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New United Nations General Assembly President calls homosexuality ‘unnacceptable’

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Reader comments

  1. This is really bad news. Doesn’t his views conflict with what some UN policies stand for? Sounds like a budding tyrant to me, I hope he gets like, impeached or something.

  2. Gareth Jenkins 24 Sep 2009, 7:46pm

    I’d like to tell Ali Abdussalam Treki that his acceptance was neither requested nor is it required.

  3. Eh..?
    And who/what is he…?
    President of the U.N..?

    Beggars belief doesn’t it…!

    Inclement weather isn’t acceptable either.

    But it IS part of life, Abdul.

    Deal with it.

    I have to.

    You need to.
    Dumb git.


  4. SPIKE AT #1

    ‘IMPALED’ even…?


  5. Does this guy still have a job? If the facts on this news story check out, one of the details seem a bit dubious, I will certainly be voicing my concerns.

    I don’t think that I could support nations united by premesis that include that a proportion of their population are CRIMINAL BY BRITH. It’s bad enough that several members of the European Union run homophobic states.

  6. It doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day the modern western world is better than his country, and like it or not the whole world will change to be equal to all its people. People don’t like to be oppressed. Women, blacks, slaves etc.

  7. It’s the views of the Secretary-general of the United Nations that really matter.

    This guy will only preside over sessions, nothing more.

  8. The thing is, if you said that “white christian heterosexual” or for the sake of argument use the tired old cliche “black” people couldn’t get married or adopt children or play professional football or foster children or … you would either be laughed off the field for the first case, in the second case be told that you were a bigot^H^H^H^H^Hracist and your views would not be tolerated.

    But use the term gay – I prefer not-straight – and it’s all okay for far too many of the vocal majority. Of course, they say, (for example) “black” people should be able to marry I’m not prejudiced but not those “gays”. Things are getting better but segregation is still in force and people are deluding themselves if they think that “similiar but completely seperate” (civil partnerships vs marriage) is the same as “equal”. Imagine the outcry if churches said that being “jewish” was an abomination and refused to deal with any Jewish people (even if marrying an X-tian) and the government allowed them to discriminate against the Jewish (and hate this term) race, but if it’s gay people then it’s special dispensation is granted and it’s all okay.

  9. waaah! I looked away from pink news for half an hour and the world has gone completely nuts. Put this guy and the bloody pope in a room by themselves and leave the rest of us alone!

  10. Being from a country with NO democracy and a lunatic leader, really says it all about Mr Treki! A disgrace that this poor excuse for a human being is President of the United Nations, an organisation quickly going down the toilet!

  11. Pumpkin Pie 25 Sep 2009, 1:04am

    People like this should be permanently barred from the UN. But to allow them to rise to such important (or at least prominent) positions? What the hell is going on here?

    Someone needs to throw a shoe at this chump.

  12. Bill from Canda 25 Sep 2009, 2:50am

    I can’t help feel sorry for this guy and his views. Anyone who holds this view can only defend that view from a position of “I read it from…”. Hahahahaha how simple it must be to have such a life where you’ll believe whatever you are told to believe by people you don’t even know. I also know he is from a religon that is weak and unable to control it’s fringe groups. In fact his kind tends to act from fear when dealing with those fringe groups. So it isn’t surprizing he would say thinks like this so he is not targetted by those guys. He also demonstrates a lack of analytical thought and shows a real FOLLOWer personality…how did he get this leadership position again? Once again muslims such as him has totally insulted Mohammad and their God.

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Sep 2009, 5:05am

    I can’t say for sure, but I doubt that the president of the UN has any power at all, not even to decide what items go onto the agenda.

    I’m with Lucius (8) on this one.

  14. Get this goddamn cretin out of the UN and back under the damn rock he crawled out from.

  15. Vo Dong Cung 25 Sep 2009, 5:53am

    I see “Stone to death, hanging teenager and headed people” will be acceptable by him at UN.

