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New Zealand

Over a third of New Zealanders say homosexuality is ‘morally wrong’

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Reader comments

  1. disappointing.

  2. What is important though, is that this is now a minority. Cast back 20 or 30 years, and I can guarantee that figure would be considerably higher.

  3. I have to say, I am very surprised at those figures. I have always seen Kiwis to be very level-headed and open-minded, without too much of a God fixation like so many other countries.

    Maybe they just picked the wrong 750.

  4. A poll recently conducted here in the United Kingdom found that 42 per cent of society does not consider homosexuality to be moral. Thankfully, these narrow-minded humans are in the (decreasing) minority; however, it’s still a dangerously large minority, and it goes to show that we must not be complacent.

  5. theotherone 22 Sep 2009, 10:38pm

    small survey is correct.

    How where the respondents selected? What where the questions? Where did they live?

    All these questions (and more) need answered – especially with such a small survey group.

  6. New Zealanders!
    Just concentrate on your butter and sheep, there’s good lads!
    The world doesn’t need another load of windbaggery from down there.
    There’s enough windbaggery up here in Europe to last until Christ comes again.
    My Jersey Royals spuds and mint just love your butter and lamb chops; life really is THAT simple.
    Leave the pointless, fruitless, embittering, moralising to the tits in lace and silk pointy hats.


  7. ….as worn in Rome, Canterbury and Rochester…to name but three.


  8. With a sample size that small you could get any result!

  9. I encounter bigots and homophobes every day! One needs to be realistic. Straights are in the majority but it is ‘RELIGION” that is the big evil!!!!!!!! ‘Our’ revolution is also the secular heterosexual revolution! I have even educated my straight friends to vote differently. Never miss an opportunity! We are at war!

  10. theotherone 23 Sep 2009, 11:37am

    precisely abi: I’d venture to say that the results are (to use a term deployed in the West Coast of Scotland) mince.

  11. Hi Keith.

    Long time, no see!

    Glad you like your NZ chops!

    Do you have a soundcard on your computer? Tune in to some of the NZ talkback radio programmes. There are lots of them in New Zealand. You’ll be amazed at how passionate the people are and how there is a really frightening number who still, despite all the advances made in NZ legislation, think that homosexuality is sick. Same in Australia, I notice, despite Sydney being a gay capital, Mardi Gras and all that!

  12. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 4:46pm

    Keith has gone all anti-sosial since ‘Boy’ George tore a strip off him on the Religious threads!

  13. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 4:58pm

    I don’t give a flying toss for any 750 crap survey. Read the NZ Herald on line, according to it, new Zealanders are too ‘Obese’ to care about anything. The United Nations Childrens Agency say New Zealand’s record there is appalling. Street gangs are rife in the towns. N.Zealand is a crap place to live.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Sep 2009, 5:44pm

    SamB, and I bet among the 42%, many are religious. Wherever you have religion, you’ll always have bigotry, its a breeding ground for it. Religious bigots have more character flaws than anyone else and a lot to hide if you scratch the surface a bit. The worst offenders of all when it comes to hypocrisy.

  15. What a really stupid article. With a population of 4 odd mil I hardly think that 750 is a balanced survey!

    Comment by Brian Burton — September 23, 2009 @ 16:58
    “N.Zealand is a crap place to live.”

    Wow Brian thats a pretty big statement you made there. And you based it on what? One, just one, of the mainstream media publications. Hmmmm… Ever been here ducky? And the rest of you negative windbags, what exactly do you know about NZ? A big F all is what it sounds like!

    I think those 750 people they picked were probably the few remaining religious nut cases we have left here. Probably all members of Destiny Church, which no one takes seriously anyway!

  16. Brian Burton 24 Sep 2009, 6:54pm

    What ever Leilah wants, Leilah gets and little man Leilah wants you…Sorry Leilah, Just sounding off. Life is simple, it’s people who are complex don’t you think? Leilah is a middle Eastern name. My sister is married to a Iranian man and they have a Daughter called Leilah. Me, I dress in Drag and say to someone I don’t want to talk to,”Your stepping on my eyelashes ducky!”

  17. Vo Dong Cung 25 Sep 2009, 5:59am

    What is “morally right”? Is this one: ‘’?

  18. Vo Dong Cung 25 Sep 2009, 6:02am

    sorry typing error,

  19. So a poll conducted in random phone calls to 750 people determines how 4.3 million think! Firstly could the caller have influenced the outcome or even lied on their form to manipulate the outcome. I do not think this NZ poll is legitimate and should be dismissed.

    If you live in NZ pick 750 at random from the phone book and conduct your own poll, you may find the outcome to be completely different. Was the poll anonimous? Where did they select the ‘random’ phone numbers from? If they were brought from a marketing company with religious affiliations this would prejudice the outcome.

  20. Eagle Ashcroft 17 Oct 2009, 8:58pm

    Which means that there are more lesbians in the closet than there are gay men in the closet making the statement they believe they are morally wrong as no real “straight” person is going to let either a lesbian or a gay man bother them. Only a closeted lesbian or gay man would proclaim they believe homosexuality is morally wrong. But to a believer in a god that is like saying “I believe God’s creation is morally wrong.” Why should gays be singled out because they were born gay? Why are gay animals singled out because they are born gay? Why not pick on a black person for being born black and saying it is morally wrong. I’d like to say being born a woman is morally wrong and see how these old whores like that.

  21. For the great majority of Christianity – especially the fundamentalists, God invented Hell. Unfortunately he must have lost the key to the door, or He would be busily tossing the religious freaks into the fire.

    Everyone should read “The end of Faith” by Sam Harris, a USA book published about 2004.

    And unless you are both religious and belong to a really progressive religion, you should toss your bible, and use this book as the bible.

    Religion in my view has been the worst monstrosity ever invented by mankind. The cause of or a major supporting cast of every war we have ever scene.

  22. samuel welsh 10 Dec 2010, 7:34am

    I agree with this artical but
    will never beat gays up.

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