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Study finds no difference between children raised by gay or straight adoptive parents

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  1. Ok, good. Now tell the Church of Scotland who have an issue with gay adoption, the Catholic Church generally, and a dozy friend of mine who only the other day came out with the classic line ‘Oh, its not right at all. A child needs a mother and a father in the home!’ in relation to a boy we know who is being raised by his gay father in a one parent family.

  2. Can we have the statistics of what the sexual orientation of these children turned out to be?

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Sep 2009, 2:02pm

    “Our research shows that there is no difference in children raised by gay or lesbian parents and heterosexual parents. People are people.”

    DAH !


    Take 2 aspirins and call your doctor in the morning.

  4. “He added that Florida has the only adoption system that specifically prohibits gay and lesbian persons from adopting children and asks all adoptive parents to sign an affidavit stating they are not gay.”

    Well, I knew about Florida not allowing gay adoption, but I didn’t know you had to sign an affidavit! Astounding….

    And this report comes as no surprise to me, but it won’t make a jot of difference to the homophobes who’ll make up their own report funded by NARTH or the like.

  5. presumably none of the children in the RECENT study have grown up yet, so we don’t know what they have turned out to be. But that wasn’t the issue here. It was whether the children are happy with their adopted family, regardless of the make up of the family.

    Besides, I thought prevailing theories were that sexual orientation is nature not nurture. so it wouldn’t matter if a child was raised by bi-sexual martians. She or he would be what he or she was born to be.

  6. kiki,,,hilarious!! I am a lesbian born from str8 parents,,,and I gave birth to two str8 children,,figure that out! But on a serious note, I find that children of gays and lesbians turn out to be nicer people,,more inclusive and diverse in their thinking,,,imagine that!

  7. Actually NARTH has already claimed they fudged the numbers to make gay adoptions seem normal
    Theyre also now claiming rape IS about sex and not power
    I guess they would know since most of those dress wearing homophobes will have no doubt raped kids in their care in the 80s

  8. who the flip are NARTH? Sounds like something from the Dark Side!

  9. What was that funny explanation someone (Adrian? Will?)gave for NARTH’s acronym? :D

  10. “Now tell the Church of Scotland who have an issue with gay adoption, the Catholic Church generally”

    Catholic Hierarchy unfortunately tend to be selective when it comes to science, Rose. Their track record with Galileo an Darwin speak volumes…. they’re the slowest kid in the class, so to speak.

    And Kiki, statistically 10% of gay children come from straight couples, so is that what you’re looking for, sweetheart?

    And Iris, can’t remember what I gave last time, but I have another suggestion:

    Not All Really There H</b<ead-wise

    Will that do? :)

  11. Opps… lets try again….

    Not All Really There Head-wise

  12. *laughing* Yes, that’ll do very nicely, Will! :D Very accurate indeed!

    Rose, replace the ‘XX’ with ‘tt’ and paste this into your browser:


    Be warned – it’ll make your skin crawl. Nasty, nasty people, clothing bigotry in ‘science’.

  13. Adoptive parents are comparable but other studies show that looking at parents in general that gay parents have the edge over straight parents when it comes to good parenting. That’s because there are more straight parents who fall into parenthood accidentally when they aren’t ready for it, whereas gay parents more often end up as parents because they really want it.

  14. John Rendle 29 Sep 2009, 12:06am

    Checked out NARTH as you mentioned Iris (12) and yes it does make your skin crawl. Hard to believe people like this exist in 2009, but you lucky people, you can attend their conference in West Palm Beach in

    The medical professionals involved should have their medical registrations removed. I can only imagine the sort of harm these people do.

  15. Iris, I’ll try with another one….

    Nutters Attacking Really Tasteful Homo’s?


  16. “10% of gay children come from straight couples.”

    I don’t buy those figures. It’s got to be higher. Just on anecdotal evidence, most coming out stories I’ve ever heard involve a mother and father reacting in some way.

