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Met seeks gay, lesbian and transgender applicants for Royal family detail

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  1. Vulpus_rex 23 Sep 2009, 2:17pm

    What an effing farce. Gerrymandering in the name of equality is hardly going to be popular, especially when it’s for a job that is rubbish.

    Good too that Pink News could find an off message Tory MP willing to pipe up with the Daily Mail rant – I think they should changes the name of this web-site to Red (with a hint of pink) News.

  2. MattKeighley 23 Sep 2009, 2:19pm

    Davies is my MP :( he’s a bigoted plonka!

  3. Good for the Met. It doesn’t matter what the job is (though of course the same policy should apply to prestige posts). There is still a point to making explicit invitations to historically stigmatised or devalued groups.

  4. Boat-Rocker 23 Sep 2009, 2:50pm

    I’ve seen William out and about and his Protection team has got quite a nice job, following him around the there 4 by 4 going where-ever he goes, drinking club-soda’s in pub’s & club’s and yes they are armed to the teeth.

    I live near his dad’s house.

  5. This is just wrong. What if they then have too many women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and black and minority ethnic communities/people? Will they call for white, straight men? I bet if they did everyone would be up in arms.

  6. SO14 only secure the general area, its the SAS who give the royals close personal protection.

    BTW they missed out the one legged one armed applicants

  7. All this ‘positive discrimination’ bollocks gets right up my nose.
    You employ the right person for the job, if they happen to be gay, black, disabled or over 60, fine, as long as they are capable, however, if they happen to be white, young heterosexual males, then so be it. Get over it. I get so annoyed when people say “You didn’t employ me because I’m a *XYX*”, to which I’d reply “No, I didnt employ you because you’re a twat.”

  8. This is all really a bit of blown up nonsense by the “Bigot Brigade”. It’s an internal job application inviting LGBT and others not to be to shy in coming forward to apply for the job..nothing wrong with that !

  9. But is it also inviting white straight fit guys?? (sorry got carried away)

  10. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 4:12pm

    Well put RobN, As for that Conservative Twat Vulpus Rex, The only and biggest ‘Gerrymandering’ Conservative rogue was the leader of the Westminster Council who fled to Isreal before they could bring her to Court.

  11. Vulpus_rex 23 Sep 2009, 4:31pm

    Brian – you foul mouthed old codger – She was quite rightly prosecuted in absentia as far as I remember and surcharged £30m.

    Should this lot be prosecuted too to make things nice and fair?

  12. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 5:18pm

    Vulpus Rex,
    If what you say is true about that gastly Porter woman (as far as you remember!!!)then I stand corrected…And Vulpus, It’s wonderful being a foul mouthed old codger!

  13. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 5:39pm

    Vulpus Rex, (A Shakespeare sonnet for thee)

    O, know, sweet love, I always write of you,
    And you and love are still my argument;
    So all my best is dressing old words new,
    Spending again what is already spent.

  14. If the conservative mp twat is worried about the money it costs then maybe we could just get rid of the royal protection branch instead. That would put more bobbies on the beat wouldnt it?

  15. It’s good to know that they are trying to encourage more minorities, possibly people who would be unsure whether they would be excepted into such a job though I really do hope they stick to their “all selection is based solely on merit.” claim, I can’t stand discrimination, it would just move away from the equality thing they are trying for.

  16. Where did this habit of referring to transgender people as “a transgender” come from? I’ve noticed it in a few places recently. It’s grammatically nonsensical, and more importantly reduces people purely to a status as a trans person. Not that I’d expect much more respect for trans people from Philip Davies.

    @Vulpus_rex – What’s this got to do with gerrymandering (i.e. the redrawing of constituency boundaries to include more residents from a background which is likely to vote for you)?

  17. Brian Burton 24 Sep 2009, 8:04am

    The trouble with you arm-chair politicians, you all think your belifes are going to land you in Utopia….And where it that, I ask myself? Tony B. brought us all to war, death and destruction. David C. will carry on with the war legacy. Pat all the crooked Bankers on the shoulder and say carry on chaps. The expence-hungry MPs will still carry on stinging the public purse and like Maggie Thatcher (Who made sure her crack-pot son made a killing on the Arms market.) David C. will say to all critics, “Oh! stop being moaning minis.”

  18. Of course anyone chosen for a post should be selected on merit. But in a discriminatory society it is just and reasonable to try to ensure as representative a field of candidates as possible by giving positive encouragement to those who normally experience exclusion. Special invitations are not necessary to ‘straight fit white males’ because society and culture have largely belonged to them, and substantially still do – hadn’t anyone noticed?

  19. BrazilGayScene 24 Sep 2009, 10:26am

    “This is absolutely ludicrous. What’s wrong with just employing the best for the job?” Well Mr Philip Davies MP, the best usually WOULD be the gay or lesbian! :-) Good to see you being so positive in your support :-)

  20. @eleanargh – replace the word “constituency” in your question with the word “professional” and you will get my meaning.

    It is about patronage and establishing a client group that are grateful to you in some way and are therefore more likely to be compliant and obedient.

    You can do this with political philosophy also, e.g. this is why Brown has so many people on benefits, he wants them to feel grateful to the state so that they are more likely to vote to preserve their free cash and vote Labour.

  21. Tiffany Buchannan 2 Nov 2009, 12:48pm

    How about guarding a ‘Gay Royal Family’? Seems to be the new kick coming up lately. I heard through a friend of a very well known GLBT Prince from India, that there is such a thing and that recognition is slowely starting to be granted to the ‘Gay Royal Family’, which would make it the first in world history. After checking things out, I am inclined to support them all the way. I rather fancy the idea of having a representative figurehead of my own from within and for the LGBT global community. Check them out, they have public pages like the one at and they also have a website.
    Just thought that I would share.


  22. Tiffany Buchannan 2 Nov 2009, 12:49pm

    Sorry, that was

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