  16. Tom Mannis 25 Sep 2009, 6:00am

    This is frightening. Treki’s comments, in Green’s report, are limited to homosexuals. He says “I think it’s not really acceptable by our religion, our tradition,” but let us not forget that his religion and tradition (Muslim) also does not accept the free will of women. It does not tolerate Muslims who convert out of the faith. It does not tolerate a great deal of the human rights that the UN pretends to stand for, and that we in the U.S. and the U.K. take for granted. Treki – and his fellow travelers – are dangerous indeed. Evil clowns such as Treki simply reinforce the U.N.’s image as worse than useless.

  17. May I suggest that you direct your comments to The UK Mission at the UN and HE Sir John Sawers our Ambassodor .. contact details can be found here I am sure he will want to hear 1st hand how outraged we all our at the partial view held by a post that I understood was supposed to be impartial.

  18. He won’t be president for very long. Ignoramus.

  19. Simon Murphy 25 Sep 2009, 7:03am

    He’s a dumbass bigot.

    This quote was interesting also”

    “The ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, told On Top Magazine: “The anti-gay bigotry spewed by this Qaddafi shill demonstrates once again that the UN has been hijacked by advocates of hate and intolerance.” ”

    She’s a Republican. Her party knows all about anti-gay bigotry seeing as there are so many foaming-at-the-mouth christians in it.

  20. Well then its just as well I’m not seeking his “approval” nor do I care for it. Coming from Libya with their government’s appalling human rights record, he’s in no position to moralise, especially taking the usual cowardly way of hiding behind his faith and using it as a feeble excuse to attempt to justify his homophobic opinion.

    As for the US Republican’s comments at the end of the article…bit rich coming from the US political party which is generally anti-gay and has plenty of members who spout the most incredulous bigoted views. Perhaps that Republican should seek a more tolerant political party to join.

  21. Yet again, religion in general, and Islamification specifically rears it’s ugly head. It is beyond belief that a man of such blinkered viewpoints be allowed to figurehead one of the world’s leading organisations. Fortunately, the UN are such a useless bunch of bureaucrats that they don’t actually do much anyway except squabble amongst each other and issue the occasional resolution that everyone else ignores anyway.

  22. Surely he is going against the UN’s founding principals and the Charter and the Convention of Human Rights; equality for all the worlds people; why drag his archaic religion into it? yet another case of the lets bash the gays c’os we can’t be critical of anyone else! Who appointed this religious bigot to such a high position?!

  23. I’m disturbed by the authority given to this homophobe, who seems to think that his interpretation of Islam is the only right one; I’m also disturbed by the number of people on this thread who are attacking Muslims. How does abusing and defaming another minority help us queers achieve a culture of equal rights? And let’s not forget that Muslims can be queer, too. I’m not Muslim, but given the tone from some comments on this thread, Pink News would be the last place I’d look for support and community if I were. Queer Muslims must feel doubly excluded and doubly discriminated against, reading this. Surely we can critique a homophobe in power without making generalising and abusive remarks about all Muslims?

  24. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 25 Sep 2009, 9:37am

    I personally find homophobic tw*ts unacceptable – so I suppose we’re on an even keel there!

  25. It’s a circulating post because the UN is really trying to “do” democracy” and bringing everyone on board. Might have been smarter for the journalist not to ask! He couldnt have said anything-else. He and presumably it is “he” has got his story but perhaps “he” hasnt considered the consequences for LGBT in the Muslim world.

  26. I bet Ali Abdussalamis happy to accept AID (money) from homosexuals?

    Your a vile disgusting man who has no right to be president of such an organsation – why is theuk UN rep not protesting?


  27. Yes, indeed, this is bad news. This man is not the Secretary General but he could have serious effects in the halls and corridors of the UN.

    Clearly he is going to do little to encourage that vast swathe of Islamic countries from the West Coast of Africa right over to Indonesia in the East to stop causing untold pain and suffering to LGBT people in those countries.


    Hi, E.A…!

    I, in no way, am criticizing your post; I fully agree with every letter and am of the same opinion as your good self.

    You mention Down’s and Klinefelter’s.

    Yes they occur naturally and I know exactly what your intention is in mentioning them.

    But we must be careful not to play into the hands of all these clowns by equating homosexuality with illness or disablity.

    Down’s and Klinefelter’s are …for want of a better word…illnesses and disablities, although I doubt whether a Down’s person perceives him/herself as disabled in any way.

