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Serbian police ‘cancel’ Belgrade Pride despite assurances it would be protected

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Reader comments

  1. i saw this comming

  2. Mihangel apYrs 19 Sep 2009, 4:18pm

    Another spasm of primitive homophobia, and religious prejudice masquerading as faith from an ostensibly civilised country.

  3. Serbs are a nation of people who are in denial of its inbuilt bigotry. If they had no problems with shooting Muslim children and over innocent civilians. I doubt they will be be very LGBT friendly.

    Lets remember Serbia want to be a member of the European union I say no way!

  4. @Abi1975 :
    “Serbs are a nation of people who are in denial of its inbuilt bigotry… had no problems with shooting Muslim children and over innocent civilians…”
    So you’re saying that all or most Serbs were ok with that??? Then I wonder who it was that walked in the protests in the 90’s and in 2000 to overthrow the government that was responsible? I was there and I was pretty sure those were other Serbs (i.e. the “Serbs as a nation”) around me. So who’s the bigot in denial now? Thanks, your attitude really helps the LGBT community here. Not enough that I have to take crap that I’m a woman, a bisexual and a single mother, now I get to take crap for being a Serb too. Made my day. Thanks again…

  5. I say thank God for cancellation. This would only end in blood and retribution.

    Let’s hope things improve in time for next year’s parade.

  6. That’s my opinion NikiBGD, as somebody who served as part of KFOR in Kosovo who saw children being assassinated by Serb snipers around me. I need no lectures I was on the ground and experienced the horror, I even guarded a mass grave of people slaughtered by the sort of proud Serbs who would attack your pride march.

  7. No way should Serbia get into the the EU without major improvements in human rights, including in this area. Too many dodgy banana republics have already been admitted, in my view. Monitored associate membership should be offered first, and it should last as long as it takes.

  8. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Sep 2009, 7:48pm

    Jamaica, Aceh and now Serbia. Let the three of them get together with Iran and Iraq and let them form their own union, if they can get past tearing each other apart.

  9. @Abi1975 :
    You seriously need to think about what you’re basing your opinions on. The majority or the minority? Could I form an opinion on the entire UK after visiting just a few cities or towns up north? This is exactly the kind of reaction the ultra rightist minorities here wanted to get out of the international community and you’re helping them get it. I’m actually against entering the EU (my reasons are irrelevant now) but how about showing the LGBT community here some support instead of bashing us for our nationality or ethnicity in the process? Obviously, bigotry breeds bigotry. Same crap, different package. Hope you think about it.

  10. @ Riondo

    Totally agree. There are already too many nasty countries in the EU.

  11. Hold on a second there. What’s with the name calling; “nasty countries” and “dodgy banana republics”?

    Either name them or don’t say it at all. Play fair. :(

  12. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Sep 2009, 11:58pm


    Put a sock in it, will ya.

    You working for the Serbian government, are ya?

  13. Bishop Ioan 20 Sep 2009, 3:50am

    I know that Serbian Orthodox are some of the most homophobic bastards in the world–that attitude has been carried over to subsequent governments. It’s just sad these people cannot have a march because the neanderthals don’t want to accept that not everyone is the same. And yes, if these bozos would shoot women and kids, hey’d have no problems shooting children.

  14. I’m gay from Serbia. I think that you can showing more suport to the LGBT community of Serbia and stop judging all Serbs. We are not all the same. Are you ever asked yourself how Lgbt population live in Serbia? Sorry for my bad English.

  15. Lucius – you have a point. Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania certainly come to mind.

  16. Jean-Paul Bentham 21 Sep 2009, 3:20am


    And how much are you being paid by the Serbian government to make such a comment on PinkNews? No gay newspapers in Serbia?

  17. @Lucius – I agree

  18. To Jean-Paul Bentham

    No, we don’t have gay newspaper in Serbia! We have two gay clubs in Belgrade and it’s all of LGBT population in Serbia have! But my point of view is that in Serbia we have people who hate us and there is a persons who want to kill us, but there is a good people in Serbia who accept us, and they were ready to march with us on this parade. Whole LGBT population in world must stand together and fight for gay rights in world. I know that gay from Serbia (like me) lost battle but we aren’t lose war, we gonna fight for gay rights. sorry for bad English

  19. Jean-Paul Bentham 21 Sep 2009, 3:58pm


    Thank you. I’m glad I asked.

