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Video: Teenage girl’s plea for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. This young lady may only be 16 but she knows exactly what love means! Well done her!

  2. What an adorable, mature, sensitive and articulate girl she appears to be. A credit to herself and her dads.

  3. Keith Bradley-Wilson 17 Sep 2009, 6:43pm

    What a beautiful wedding present this delightful young lady’s speech was. They must be so very proud of her – her beauty is obvious, but proud especially of her incredibly mature inteligence – which did not stop her from crying with pure love and joy for her dads.
    And congratulations too to Messers Montgomery & Duban on their union.

  4. Phil from Sydney 18 Sep 2009, 3:22am

    Lets send a copy of that video (and the Irish one) to Kevin Rudd [the bigot I call him – no better than Howard] – lets hope he changes his bigoted mind into legalizing same-sex marriage here in Australia!!!!!!!!!!

    Civil Gay marriages should be 100 percent legally allowed – for the sake of universal equality, love and even to save the insitution marriage and the economy!!!!!!

    Also I loved watching the Irish gay marriage you tube video as well just recently!!!!

    Kevin Rudd should have my full permission first before he married Taresa!!!!!

  5. It made me cry too – Well done for putting onto Youtube. There is the hope that it may change some peoples hearts and minds.

  6. How blessed her parents are to have such an amazing daughter. Clearly a family with boundless love for each other. Puts to shame some of the dysfunctional families I’ve seen where parents don’t even bother parenting.

  7. What a brave and lovely young lady. All the best to her and her fathers, and may California have gay marriage back soon!

  8. Bishop Ioan 18 Sep 2009, 4:39pm

    Really wonderful viedo. My hat is off to this young lady–she is a tribute to her paents.

  9. Brian Burton 18 Sep 2009, 5:08pm

    Tears fall when I watch this teenage girl. Was’nt it just great?

  10. yes me too i was crying while wacthing the video tears of joy and envy for such love and compassion of girl to his father. really it ashame for those heterosearexual parent who doesnt care about thier children. this girl is a reflexion of how her father do parenting.

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