    If they ask the question at all, I would suspect that a Down’s person would say, “I am what I am!”…

    I do not know whether they are curable; I know nothing of either of the conditions and do not know a thing about Klinefelter’s and am appalled at my own ignorance on that score.

    We cannot mention homosexuality in the same way.

    We are different; we are ‘various’.

    I do not want ‘treating’; there is nothing to ‘treat’…

    Again, I hope you accept my post in the spirit in which it is made.

    Narcosi et al can all ‘go to Hell..!’


  29. Glitzfrau – 25

    The major monothesiastic faiths all hate and revile homosexuals, they are the reason we have been vilified for millenia. I feel that your attempts to defend the poor defenceless muslims is dangerously misplaced and incredibly ignorant of the true face of the happy little faithful, wolf in sheeps clothing princess.

  30. Anyone who follows ANY sort of domga must not be allowed a place of power. Would we allow people with other forms of mental illness in a postion of trust?

  31. Jim Sherry 25 Sep 2009, 1:30pm

    Can you explain to me how the typo of criminalisation/decriminalisation got past your staff and your editors. It doesn’t help when you think that the Pink News is being suggestive about the way the debate on universal decriminalisation has been going, when in fact they’re just too unprofessional to check their articles before publishing them… You literally just cost 3 hearts and minds and made yourself look rubbish. Unforgivably bad journalism.

  32. Bishop Ioan 25 Sep 2009, 2:04pm

    Very sad that this sort of person would have been chosen for UN General Assembly President. However he does not control our lives and civilised advanced individuals are not going to pay this individual any attention.

  33. John (Derbyshire) 25 Sep 2009, 2:33pm

    What is FRIGHTENING is that someone with these views could actually become PRESIDENT of the United Nations General Assembly. Its absoluteley incredible that such an extremist should hold such a position- and -apparently-get away with it. I am totally outraged.

  34. Har Davids 25 Sep 2009, 2:35pm

    Maybe it’s time to split up the UN in bits of like-minded countries: those that want to see some progress in, at least, their part of the world, and those that want to be guided for ever and ever by age-old traditions and ‘god’.

  35. Treki looks like a smoked oyster that’s gone off.

  36. Justin – I’m an atheist, and religion has no place in my life. But the three monotheistic religions comprise about a third of the world’s population, if not more, if I’m not mistaken, and it’s just not possible to generalise about such a huge and diverse number of people. Yes, there’s a depressing portion of religious leaders who spout homophobic rhetoric, and a large number of believers who follow them. But not all believers share those views (I’ve never encountered homophobia from Muslims myself), and as I said, plenty of believers are gay. Moreover, it’s not true that religion has caused the persecution of us queers for millennia – there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that early Christianity supported gay marriage, or that mediaeval Islam tolerated male-male relationships.

    Also, some really vicious homophobes that I’ve encountered aren’t religious at all – just nasty pricks. As I see it, our enemy is prejudice, hatred and ignorance – which can be encountered outside religion just as much as inside it. And I don’t want to perpetuate that hatred and ignorance, in any direction.

  37. This guys evil, why would he even say something like this?
    Its out of the blue and uncalled for
    Hes just trying to cause trouble!
    Miserable old sh*t!

  38. jonnielondon 25 Sep 2009, 3:50pm

    It would seem unacceptable that the head of a leading human rights organization be homophobic. Time to demonstrate or abandon the UN. It has been losing its moral compass and authority of late anyways, and now I feel it has finally lost it!

  39. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Sep 2009, 4:05pm

    This does prove one thing and I challenge all those western leaders to quite acknowledging islam as a great religion. This bigot’s remarks at the UN are proof positive that comments such as made not only incite violence and hatred towards us, but proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that islam is most definitely NOT a peaceful cult, let alone a great one, ditto most of the others. I can’t name one islamic leader who condemned the public execution of young men for being who they are, let alone anything coming from the mouths of jewish and so called “christian” leaders either. Their non islamic apologists wonder why there is so much anti islam sentiment around the world. What do they expect? Ditto again for other cults.

  40. #37.

    I just love that word….is it a ‘Jeffism’ or have I just not seen it before…..”duncecoon”..!!



    Any more..?



