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Atlanta demonstrators brave rain to protest gay bar raid

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Reader comments

  1. Daryl Jones 23 Sep 2009, 11:10am

    If there is any hope for those of us who find ourselves treated any less of a human being because of the opinion of others, let not there actions discourage, yet, pity them.They know not what they do and FIND disrespect as an opportunity and priveledge to manifest, yet face it without courage to stand behind and for what THEY believe. Accolades to those who stood in the flood to defend and demonstrate so passionately their beliefs to establish the true difference between themselves and those who have yet to find one that brings them peace, productivity and properity for themselves those around them. One defending their belief is greater than 10,000 beliefs that offend.Two or more gathered for the defense of and the belief in one another clearly demonstrates how the hatred and discrimination people can harbor with pride is nothing in comparison to the love and support that people can openly share in their time of need. May the heavens restore love where it is needed most and heal the wounds of those who would rather suffer the ignorance of others than harbor or initiate it as their own pride to bear.