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Serbian justice minister calls for ban on extremist threats

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, banning the group Obraz would be a good place to start, minister.

    I’ve always been vocal about those neo-nazis, whose leader (or a spokesperson, I can’t remember correctly) is a total flamer, by the way. Oh, the irony…

  2. dave whack 23 Sep 2009, 7:13pm

    why do the serbian government wait till the bad publicity starts to affect tourism before thinking of banning such groups. they should have done this before. by the way Lucius, how do you know about the Obraz leader, out of interest.

  3. Cause they came out in full force when the Eurosong took place in Serbia.

    They gave a press conference (can you believe it?) about mutilating all that dare organize the usual mini pride parade. You know, the usual tripe.

    My gaydar went berserk when that boy opened his mouth. He was only in his twenties, which is pretty sad… :(

  4. Very sad and unfortunate – the Pride must take place whatever happens.

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