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Federal healthcare bill ‘will actually harm gays and lesbians’

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Charles 25 Sep 2009, 5:52pm

    Bwahahaha. This is too funny, since the Republican party is the main reason that theres so much anti-gay legislation on the books in the US!

  2. Vincent Poffley 25 Sep 2009, 6:44pm

    It really is amazing how deluded the American right are. Their opposition to universal health care is entirely irrational. I can’t believe that this guy is standing up and saying that people who can’t afford health insurance will have to rely on government health insurance under the new scheme, when his own solution would be… to leave them without any health insurance at all! And his solution to discriminatory government provisions is not to have ANY government provisions, rather than to reform the government and provide equal treatment for all (which is doubly rich coming from someone whose party is directly RESPONSIBLE for those inequalities in the first place).

    This isn’t a valid political platform, it’s the witterings of a crazy person.

  3. Simon Murphy 25 Sep 2009, 9:05pm

    Stupid gay republicans. Why any gay person would want to be part of that party is even more bizarre than why any gay person would support the tories.

  4. Kim Ingram-Veillette 25 Sep 2009, 9:31pm

    Hello. The problem as he has presented it is clearly NOT the Health Care reform. Its the Defense of Marriage Act. Does anyone at all buy this arguement? Ridiculous!

  5. Simon Murphy 26 Sep 2009, 9:05am

    Well he is a Republican – therefore he supports the principle that insurance companies should benefit financially from denying people access to medical treatment. Let us not forget that this is the party that allowed George W Bush to be president. And any party that has a leader as dumb as a box of hair like Bush was, is obviously deranged.

  6. LaSalvia seems to be missing the bigger issue here. He thinks that discrimination against gay people isn’t the problem, but a federal option for healthcare is. Seriously? I wonder if having your head up your arse is a medical condition that’s treatable.

  7. So what did they do to oppose Bush legislation then?

  8. So it’s better for the poor and low-paid of any sexuality to have no medical care at all than have a socialized system which covers everyone but might have some problems to iron out. Madness obviously doesn’t just affect straight Republicans!

  9. Bishop Ioan 27 Sep 2009, 9:42pm

    This truly is rich. The Rethuglicans have done everything possible to make sure that LGBTQ couples have NO rights then use that as an argument against Federal Healthcare.

    My first thought when reading this was “How can any GLBTQ person with any common sense or decency actually argue on the Republican side of things?

    Riondo, that is exactly the point. These people don’t want the poor to have healthcare. They have no decency, no conscience, and they make me glad I have never been a part of their hatred and mean-spiritedness.

  10. Since republicans hate gays then they should all be for healthcare to ensure that we gays don’t get any and live miserably.

  11. Right, so he’s blaming “The Left” for discriminating against same-sex couples because of a bill the Republican administration brought in?


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