    And besides, Nature not nurture. It really doesn’t matter what the family background is. If you’re born gay, you are gay, even if your mother and father are a pair of Methodists.

  17. How about “No Accredited Research Tolerated Here”?

  18. I like yours better, Flapjack!

    And Rose, I tend to agree with you. The problem is no real data in this area, the religious right tend to bander figures like 2% because it suits their agenda, and the Alfred Kinsey study (which was flawed in its own way) suggests 10%. I doubt either of these studies take into account the amount of people who are closet cases who will never reveal their sexuality or sexual preferences…. a visit to a park at night will show how many “happily married with kids” closet cases there are out there looking for sex with men incognito.

  19. Thanks Will – and just by way of correction I think your original wording which Rose was trying to take issue with wasn’t the percentage of kids that ARE gay which may or may not be 10% but your contention that “statistically 10% of gay children come from straight couples”.
    Does that mean that us gay people are doing 90% of the breeding round here or was it a typo? Be honest ;)
    I think we can say with some certainty that straight people are producing close to 100% of the kids (whether those kids are gay OR straight), not counting closet cases in dysfunctional straight relationships, artificial insemination or surrogate mothers! I think that’s what Rose was driving at. I’m guessing you missed a zero back there! Adoption is a seperate point…

  20. Ofcourse, why would there be any difference? Lets face it homosexual long term relationships are very stable. I know, my partner and I have together for over 25 years, but we have never got past the Persian cats as yet!

  21. Ah, yes, sorry. I see what you mean. A badly worded statement on my behalf…. I meant to say that 10% of the population are gay and they, for the most, part come from straight couples.

    Actually, what I actually said looks rather stupid now! Sorry Rose.

  22. Whilst the kids in this recent study may not be adults yet, there are lots of grown-up children with gay parents (such as that fine upstanding young women who gave the fantastic speech about gay marriage at her dads’ marriage in California which had the video linked to on this site).

    I’ve heard many grown-up children speak very fondly of their gay mum or dad (or both), I’ve not yet heard them speak badly of them.

    I think its safe to say that these grown-up children have more knowledge and expertise on whether or not they are mentally, physically & emotionally fully-rounded people, than any academic or any religious authority in the world.

  23. My parner and I introduced his young son into our family unit when he was nine. We’d been together just four years and so it was somewhat of a gamble, but in this case, it had to be done. I loved his father for better for worse, etc. We’d recently moved into a village and i particularly, was concerned about wagging tongues and adverse comments and reactions. The truth couldn’t have been further away – the villagers were fantastic!
    When he was eighteen, the boy left school and went to university, then left us and did another year’s training in his profession.
    He married two years ago and six months ago, his gorgeous wife gave birth to a fabulous baby who was baptised last week.
    We are proud to have brought him up; he’s into – and excells at sports – he’s tall, handsome and personable. He has a thorough respect for all human beings whatever their clour, creed, sexuality etc and we know that his child will turn out to be just the same. Being gay is what you have inside you; it can’t rub off onto you and you can’t pick it up.
    We defy anyone to show us a better-rounded young family man.
    So there is no difference – it’s the quality of life, the love and the implicit trust that are the ingredients for bringing up a child, and i would suggest, these qualities have very little to do with either gender

  24. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Sep 2009, 1:27am


    OK, OK, I’m crying….(this is where you say: Cry if you want to!)

    A beautiful comments and congratulations with lotsa bear hugs.


    “No Accredited Research Tolerated Here”?

    It’s got a certain…. je ne sais quoi….creative genius perhaps!

  25. Alex, Brisbane, Australia 30 Sep 2009, 9:45am

    ‘Being gay is what you have inside you; it can’t rub off onto you and you can’t pick it up’.
    Barry, you’ve just made my day.

  26. Pissed Atheist 20 Oct 2009, 2:05pm

    Some of you people are just sick, two men sticking their you know what, in you know where. In the picture those two men raising that little girl, what in the he11 are they doing to her??? This is a sick dang country we live in to allow this pervertion, you all know its true.

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