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Elton John calls for crackdown on music piracy

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Reader comments

  1. Aww. Poor Reg must be down to his last Ferrari. My heart bleeds for you. The music industry has screwed both artistes and punters alike for over 50 years, and now it’s payback time.

    I worked in the music business for over 20 years, and if anyone dared claim I worked in “the record business” I would almost swing for them. All record execs do is sell bits of plastic and shove coke up their noses all day. Well it’s poetic justice. Elton is one of the few artistes that have done well out of their work, but most musicians fare far worse and would probably earn more working in a shop or office.

  2. But Elton John’s music isn’t of the standard one would be willing to pay for, so it seems like a moot point for him.

  3. Damage young artists? Are they kidding? I hear ALL my new music, and often FIND my new music through illegal downloads and also spotify. If spotify had all the music I wanted, I would never illegally download.I’m not going to buy an album before I’ve heard the full thing, an impossibilty without illegal download. I am also a student, meaning I do not have the spare cash to spend on a CD I will never listen to because only after buying it do I realise I don’t like it. I wouldn’t buy a shirt without trying it on first, why should I buy an album without hearing it first? If your music is good enough, then no matter how small an artist is people will want to own their music. I remember going to see a band called Enter Shikari before they got rather popular. Although I had downloaded all their tracks anyway, I still bought all of their CD’s, including an expensive limited edition disc of which there are only 250. I believe in supporting my local music scene, as well as bigger names too. I want them to support me back!

  4. Maybe the music industry might stop archaic policies of denying availability of tracks in certain regions. (Go onto, dance music fans will know what I mean). Wake up, it’s a global market.

    The music industry has always tried to dictate to the public, whether by ripping people off with crap album fillers and b-sides, or treating the public like criminals. Of all industries, it’s probably the least innovative and backward minded of them all. It took years for them to realise that music doesn’t need to come on a piece of metal with a hole in the middle. Another rip-off scam is forcing dj’s to buy digital licences for the privilege of transferring their collections onto mp3 (so, money which could be going to supporting new artists, goes to lawyers). If you treat your customers like sh*t, that’s how they will treat you.

  5. The net is free and must remain free forever for everyone – I think the music industry is making enough money to be able to live rather well I think.

  6. One of the main reasons as to why people illegally download music is because a latest pop album release is expensive at £10-15. Especially in a recession.

    Music companies could very easily sell them for much less and still make a very healthy profit & healthy earnings for all those involved. Its a bit galling when the few artistes make such high percentages from the sale of every one of their CDs.

    If they really want to stop music piracy, then they have to make buying the album legally a much more attractive option to those people. Otherwise its a problem which won’t go away.

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