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SAS veteran admits killing gay lover

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Reader comments

  1. If you turn a man into a killing machine what do you expect! Its about time the MOD started deprogramming these monsters when they leave the army.

  2. These monsters? Stereotypical idiot.
    I’m in the forces and don’t need ‘deprogramming’ myself as well as 99% of the forces have no problems reintegrating with civilian life. In fact we probably have our heads screwed on more than most out there!

  3. Gaz, I’ve never taken the Queen’s shilling so perhaps you can enlighten me – there is a general perception outside the forces that some groups – such as the SAS and the paras – do receive special and intense training to be killers. Is this true or not? Also there do seem to have been reported instances of men returning to civilian life after such training not managing well at all. Could this not lead to the behaviour described here, even if only in a few cases? What figures are really available?

  4. barriejohn 26 Sep 2009, 9:29am

    John Bradshaw was my brother-in-law, and there are some things that I would like to add to your report, before we all go off at a tangent here! The Telegraph state that Martin’s mother has said that he was NEVER in the SAS – it was a lie – and has hinted that he had mental problems. Also, my nieces tell me that he was a DESERTER from the army, and that there was no gay relationship. Be that as it may, the press have certainly got a lot of their facts wrong here. John left the police force about twenty years ago, following the death of my sister from breast cancer, so you could hardly call him a “retired police offiver”, and he had been living in PETERBOROUGH for at least thirty years, although he WAS born in Swindon. I know you don’t repeat all of these inaccuracies here, but I sincerely hope you are not just reading reports of this case on the net and rehashing the “facts” as Gospel! I have a suspicion that this guy is going to shout “gay rape” in his defence, but doubtless the full facts will be made known at the trial.

  5. barriejohn 29 Sep 2009, 9:40pm

    I have now been informed by my nieces that Martin was NOT living with my brother-in-law and niece in France, and that they had only known him for six days. My niece had apparently met him at the hotel where she was working, and introduced him to her father. Anything else is pure speculation.

  6. Jeremy Grimaldi 30 Sep 2009, 11:41am

    I am a reporter from the Swindon Advertiser. I want to set the story straight. If John’s brother-in-law wants to contact me on I would like to find out all the details and pay tribute to John. Look forward to hearing from you. Jez

  7. Jeremy Grimaldi 30 Sep 2009, 11:43am

    or call me on 01793 501793…jez

  8. Jeremy Grimaldi 1 Oct 2009, 9:33am

    Otherwise all I need to know is where in Swindon he is from street and area..

  9. jilly french 22 Jan 2010, 11:15pm

    I have known the Martin Family since before Maurice was born, a good honest christian family, who would help anyone, and his mother has given much of her life to others, helping foreign people to speak English, to settle here, all for the love of God. Maurice was a lovely friendly child, he was happy and well cared for. We never know what the future holds for our children, which path they take in adult life, I believe that Maurice will suffer for his actions both in and out of prison, he is not a violent man, I have no idea what has happened to make him behave this way, but I do know it was nothing to do with his upbringing or his family. God Help all concerned. xxx

  10. no1 Maurice was not in the SAS he was in the queens tank regiment ,he was not violent ,but i will say as a close friend i saw this lovely person destroyed by the army he did go awol but returned ,he served in bosnia and iraque ,he stayed at mine for 6 weeks after leaving and was suffering from post traumatic stress in my view but refused to see it himself what ever happend in france we can only speculate but for him to commit this crime it must of been something bad ,as i always knew him as caring and nonviolent

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