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Should gay sports stars come out of the closet?

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  1. The only way that society is going to fully accept gay people from across the whole spectrum, in spite of what Max Clifford implies, is for we gay people to show, by example, just what/who we are and that there is nothing to be frightened about and certainly nothing to be ridiculed or berrated.
    The more this attitude is taken on board by people of influence within the professional classes – teachers, doctors,dentists and the like – and they are prepared to nail their colours to the mast, then this will ease the way for everyone else to be honest about themselves and be confident about themselves and who they are.

  2. Brian Burton 24 Sep 2009, 5:57pm

    On the button Barry. Max feels his word is the law I should think on any subject. Still, It is a matter of choice. There must be many reasons an athlete will not come out, one of the reasons, I suspect is ‘Sponcership.’

  3. I disagree with every word Barry says. The only way we make a person’s sexuality irrelevant is if WE stop making such a big song and dance about it. All this out and proud nonsense is so Neanderthal and irrelevant to the youth of today. The last people any of us want as roll models are the sort of people who have to make such a big deal of their sexual orientation.

  4. randy pete 24 Sep 2009, 7:10pm

    i agree we should stand up and be counted.

  5. I disagree that people should come out simply because they’re gay. Not everyone wants to make a political statement out of their sexuality.

  6. People only make statements about their sexuality because gay people still are abused and murdered because they are gay. If you dont come out, nothing changes. We only have open lives because people in the last 40 years have ‘made a political statement about their sexualiuty’. Maybe youd prefer to go back to pre 1967 and got to prison for having a relationship?

  7. Simon Murphy 25 Sep 2009, 1:14am

    People should only come out if they feel like it.

    But if they are high profile people – singers; actors; politicians; sportspeople etc then they should not expect double standards in their treatment by the press.

    If it is acceptable to ‘out’ straight celebrities then equally it is acceptable to ‘out’ gay celebrities.

    Therefore if it is acceptable to out closetted, celebrity straight relationships like Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie or Beyonce / Jay Z then it is equally acceptable to out a closetted celebrity gay couples like Queen latifah and her ‘personal trainer’

  8. I agree with you Barry – Gay sportsman must come out of the closet and be proud of who they are and what they have achieved in the world of sport.

  9. Simon Murphy 25 Sep 2009, 7:07am

    No-one ‘must’ come out. But if they are gay then no-one should feel obliged to lie about them ie if a reporter is doing an article on a star that has not officially come out then there is no reason for the reporter to pretend the star is straight. Being gay is as good as being straight. Double standards are therefore wrong when it comes to discussing gay people’s sexual orientation – even if they have hang-ups acknowledging it.

  10. Brian Burton 25 Sep 2009, 9:12am

    In-Out-In-Out…Your all talking a load of Bollocks! In a free country you can I hope, decide whatever you want. Cliff Richard was never officially ‘Outed’ He made a choice and has stuck to it. His attitude is Screw You Lot, it’s up to me!

  11. Does this mean Big Ben is saying he is gay or just supporting the cause? (either way hip hooray; he is one hell of a bloke!!!) ;-0

  12. Lorna McArdle 25 Sep 2009, 11:43am

    Actually I bet it’s nothing to do with coming out, I bet most people around a sports person know they are gay. The ones they are afraid of is the back lask from the RED top publications. This is the only area in life that seems to find it titilating to expose someones sexuality. The attidute of the press do influence our thinking.

  13. Charles Blaisdell 26 Sep 2009, 12:07am

    Fear is toxic. Fear of blackmail and public disgrace is toxic. The only way a gay person can live without fear is to put himself beyond coercion and fear: put your name at the top of the list of known gay activists if that is what you are. We went through this issue at the time of the original Stonewall Riots, to which I was party, and at the time of persuading ANYONE to walk publicly in the first New York Gay Parade. Come out into the street and walk proudly up the center line against the flow of mindless traffic. In three years in NY, back in 1969+, it was inspirational to watch gay heroes come out of the closet. I don’t buy any of the explanations or excuses for gays returning to the closet 40 years later. If you stand up and walk forward, I promise you that the Tactical Police Force will ultimately back off, that truth will break out of jail, and we will have a world of People Who Are Who We Truly Are. So don’t rely on the fears and lies we blasted to dust in the early 70’s, for ourselves and for you. If you are men as well as gay, stand up and say so.

  14. Brian Burton 27 Sep 2009, 2:07pm

    Charles Blaisdell,
    I stand up on here and say I am a Gay Christian. Folk do not cheer on these threads when I say that. I have to run the gauntlet of very anti-religious fervour. There is one Irish man on here who says I belive in a fictisious God and a Book of fiction(The Bible) I wonder, would he stand up in New York and condem Saint Patrick?

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Oct 2009, 6:17am

    Hi Brian,

    As far as I know, you are one of a few practicing gay Christians on here, and I’ve always thought you stood up well for yourself.

    You’re right, it’s your choice, and you are free to talk about it all you want. I particularly enjoy it when you post some poetry.

    I never thought of you as as fundie, and I admire your open-mind, your saucy remarks, and especially your wonderful relationship with your partner.

    As for Ben, I think it’s his choice as well. If he and other sports figures did come out, the straight world may undertstand that homosexuals do a wee bit more than have sex 24/7.

    These guys are training every day, eating expensive high protein foods, are more regimented than we can imagine, and yea, they do have an attractive physique when stepping out of shower.

    Then, like anybody else, they have to clean the shower and straighten out the washroom, take out the trash, walk the dog, pay taxes, do the groceries, and the laundry, find time to socialize, fill up the gas tank, go buy a new garden hose, make time to read or watch a movie, and maybe even go to church…

  16. This is a must buy mag! Not only are the pictures of Ben designed to make you come over all queer but his interview is really interesting! One wife two kids, open mind fantastic body!

  17. Miriam, the tranz Schmiriam 10 Nov 2009, 11:22pm

    “I stand up on here and say I am a Gay Christian”

    Well ‘sieg heil’ you anti-semtitic pig.

  18. Miriam, the tranz Schmiriam 11 Nov 2009, 12:17am

    oh btw…learn to spell, Brian Burton you Nazi homophobic git.

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