  41. #37

    Oh…it is “dunecoon”……not ‘duncecoon’…(must go to SPECSAVERS..!)

    Hahaha.!……………Even funnier!

    Same difference..!


  42. A Republican bigot complaining about homophobia? Oh, and of course she is a perfervid supporter of apartheid Israel. With “friends” like this we don’t need BNP – no wonder the racists who post here, like Jell and Keith, approve.

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Sep 2009, 6:36pm

    To quote from Jess’s story again:

    “One question concerned the UN resolution which calls for the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality.”

    Presumably and realistically, this question was asked by a journalist, right.

    If so, this journalist has just made more money in 5 minutes than I raked in during the last 10 years of work. In that case, I would agree with N Collins (25).

    As long as I’m second guessing, isn’t it realistic to remember that no man (woman) is an island, and that the new president of the UN is a puppet of arabic multi-national corporations who are part of the real powers that rule the nations of the world. The next time you buy a lovely red plastic rose from your local dollar-store, you may actually be supporting the president of the UN. Dah.

    Finally, in reference to Har Davids (34)’s common sense solution, we really have no way of knowing how many previous presidents of the UN have been homophobic, do we? Nobody has ever asked them.

    And that brings us right back to the journalist who is now laughing all the way to the bank. I dearly hope he doesn’t get run over by a bus just before making his deposit.

  44. Clive Robert 25 Sep 2009, 7:05pm

    I suggest the archaic laws that rule Islamic fundamenalist states be inversely applied to this cretin who has yet to come to terms with living in the 21st Century. Let him be publically beheaded, burned at the stake or whatever other heinious punishments such societies claim to be just. I’m sure he would worm his way out of it some way. Most countries do not condemn homosexuality and acknowledge it as being part of what a person is not what they choose to be. The majority not only acknowledge homosexuality but also embrace it as part of a richly diverse society. How can bigots such as he claim to be representative of their religion when all claim a God who loves without question and condemnation.

  45. The UN needs to send find a new general assembly president immediately and send Treki to Jamaica–he’ll LOVE it for it’s murderous, homophobic atmosphere!!!!

  46. There is far too much respect for religion in the UN – there is a sinister movement within the UN to make it impossible to criticise religion itself, especially islam.

    By puttign respect for ideas and beliefs above respect for people, the UN is losing priorities, and is fast becoming a joke of an organisation. I want to see a proper condemnation against this.

  47. Poor woman had to choose between hating homosexuality and a muslim Libyan.
    “The ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, told On Top Magazine: “The anti-gay bigotry spewed by this Qaddafi shill demonstrates once again that the UN has been hijacked by advocates of hate and intolerance.”

  48. I see the owners of the PinkNews website have chosen to keep the racist posts referring to “dune coons” available. Why would they approve of such a racist term?

  49. “I’ve never encountered homophobia from Muslims myself”

    Me neither, but check a list of countries where homosexuality is a criminal offence, sometimes carrying the death penalty. How many of them are muslim?

  50. That is true. And a lot of them are UN members. So if the UN suceeds in this resolution de-criminalising homosexuality, will all those countries be suspended, including Mr Treki’s country?

  51. Or am i being immensely naive?????

  52. Third world moron !!! Intellectual cretin!!!

  53. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Sep 2009, 10:52pm

    Treki – and by extension, islamic homophobes – have a huge black meteor where their brains should be. Hello, space cadet!

  54. This non-diplomatic tyro has no business shooting off his mouth about what various religions and cultures agree with his personal prejudice. The president of the UN General Assembly MUST be a man of intelligence, culture, sensitivity, diplomacy, sincerity, INCLUSION and compromise. He must have stature; he must bring honor and trustworthiness to the office. This guttersnipe had best learn fast how NOT to offend the majority of non-Muslim, trans-religious civilians. Wise up, Sir.

  55. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 12:18am

    Anyone interested in the UN’s point of view?

    Smart puppet, innit. Wha’? A muppet??

  56. Dominick J. 26 Sep 2009, 2:51am

    Ali Abdussalam Treki Your thinking isn’t acceptable! You need to step into the 21st Century and get your head out of 2000+ thinking OR maybe we just need younger, smarter. and more progressive thinkers taking yourplace!

