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Amnesty calls for repeal of new anti-gay laws in Indonesia

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 18 Sep 2009, 5:51pm

    How shocking for all of us who bought the lie ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

    Islam is an evil cancer which should be consigned to the dustbin along with all the other evil headcults – christianity; judaism; hunduism; sikhism; scientology etc

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Sep 2009, 7:53pm

    Amnesty International seems to have more teeth than the UN, and I don’t mean to put down the UN.

    Where do I sign? Aceh needs a tsunami of common sense. Don’t make me mad!

  3. Every gain made, when some European country or a State of the US brings in equalising legislation seems to be outweighed by draconian laws like this elsewhere. This is a stuffed up world!

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Sep 2009, 7:25am

    3 comments…??? Jeez!

  5. It’s also important to remember that Aceh is an autonomous region in Indonesia, and is only one of 20+ provinces there. It does not make it good news, but it’s important to put this news into perspective and not assume the entirety of Indonesia is like that.

  6. We should all hit the Indonesian government where it hurts most – their pocket and encourage a boycott of all tourism and travel to this small-minded, murderous tin-pot land of darkness. Same applies to other islands of hatred like Jamaica.

  7. Aceh is a province of 4 million people in a country with a population of 230 million, so let’s not get carried away with the searing indictments of Indonesia as a whole. That said, Aceh is a problem for Indonesia generally, and it’s no stranger to violence and extremism. Given the precarious nature of the peace settlement between Jakarta and the Free Aceh Movement, I’d be surprised if the government is keen to intervene too forcefully in this matter.

  8. Islamists at work , again..

    WHAT a surprise.

    Religion of peace my ass.

  9. Me thinks they need another Tsunami to wash away all the filthy muslims out to sea.

  10. Jean-Paul Bentham 21 Sep 2009, 3:24am


    Me thinks you’re talking my language.

  11. Bishop Ioan 21 Sep 2009, 4:11am

    I’m with BralenX. Another tsunami to wash the dirtbags out to sea.

  12. Islam is a vile sect – full economic and oil sanctions for the entire Indonesian archipelago. A total boycott of all goods produced by that country – it is the only way those people will understand that they do not have the right, under any circumstances, to infringe human rights. Islam is not a religion of peace it is a terrible controlling sect that manipulates, dominates and murders innocent people. It is as disgusting and horrifying as Nazism and Communism and one day the world will wake up to that fact and ban it just like Scientology.

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 21 Sep 2009, 9:14am


    Me thinks you also are talking my language. Now,how do we wake up the world if 9/11 couldn’t do it?

  14. Let’s face it, the UN always was a toothless bunch of cretins living off free lunches and squabbling round a table where NOTHING was ever agreed upon apart from the occasional “stiff talking to”.

    Amnesty and it’s cohorts have far more clout. Places like Indonesia are reliant on foreign trade and tourism, so just cut them loose. If the EU was to issue a directive to all member states to embargo all trade, and stop issuing visas to Indonesian citizens, it would hit them where it hurts and they would have to come in line.

    However, the EU is just another lunch-guzzling fat cat that doesn’t bother with anything until it’s sitting in its lap, by which point it’s too late. Hence everyone flying out to Zimbabwe with that awfully nice Mr Mugabe for yet another jolly.

  15. john sharp 2 Oct 2010, 3:17am

    no fake god
    will tell me what i can do with my ass
    religions are cheating the brains of the poor masses
    i still fail to see a sussesfull religious regime
    where the population florishes
    in the few examples Inquisition and Iran
    it is more murders and poverty
    and the freaks are still buying it
    poor humans
    what do you have a brain for

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