    My niece married a guy from Serbia. His name is Bojan, and he is an electrical engineer. He knows I’m 100% gay, and we get along great together.

    He does not practise his Orthodox religion, but he does enjoy a few tradtional rituals, like eating just enough meat and no more.

    I can make him laugh quite easily, and he enjoys taking the whole family, about 20 of us, to a restauraunt and paying the bill all by himself. His daughter, Anya, is my first grand-niece.

    So, don’t be a stranger. If you can receive PinkNews on your PC or laptop, there’s no reason why you and your friends can’t send in comments from time to time.

    I understood every word you said; I don’t care if your English is not perfect. Who’s perfect??? Not me!!

  20. Very sad that these comments have degenerated into political hatred.

    The news story is about LGBT serbs and the cancelation of the Pride march due to fears of safety from a minority of neo-nazis.

    To think all we can do is spout hatred and vitriol. Shame on you. Get a grip and stop being haters! It doesn’t make you any different than the neo nazis who go around preaching hate at our communities.

  21. jean paul. jamaica eceh and now serbia, how old are you. or where have you been to say that – don,t you know that there are many other country around the world that you could have mention if
    you did not spend most of your life in the pub. or just reading the sport page. you would know about other places. like even america for your information jamaica is not the most homohpobic
    country in the world .there are country that is worst than jamaica but the media has a fix on jamaica that i wont go in to,
    in another comment. that some one wrote on this site. he said
    that. as there is a campainge to boycot jamaica. we should consider other country too.he only say that because he only assume that jamaica was the only country like that. untill he heard about serbia and indonisia becaus he has been made to belive jamaica is the only country in the world that is like that
    most time they show the jamaican flag
    how many other country they do that with
    more gays are kill in this country every month than jamaica in a year

  22. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Sep 2009, 5:51am


    I’m a 64 year old Canadian. I found out I was allergic to alcohol when I was in my early 20’s, and since then I have avoided spending time where alcohol is served. I prefer librairies actually where I do read the occasional newspaper but hardly ever the Sports section. I like to read the letters to the editor most of all.

    How old are you? Do you consume alcohol? Are there more precise statistics? Is Human Rights Watch active in Serbia? Are any international gay organizations aware of the homophobic crime rate in Serbia? What percentage of the Serbian population would you say is homophobic? How involved is religion in the politics of your country, and which religion is dominant there?

    My comment was not meant to offend you. There is surely a good reason why the Belgrade Pride was cancelled by the Serbian police.
    Do you agree or disagree with the story in PinkNews about this matter?

    By all means, please keep in touch. It appears that you have something to teach me.

    By the way, there are homophobic attitudes and crimes in Canada as well.

  23. Adam, Serbia
    There are a lot of reasons why this gay march didn’t succeed.
    First, Serbian government gave support to LGBT community, but it wasn’t honestly and it was too late. They played some kind of politic game with whole thing. Police started to sabotage project two days before march. It was obvious that they don’t want to protect those who will come to march.
    Second, serbian majority was against it. They didn’t say anything because right-wind organizations and church sad everithing for them. Also, majority in gay community was against gay march, because huligans threatened with atacks on gay clubs.
    Third, Serbia has very good Law against discrimination, but NGOs and LGBT community didn’t done enought to put that Law in daily life. They should do much more in period prior to gay march. There are just few real LGBT NGOs with small group of members which have almost no expirience in making such a big event.

    Conclusion: Serbian society is still not ready to fully accept gay community but situation is little better than it was just one month ago. We hope that next year will be much favorably for gay march.

  24. Jean-Paul Bentham 22 Sep 2009, 10:42pm


    Thank you for your input.

    I am reminded of the problems which challenged the Pride Parade in Moscow this year. There, it was said the police stood by while homophobic, religiously inspired groups attacked the marchers.

    It is quite true that organizing a major event like a Pride Parade takes months and months of preparation, committee work and co-ordination, not to mention an open line of communication with the government and the police.

    Also, inviting an internationally-known figure to speak or to lead the Parade has been seen all over the world, and with some success.

    Very often it’s exactly the people who give their time to an NGO who will be the first to learn how to organizing a Pride. They are the ones who will learn as they work.

    Finally, I’m very sorry the Serbian police cancelled the Pride in Belgrade this year, and I do encourage you to hope that next year will be much more favorable for a gay march.

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