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Alan Turing’s research base Bletchley Park gets £460,500 grant

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  1. Brian Burton 29 Sep 2009, 8:16pm

    Money to spruce Bletchley Park up is welcome. If only Churchill had not given the order to destroy the contents of Bletchley on VE day. Then there would have been some remarkable exibits to see.

  2. If Alan Turing was alive today he would of wanted that amount of money spent on new research not history.

  3. Good news and a most welcome memorial to one of the greatest gay men in history for future generations to learn from

  4. Good point, but history is also important, Abi. It helps us avoid the same mistakes in the future.

    It isn’t a huge amount of money, really. Scientific research would and does get a lot more. Besides, there is private money for research, whereas heritage projects which are likely never to turn a profit, are dependent on these sort of funds.

    I hope Alan Turing’s work is going to be given maximum and prominent display in the new exhibitions.

  5. Rose: “Good point, but history is also important, Abi. It helps us avoid the same mistakes in the future.”

    Rose, is your surname “Coloured-Glasses” by chance? Don’t talk such utter crap. It might be nice to think that people do take note of such things, but if that was the case, why do we still continue to fight, have wars, bomb innocents, abuse children, rape and murder?

    Man’s ability to destroy himself is only exceeded by his complete stupidity in thinking he knows better than the next man, (or woman)

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