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Billboard featuring gay US marine is vandalised

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Reader comments

  1. There’s going to be a lot of such tearings-down and defacings, but just keep pasting the things up and eventually the homophobic “kiddies” will not their kicking and protesting. It’s going to take a lot of familiarisation before they get used to the idea that we gays and lesbians are as fine and upstanding as they! (Although there are a number of poor devils on these boards suffering from internalised homophobia who do not think we ARE as good as heterosexuals!)

  2. Shame. I hope it can be put back. The contribution of gays in military service everywhere needs to be recognised. I have been trying to research numbers of gay men who fought and died in the UK forces in the two world wars. I think a great many were conscripted in the huge obsession with throwing men into the trenches in 1914-1918, but it is almost impossible to quantify how many there might have been because the only evidence is anecdotal. But I think it is high time there was pink representation at the cenotaph.

  3. Pathetic. Tearing down that poster won’t mean that homosexual people no longer protect you, drive your train, teach your children, mend your car, tend to you in hospital, etc etc. Time for the pig-ignorant bigots to accept the truth. How childish to pull down a bloody poster!

  4. Lorna McArdle 28 Sep 2009, 12:48pm

    Sorry to gloss over the main point of the news item. I’m more concerned with the concept of coming out day????

    It’s as pointless at no smoking days, valentine days. I will give up smoking (again) on my terms as I would expect someone to ‘come out’ on their terms. This smacks of the outing celeb’s no-one has the right to do that. That’s why we have Pride events and phone lines to give support before you leap.

  5. They should put up another billboard with a Muscle Mary and a mean looking Daddy. The strapline is ‘Hey homophobes,guess what, we’re gay too and we’re coming to kick your ass’

  6. I saw some of the ‘Some people are gay – get over it’ posters in London defaced with homophobic graffiti too. What is the problem with some people?!

  7. What is the problem with some people Richard? Well they can’t help it if they are not like us; Creative, imaginative, artistic, intelligent ,cool, well dressed, nice smelling, classy, connoisseurs, well brought up, kind, genteel, good looking, loving ……need I go on(!) ;-)

  8. Mike: You forgot Selfish, self-centered, egotistical, vain, unfaithful, unsupporting, left-wing, blinkered and tight-fisted body facists.

    Did I miss anyone out?

  9. RobN oUCH! Have you been in the knife draw(!) ;-)

  10. Jeff Harwood 5 Oct 2009, 2:04am

    Hi, everyone. As a member of the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, I wanted to let you know that the billboard is back up. We had a wonderful equality rally today (Sunday, October 1) in response to the vandalism and hate with over 200 in attendance and with coverage from all the local stations. Tim spoke eloquently. It was a proud moment for our community. Thanks for all the support from around the world.

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