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Derren Brown’s ‘gay’ comment provokes viewer complaints

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Reader comments

  1. wasn’t his comment alluding to the fact that gays and women are almost considered a little bit irrelivant in society and wasn’t he just highlighting this using satire? after all he is gay himself so it doesn’t add up that he would be slagging himself off?

  2. Darryl Bullock 16 Sep 2009, 4:09pm

    For God’s sake! If gay men can’t make jokes about gay men who the hell can? Whoever complained to Ofcom really needs to get a life.

  3. Just what are people complaining about exactly?

  4. Geez! Some people need to get a grip! Or blow a load. Or BOTH. What is wrong with people? I second Darryl here.

  5. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 5:34pm

    Another storm in a teacup I surmise. Pay heed to this kind of criticium and end up as a hideous puppet.

  6. He ought to know better (gays=women, yawn, yawn)as he is bright as well as gorgeous, but this is a storm in a teacup. What is there to investigate?

  7. Much ado about nothing!

  8. I really don’t get it? What is supposed to be offensive?

    One important point though (removed from this particular story) – there seems to be an assumption that gay people can’t hold homophobic views, because they are gay!!??!!. This is ludicrous. Some of the most homophobic and self-despising people I have known are gay. Just look at Kenneth Williams (bless him) – or some of the fundies that post here: Alesha, Stewart wot’s is name – you are not telling me they are straight??

    As a gay man I am aware of the homophobic bile that I have unawarely swallowed over the years – but it takes energy and reflection – and I cannot say that there aren’t times (when I am low on energy or tired) when I don’t have to keep a check on my own internalised homophobia that comes from years of living in homophobic and heterosexist culture. I don’t own the homophobia as mine (because I come from a place of love) but I do recognise that it can be a parasite from our past.

    As for Derren Brown – he’s too clever (publicity-wise) to fall for this one – I wonder if it is a stunt! Enough to get the sheep to shout and thus give him a spotlight but not enough to get serious?? Although, of course, on the other hand, it may not be – and could be a genuine joke.

    But I still don’t get it.

  9. It is worth keeping in mind that the people that complained might not know that Derren Brown is gay.

  10. Phillis Dorris 16 Sep 2009, 6:49pm

    I run his blog and I was offended. Not a single mention of transgender or bisexuals. We play the lottery as well you know! I complained 26 times.

  11. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2009, 6:55pm

    only a Jew can make a good Jewsih joke

    only a black man call call his chum a “nigger”

    Unless one is self-oppressed, us making jokes about gays and lesbians isn’t homophobic

  12. Why isn’t it offensive to women, too?

  13. Derren’s comment exposes the hypocrisy of these hate laws. Of course it does not matter that he said it any more than it would matter if Jonathan Ross said it. Goodness gracious, don’t we have more serious issues to contend with than knee-jerk reactions by the thought police?

  14. Blimey. If he said those few words and caused this, imagine the sentence some drag queens would get if they were up in court every time they slagged off some queen or dyke during their cabaret act in a bar!

  15. 1/. Perhaps those 27 people didn’t know he was gay? The joke/quip went over my head but maybe its like Joe said in the first post!

    2/. I’d like to complain about the shocking waste and trickery of the program. Why for several days was it implied he’d tell us how it was done.

  16. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 9:54pm

    Some fundy weardo called us practicing homosexuals. I told the twit that I was not a praciicing homosexual, I’m really quite good at it now!

  17. Brian – great! It’s known that Quentin Crisp entering the USA was asked by an immigration officer: “Are you, or have you, at any time, been a practicing homosexual?”. Crisp replied: “Darling, I don’t need the practice.” (mint.)

  18. I really don’t think we should be telling Derren Brown who his balls are for.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  19. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Sep 2009, 11:31pm

    I agree with all of you, of course.

    Zefrog (3) says it most succinctly.

    Signed: Ze Canadian frog! (Like your blog)

  20. 21stCenturySpirituality 16 Sep 2009, 11:44pm

    Ive seen all his shows and read one of his books so I understand the context and intention in which he would have made this remark and there really is nothing for anyone to complain about or be offended by here. For Ofcom to waste time and money investigating this would be a rather pointless exercise I think. Maybe the people who complained should grow up.

  21. Brian Burton 17 Sep 2009, 6:35am

    I belive there is a TV play comming up shortley about dear Quentin Crisp in New York. I saw the first play with John Hurt, that was great!

  22. That is the whole point: what does it matter whether he is gay or not? It just shows this law up for the Orwellian sham it is!

  23. Derren’s judgement sometimes fails him. His supposed explanation of the lottery trick on Friday was one example of poor judgement, and the comment about gays and women was another.

  24. I’m a woman, & I’m gay (Femme..).. (Unless it was only towards the gay men…) And I’ll be honest… I DON’T/DIDN’T GET IT! :S LOL!
    Why the hell can’t Derren Brown AS a gay man himself make a harmless gay joke?!
    It’s hilarious how people are getting so worked up, so they had to waste 10 minutes of their life to make a complaint. GET OVER IT lmfao!
    Also, I don’t get the joke :S ahahaha :P

  25. ellen pauler 19 Jan 2011, 8:27am

    It is not natural to be gay , i think you people should read the bible.Romans chapter 1 verse 26-27.Even animals in the wild do not do acts like you people do it is sick, and no it is not an illness it is just perverse. Also some ministers out there condone this act they also need to read the bible

    1. Oh bugger off.

    2. I guess that the last 300 years of biblical scholarship just didn’t happen for some people. And same sex sexual activity has been observed and documented in several species including dolphins, lions, and various primates.

    3. Ellen Pauler, the word “perverse” doesn’t mean what ignorant people like you think it means. The FIRST and original definition, very important, is “changeable, capricious, unexpected, willful, etc.” I think the word you were looking for is “perverted”, not the same. Also, several species practice homosexuality…regularly. What’s wrong with you? Not all of us put our lives in the hands of fairy tales written 4 thousand years ago by HUMAN BEINGS. Most of us prefer to think.

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