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Chicago gay bar insists patron match the gender on their ID

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 21 Sep 2009, 3:56pm

    My apperent gender may match the one on my ID, but I can still be a prostitute. Wouldn’t it be easier to let all drag queens know they are not welcome?

  2. Trans people are not drag queens, nor do the greatest majority sell their bodies. why dont they just say prostitutes are not welcome, they must know who they are. Dont the gay community treasure the cross-dressing and trans community in Chicago and show some support ?. After all gay men do cross dress as well as hetero’s and of course trans who havn’t had their ID changed for one reason or another. Lets hope a compromise can be made. However from this side of the pond (UK)laws are a little different so its difficult to really grasp the situation admittedly.

  3. “patrons must look like the photo on their ID”

    NO ONE lokks like the photo on their ID, pre-transition trans or otherwise

  4. If you look like your passport photo, you’re too ill to go on holiday.

  5. It’s just a way to discriminate. Not that rare in the US. It was women being discriminated against in gay bars when I was going out to bars twenty years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. A country dance bar required all women to be escorted by a man to get in. My partner and I passed out “END DISCRIMNATION” buttons to patrons and were banned from the club. My partner was fired as the dance instructor. When will it end? Gotta treat people the way we wish to be treated.

  6. Why do grown adults over the age of consent need to show photo ID just to buy a drink? If they look old enough just serve them and shut up.

  7. If they don’t want the purple pound they should say so, not make lame excuses. I am sure they have male prostitutes meet clients at the bar also. Will they be taking the same action and ban all men also?

  8. Brian Burton 23 Sep 2009, 4:20pm

    Is this story a ruse?

  9. Abi1975: “Purple Pound”? Is that generated by wealthy people with varicose veins?

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