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Estate agents reprimanded for ‘outing’ lesbian couple

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  1. Unbelievable. £5,000 is a joke. Death threats and worse can result from this sort of breach of confidence. What happened to the ‘junior member of staff’? Sacking without references as a minimum, I hope.

  2. Why has the member of staff not been dismissed? could you image if the word’ lesbians’ was replaced with the word blacks or Jews there would be a public outcry. It show that we still have a VERY long way to go to have the same equality which is afforded to other minority groups.


  3. I really think criminal charges should at least be brought against the idiot who placed the word into their home advert. Unbelievable how thick some bigots are.

  4. Brian Burton 21 Sep 2009, 1:19pm

    Polititians, Journalists and Estate Agents…Scum-Bags All!!

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Sep 2009, 2:40pm

    Lee, absolutely right about that. This is nothing more than blatant homophobia at its worst in the era of supposed equality! Someone’s head should roll for sure. Totally unacceptable.

  6. Brian Burton 21 Sep 2009, 2:58pm

    Robert Ex-Pat Brit,
    Thank goodness they have not Americanised you, and I hope they never will. A Girl I Know from my Birth-Place Seaham Harbour. She uses a lot of exaggerated Americanism’s in her cyber chatter like “See y’all etcetera.

  7. What a horrible thing to do. I agree that £5000 is an insult. I’d have sent the junior team member round to apologise in person, for a start, and, yes, I think the police should have investigated.

  8. Robert, ex-Pat: Why is it homophobia? It’s not like they called them “a pair of rug-munching diesels” – They stated it was owned by a lesbian couple, which is accurate, if being rather insensitive.

    I wouldn’t want my sexuality publicised, however, ‘outing’ people accidentally, and with no malice, is not homophobic.

    Stop getting your leather thong in a twist and get over it. I wish I got five grand for being called names.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Sep 2009, 6:26pm

    “I wouldn’t want my sexuality publicised, however, ‘outing’ people accidentally, and with no malice, is not homophobic”

    RobN I don’t think it was meant as a friendly jesture.

  10. SMC: oh. Fairy Nuff. I hadn’t appreciated where it had been written.
    I wondered if “Large. Flat. Needs restoration” referred to them or the property. ;o)

  11. And now they have been outed again on this site, complete with a picture of them. Surely a personal complaint shouldn’t have been made this public?

  12. Homophobic abuse isn’t in a word, it’s in an intention behind the words. It’s not credible to call this a joke – I think it’s clear that the motivation prejudice, hate and/or contempt.

    However, I don’t agree with Riondo – not in the UK. Plenty of gay couples and lesbian couples manage to be quite open about their sexuality without receiving “death threats and worse”.

    £5,000 seems an appropriate penalty. I agree that the “junior member of staff” should be sacked for gross misconduct: it’s hardly up for dispute that this was recklessly unprofessional behaviour.

  13. Not nice at all by the agents in question. No one would have to do that to us! We are the ‘talk’ of the neighbourhood!

  14. Tsuchan – my partner and I are also ‘out’ as a gay couple in our community without ‘death-threats and worse’ but we are not identified as such, with our home address, on the global forum of the Internet. The UK has its dark underbelly like any society. This kind of exposure makes you vulnerable to all sorts of violence and abuse.

  15. ‘outing’ people accidentally, and with no malice, is not homophobic.

    replacing a reference NUMBER with a WORD is hardly a mistake.
    How can that not be malicious..?

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