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Plans underway for London’s first ever LGBT Tourist Information Office

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Reader comments

  1. Looking forward to seeing London’s LGBT events listed for FREE at Advertisements with weblinks are only $100 USD valid for one year of advertising. Looking forward to connecting US LGBT across the pond with London and UK’s LGBT community.

  2. Brian Burton 18 Sep 2009, 4:05pm

    Splendid, splendid, splendid. Doing a lot of traveling, my Partner and I would Love to see an ‘LGBT Tourist Infomation’ office on our travels. Splendid and once again splendid! In fact I feel like singing it’s praises, like the lugubrious, mustoucheoed man who advitizes!!

  3. TheLondoneer 18 Sep 2009, 4:16pm

    Great idea folks – just make sure your information is up to date though, and you actually remove listing that are no longer relevant. Travelling Europe a lot, you’d be amazed at how out of date info can be on the web. Not good to spend half an evening trapsing around several venues that have long since dissapeared when you’re desparate for a pint or something else…

  4. Isn’t that what we had and still have Switchboard for?

  5. You mean a guide like this one in Palm Springs California? and once you get there, there are also Tourist Info Booths in town for both gay & straight. I’m headed to London for Xmas this year!

  6. A bit like the opening scene of “Queer as Folk”

    “If you want selfish, two-timing prick tease bastards, go in there”, if you want miserable, bitchy f_cking queens, try there. If you want to just get generally depressed, f_cked over and ripped off, go anywhere around here.”

    I don’t think we need some crappy little kiosk to tell us what a s_ithole gay london is.

  7. @RoBN – I am sorry that you have not had a good time in gay London but you pays your money and you takes your choice.
    I think the idea is a good one and I hope it will cater for all tastes including those who like the company of bitchy queens or two timing prick teasers. There are other aspects of the gay community that are really great and beautiful – in everything, there has to be a balance.

  8. “Great and Beautiful”? – Hang on a minute, are we talking about the same place here? There IS NO COMMUNITY. It’s is merely a bunch of like-minded selfish tossers all wandering in the same direction.

  9. “There IS NO COMMUNITY. It’s is merely a bunch of like-minded selfish tossers all wandering in the same direction.”

    Sweet jesus, go get some f*****g counselling, man! Its the same old tirade day in day out, over and over again. You’re beginning to sound alike a religious nut who thinks saying evolution doesn’t exist becomes more real by repetition. So, you had bad experiences, big deal. I’m sure there are equally as many straight blokes who think all women are bitches. Doesn’t mean they’re right too.

    Not part of the “community”? Good for you.

    Move on, get over it, please.

  10. Will: I will continue to repeat myself on this ad infinitum until people realise this self-generated concept is a complete and utter myth. Even the term “gay community” is a complete oxymoron.

  11. “until people realise this self-generated concept is a complete and utter myth.”

    And why bother, Rob? Seriously. You don’t feel part of a gay community, so why should you care what other people feel part of? This stinks of you validating your choices, and you keep on saying it won’t make any one change their mind if they do feel part of a gay community, no mater what that term means to them.

    So, let to go.

  12. Oh, and you “ad infinitum” is becoming “ad nauseam”…

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