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Graham Norton warned over lesbian joke

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Reader comments

  1. Glad to see that sewer-mouth Norton is having his chops slapped!

  2. So how come Jonathan Ross can say and do what he likes then?

  3. Brian Burton 28 Sep 2009, 12:38pm

    Rat-face Norton, someone drown him please!

  4. Cleggy: Considering Ross got well and truly slapped down and suspended for three months over the “Sachsgate” incident, I have no idea where you get this idea “He can say or do as he likes”.

    Norton sails very close to the wind though, but that’s the way he works. Julian Clary was way more controversial and got away with it for years. I mean, how many people publicly declare they were “fisting Norman Lamont backstage” at a BAFTA awards?

  5. I don’t even get the joke! Could somebody explain it?

  6. RobN, With regards to the gay community.

  7. Am i the only person who didn’t find it that offensive?
    Is being told you look like a lesbian by a commedian that offensive?

  8. theotherone 28 Sep 2009, 3:31pm

    another misogynistic old poof…

  9. BrazilGayScene 28 Sep 2009, 5:53pm

    “With regards to the gay community” …oh, is it only US then that should not be the subject of comedy? Politicians, straights, etc etc are okay? Who ‘draws the line?’ (and should there be a line?)
    It does seem to me that some of us are becoming far too sensitive about these things…and of course this could rebound on us big-time.

  10. Cleggy you are absolutely right. The BBC protects Jonathan Ross come what may. They never criticise him about his continuing homophobia.

  11. Most lesbians and piss-elegant gays are SUCH delicate doilies. Norton is a comedian and his zingers are intelligent and incisive.
    Lighten up, people!!

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