohen showed himself as a money grabbing racist homophobe. When I complained about ali g I was told I have a chip on my shoulder! It was worth the wait

  11. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 5:58am

    Cohen is a Jewish name and the film was made in America by Americans. I am Jewish and an American, therefore I resent these towel head Muslims or should I say towel head morons from putting down Americans and insult Jews. If they hate Jews and Americans then they need to close down their mosques in America and get the hell out of my country. Anyone who believes in Islam and their bigot religion is a moron to begin with. Old Mohammed molested little girls and abused women. He was nothing but a sorry ass criminal and a low life and not fit to utter his crappy name.

  12. they should have just censor the specific scenes not ban the whole movie like usually done. but anyway nothing much to be missed. Im a Malaysian and trust me hay people are making out everywhere with gay clubs sprouting crazily :) LOL .. so contrary to our culture? bullshit :))))

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