  57. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 3:36am

    What Treki really needs is a ride with Ratzy in my beautiful balloon where the nights are gay…up, up and awa-a-a-ay, in my beautiful balloon!

    Check out the video on the main page of

    And we can fly-y-y-y-y…and bye, by-y-y-y-y-e!

    I can alway get another beautiful balloon for George Brown and Fred Phelps.

    But I ain’t bitter.

  58. Eagle Ashcroft 26 Sep 2009, 3:48am

    [quote]: Down’s and Klinefelter’s are …for want of a better word…illnesses and disablities, although I doubt whether a Down’s person perceives him/herself as disabled in any way.

    If they ask the question at all, I would suspect that a Down’s person would say, “I am what I am!”…

    I do not know whether they are curable; I know nothing of either of the conditions and do not know a thing about Klinefelter’s and am appalled at my own ignorance on that score.

    We cannot mention homosexuality in the same way.

    We are different; we are ‘various’.

    I do not want ‘treating’; there is nothing to ‘treat’…

    Again, I hope you accept my post in the spirit in which it is made.

    Narcosi et al can all ‘go to Hell..!’


    I was born gay and I was born Klinefelters. I did not choose either, which is my point; neither is an illness. So to say that I chose to be born gay or Klinefelters is bullsh-t. To say homosexuality is unacceptable is the same thing as saying Klinefelters is unacceptable. Or any other way one is born, like Downs Syndrome which one is born with and is not an illness nor a disability as Chris Burke the world renown television star was born with Downs Syndrome. He did not choose to be born that way. This rag-head Muslim is trying to say my being born gay and Klinefelters is unacceptable. But one chooses to be ignorant and one chooses to be a Muslim, they are not born Muslims nor stupid, they choose it. Being a Muslim is an illness because no one in their right mind blows hundreds of innocent people up and wants to kill everyone they meet that are not Muslims. They are f-cking mentally ill and that is unacceptable. End of story.

  59. john sharp 26 Sep 2009, 5:39am

    beeing gay is 100% natural
    religions are fake and lies .the UN sould be religious free
    kick out this biased man from this hight position
    he is not worthy of it

  60. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 5:56am

    john sharp:

    Sharp. The RCC should be religion free too.

    So, while we’re at it, let’s kick out this biased Ratzyman from this hight position.

    He (she,it…pronounce that any way you like!) is not worthy of it

    KEITH: So good to have you back where you belong, Dolly!

  61. michael casley 26 Sep 2009, 6:22am

    How did this guy get elected as president of the General Asembly? This is JUST APPALLING. Yet once again the United Nations has failed to be what is should be. This should never have occurred. The United Nations has lost me completely

  62. #42

    ‘F’ and ‘L’ are not THAT close together on the keyboard..?
    How did you manage that..?

    When I finally sussed what you were on about, I can see that my comment could be construed as inappropriate, but hey!
    Forgotten our steel, toe-capped Docs, have we..?
    I could not possibly pass, even ever so slightly, as a racist, me with the nose I have and the Hassidic Rabbi of a grandpappy that I had too, all the way from the Steppes in the 1800’s.

    So watch the labels you chuck about.

    Get one.


  63. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 6:59am

    michael casley (61):

    Are you saying that you don’t beleive what I wrote in post 43, and I quote:

    “As long as I’m second guessing, isn’t it realistic to remember that no man (woman) is an island, and that the new president of the UN is a puppet of arabic multi-national corporations who are part of the real powers that rule the nations of the world. The next time you buy a lovely red plastic rose from your local dollar-store, you may actually be supporting the president of the UN. Dah.”

    Or ain’t you ever heard of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund? Dah.


    Trying to reply but the site is not accepting my post to you for some reason.
    It will be that ANGELICA that’s hexed me because I found Jeff’s comment comical up above somewhere.

  65. Et..b’jo’ a toi…Jean Paul.

  66. Andrew Reeves 26 Sep 2009, 8:47am

    Homosexuality is not really acceptable and neither is homophobia – my blog post

  67. Keith – calling someone a coon is racist – if my saying that makes you uncomfortable and remorseful then please get some help – you don’t have to remain a bigot, we can all change.

