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Clampdown on “thinspiration” sites will help gay men

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  1. But what makes gay men think they need to be slim? other gay men, the ‘gay scene’ is driven by ‘skinny’.
    Don’t blame the websites, blame yourselves.

  2. Bishop Ioan 18 Sep 2009, 4:00pm

    To some extent this is true but the LGBTQ community has the same hangups as the rest of the society because the mania about being thin. If you are healthy and happy with yourself then to heck with whatever others think. You must be happy with yourself first.

    I have managed to lose weight because of health issues, but this mania with splenderness has to end. When you have five-and seven-year-olds with eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia or who are worried about being too fat (usually with no reason) it is time to call a halt to this nonsense!

  3. Brian Burton 18 Sep 2009, 4:36pm

    It is all part of ‘Narcissism’ of the beautiful and the need to feel attractive as well as looking attractive. Following the life-syle depicted on ‘Thinspiration’ web-sites leads inevertably to health problems later. This includes kidney and liver detereation. So if you choose ‘Thinspiration’ then expect the rest of your possibly short life… ‘Despiration.!’

  4. David Abrehart 18 Sep 2009, 7:16pm

    This article is entirely vacuous.

    The headline ‘Clampdown on “thinspiration” sites will help gay men’ is pointless. The fact is that no ‘clampdown’ could ever be realistically enforceable without government censorship which would be unthinkable. Even then, in the worldwide internet age, a government can’t just ‘close down’ websites, and even if it could another one could pop up registered from a country under different legal jurisdiction.

    Further, the article itself says nothing whatsoever about the so-called ‘clampdown’ it mentions in the headline. This is because there can never be one!

    So the headline could have equally said ‘Magic pill to maintain perfect weight will help gay men’, and then not mention the magic pill in the article!

  5. Government censorship is far from unthinkable. It will be introduced incrementally using whatever pretext fits the bill and it has been going on for sometime. Each banning of of various categories of sites is used to justify increased monitoring and in some cases the seizure of equipment.

  6. David Abrehart 18 Sep 2009, 9:53pm

    Apart from sites that incite terrorism, and paedophile ring sites, i’ve never heard of the UK government being able to restrict access to sites or close sites down.

    They simply can’t just do that – there must be a legal framework in place in order to do it, and even then a process to follow. For sites that do not break the law I cannot see how they could even begin this process, let alone succeed with it.

    And even if they did, other sites could spring up in a day to replace them.

  7. The government simply needs to change the law. Thinspiration sites are poison. They damage people – people who are vulnerable and easily led. People with eating disorders don’t need to get into social networks where their disorder will be validated and enabled by other people who are just as ill as them. They need professional help. They don’t need to hear a message that they won’t be judged and that their choices are valid – they need to be told they are wrong, stupid and damaging. We need to judge more before we can start caring. Because this society has managed to pull off the trick of not caring by wrapping it up in the language of “free choice” and not judging.

    Ban those sites. But that’s only half the answer. Ban any advert that uses unhealthy models, ban photoshopping on adverts and ban those vaccuous, nasty little magazines like Heat from ever mentioning people’s weight. I know it’s unpopular to say this in our “no blame, everyone is right” society, but most people are actually quite stupid, and that goes double for young people. They need to be protected from themselves.

  8. Tom, you are ignorant. The fact that you consider people with mental illness “stupid” is backwards and socially damaging.

    As a LGBTQ person who runs a pro-ana site, I can tell you that the representation of Pro-Ana by the media is inaccurate, and the picture painted by the medical profession is generalized and incomplete.

    Eating disorders have nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance, narcissism, or a weakness in morals. They are chemical. Educate yourselves.

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