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Equal adoption rights for Scottish gay couples begin today

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Reader comments

  1. The Church of Scotland states that gay relationships are inherently unstable, yet offer no evidence as to where they have gathered this information from. Unfortunately whatever idiot from within the church that stated this is not named, otherwise it would be possible to challenge them directly on this.

    I did this with the catholic church in Scotland, when Peter Kearney, their spokesman, was quoted as saying the same thing. I’m still waiting, one week on, for his reply as to where he gathered this information from.

    Interestingly, in an American study it was shown that the highest number of divorces, by far and away, was amongst Christians, with evangelicals topping the list.

    People who live in glass houses etc. etc.

  2. What about IVF parentage for lesbians???? – When is that going to be recognised in Scotland?????

    IVF parentage is recognised in England and Wales but not Scotland!!!!

  3. Tim Hopkins 28 Sep 2009, 7:45pm

    Steven’s comment (2) is incorrect. The laws on IVF parenting (and more generally on fertility treatment like DI) are not devolved to the Scottish Parliament. The law for Scotland is set at Westminster, and is the same as for England and Wales – it’s in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008.

    For a child conceived by fertility treatment on or after 6th April 2009, whose mother is in a same-sex couple, both of the couple can be registered as the child’s parents.

    For more details, click on my name below for the Equality Network website and select Your Rights from the menu.

  4. But the Catholic adoption agency St. Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society are still allowed, legally, to refuse to deal with gay couples and people. The SNP government helped them to make sure that this law doesn’t apply to them.

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