  68. Corey Mondello 26 Sep 2009, 10:30am

    The USA Government: Doesn’t support the International Court; Refuses to sign any agreement with many other countries that state homosexuality is a crime; Torture; Supports unseating Democratically elected officials all around the word for their Imperialist, Capitalist desires; Doesn’t offer Health Care and Education to their tax paying residents even though MOST civilized countries do; Has more NUKES than any other country, yet tells other countries what they can and can not have to defend themselves against the USA’s bullying; Is the ONLY COUNTRY that has ever used a NUKE, TWICE on another country; The USA Government makes demands on the UN and than ignores anything they suggest…etc I blame the USA Government! Look at our Congress, full of Christian fundamentalists who hate Muslims, unless they support killing gays…than they are all friends and we are told we must let Muslims have the same rights as the Christians do. More Secular countries have healthier and happier residents…its time the USA Government gets over itself and gets out of the UN or the UN is dissolved!

  69. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 2:29pm

    Thank gawd we are all focusing on the topic of this thread and nobody is trying to disrupt it, innit.

    Always a pleasure to see you, Keith.

  70. Angelica.
    I am 70 I don’t need help from anybody; not now; past it; over my head; gone; maybe to get into my grave.

    And bigotry and prejudice..?
    I am, by race, a Jew and know all about bigotry, my presh, and I am also a homosexual and know all about prejudice on that front too, especially since I was brunged up a Catholic.

    So nothing worries me know; I laugh at the ckuffing lot.

    Jeff’s comment made me laff.

    Imagine Jeff is a painter and his post on here is his picture.

    I was not so much interested in what he painted.
    I was more interested in the funny brushes he used; his word ‘dunecoon’; the tool he used to paint his word picture.
    I collect words.
    That is the sum total of my interest.

    And as for ‘remorseful’
    I have plenty of things to be remorseful about but not on here.

    Are you young?

    Then read on, lady.

    The freedom of speech so cherished in this country and utilised by Jeff and Eagle Ashcroft (check his vitriolic post on this thread) and many others will be a thing of the past in a very few years because the tail is ever so slightly wagging the dog in this country and everybody is tippy-toeing about on egg-shells frickered to death to say a
    sibblebubble out of place with regard to certain quarters.

    When those freedoms are taken away, the bang-on likes of you, lassie, and silly old queens like me will be subject to the harshest of regimes.

    You will then learn what ‘racism’ really is.
    ‘Racism’ is not the commenting on a silly, new (to me) word such as ‘dunecoon’….
    ‘Racism’ is not the finding of that word amusing which, incidentally, I do.

    ‘Racism’ – real racism- in this country, when it comes, will be the full burqa for you and for me, the forced removal of my hazels… and 5 times a day, arse uppards facing east on your knees.

    It is coming, because everybody here is too frickered to say, “Get lost..!”

    Abdul Fancypants has just said that homosexuality – and by inference homosexuals – are UNACCEPTABLE.
    Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people UNACCEPTABLE.
    And you are worried about a piece of verbal epehemera.?
    He deserves every bit of verbal intolerance that can be thrown at him.
    He shows no understanding of the diversity of others; why then should any understanding be shown to him.?
    Egg-shells, that’s why.

    Don’t bother replying.
    Spend your time getting a life.


  71. And thanks for informing me that I “do not have to remain a bigot” and that “everybody can change”.
    Have you any idea how snot-nosed you sound, Miss?

    You’ll know all about bigotry when the likes of Abdul Fannackerpants impose themselves on you; you are UNACCEPTABLE and so I am.
    He SAYS so.


  72. Keith – stop calling people “coons” – you display your racism. The moronic idea that just because you now claim to be “a jew” means you can’t be a racist, esp in relation to the term “dune coon” is laughable.
    You are a racist – please get help soon before you suffle off the mortal coil.

  73. ANGEL..!
    Not only….but a Thespian with it.!

    Thanks for ‘suffle’ ..!
    Yer a likkle gem!
    No fight in me.
    Couldn’t care less now.

    Just keep sending me them literary jewels.
    Ha! I like that, too.

    Another for my klekshun..

    I’m sufflin’ off to bed now; cat; ‘Orlix; sweet innit..

