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Scottish gay couples to be allowed to adopt next week

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Reader comments

  1. One has to wonder where Peter Kearney has got the information that civil partnerships are profoundly unstable. Recent studies have shown that funadamentalist christians have the highest rate of divorce of any groups of people in America. Once again the morally bankrupt catholic church is spouting off about something it knows nothing about. After all, this is the same church that covered up the systemic abuse of children in their care.

  2. But St.Margaret’s Children & Family Society are now legally allowed to refuse same-sex couples thanks to Fiona Hyslop (Scottish Education Secretary) and Alex Salmond helping them to get around the Sexual Orientation law on Goods and Services.

  3. That’s a bit hypocritical complaining that gay couples are highly unstable, when in the same sentence, Peter Kearney goes on to say that “few same sex couples interested in adoption”
    Of course there’s few. Those are the few that are most likely to have been together for a long time.
    Also, it’s not like hetero couples stay together for ever. I know more heteros, with children, who have had several changes of partners more so than homos. The heteros new relationships are often far more damaging for the children whereas homo relationships tend to focus on children much more.

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