    Loads of mwa mwa mwa’s.

  74. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Sep 2009, 11:16pm

    Some people are crazier than a loon, and that rhymes with tune, and my beautiful balloon.

    Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon, Treki? Hello 5th Dimension!

  75. President of the UN is basically the same as store manager for the CO-OP, only with less power.

  76. Sister Mary Clarence 27 Sep 2009, 2:40pm

    Thank you for the lonk JP.

    The lion, “A veteran in the fields of DIPLOMACY and international relations ….”

    Oh yeahhhhhh, and I’m John the Baptist.

    Libya has been ostracised for years from a large part of the world community – hard to imagine how he became such a dab hand at ‘diplomacy and international relations’

  77. Mr Treki’s comments are a shame and they serve only to foster animosity. However we must remeber that he is only the President of the General Assembly and not of the Securtiy Council. Since the General Assembly is composed of all nations it will neccessarily weigh in favour of Mr Treki’s aspercions; as the welcome to homosexuality centres mainly in the West. I noticed some confusion about the purpose of the General Assembly on the board. But i would like to clarify that the General Assembly is somewhat akin to an advisory board for the Security Council. It cannot by itself make resolutions. So Mr Treki has no real power over the issue.

  78. I call him unacceptable.

  79. Btw, just who did he sleep with to get that job? Oops, I forgot: no-one tends to say that about men, do they?

  80. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Sep 2009, 4:55am

    Sister Mary Clarence:

    Now you stop that!

    You’ve got me busting a gut laughing and rolling on the floor and the dog thinks I’m crazy!!!haha!

  81. Eagle Ashcroft 29 Sep 2009, 6:47am

    I am 77, a Jew by birth (my mother was Jewish)and I have been in the civil rights movement since the age of 12 when I picketed a white restaurant for refusing to serve blacks. I am not prejudges against any race, but I detest any religion that denies anyone their full civil rights or who attacks any minority and I consist such religions as immoral, unhuman like and just plain ignorant. Regardless rather Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other bigot religion I see them as superstitious immature morons.

  82. Massimo Crispi 29 Sep 2009, 3:38pm

    This is the evidence that a head of United Nations, or of a modern republic, has not to be a religious person. All religions have their dogmas and a believer, even as chief of a nation, seems he cant forget that. Unluckily most of religions, especially the three main monotheistic ones, are homophobic. This is also the evidence that United Nations have not the power to expulse similar persons after such a declaration. I think I’m lucky to live in Europe, even in Italy we have also lot of persons thinking like Treki, in our government and in the people. But a president of UN is being able to say what he said is really unacceptable. I hope that this person could be persecuted by law because of discriminations and intolerance. I hope too that all gays in the world could organise a big manifestation to ask for the destitution of a person like Treki and sending him to his own country where at last he seems to be safe and so fine. He deserves Libya and Kaddafi, and let him staying there for the rest of his life, no going out in a world contaminated by homosexuality.

  83. Everyone, the UN has been a horror for several decades – the only news is that some people still think the despotic dictators club has moral authority.

  84. Mark Zamen 1 Oct 2009, 8:17pm

    Treki’s remarks are unfortunate and should not have been made in this public forum. However, he was expressing a personal opinion and did not state he would violate UN principles in his official capacity. Perhaps further clarification should be sought before concluding that he ought to be removed from office. Reprehensible as his viewpoint is, and despite the poor judgment he has displayed, he should be given the benefit of the doubt unless and until it is definitely shown that his own opinion will affect his job performance. It could be that he is like a cop who disagrees with a particular law but enforces it anyway. In any case, this situation serves as another reminder that a large segment of society, both in the U.S. and abroad and frequently because of religious tenets, still regards gay men and women as second-class citizens – or worse. That is the salient point of my recently released biographical novel, Broken Saint. It is based on my forty-year friendship with a gay Mormon man, and chronicles his internal and external struggles as he battles for acceptance (of himself and by others, including co-religionists). More information is available at or

    Mark Zamen, author

  85. James S. Klich II 2 Oct 2009, 4:56am

    I am gay and I have made the world a better place. Your freedom ends where mine begins.

  86. What is this c*** face doing as a president of the UN. he should be in siria killing his people…idiot

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