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BNP refutes allegations of homophobia and sexism as unions vote to ban its members

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 3:32pm

    I have seen these horendous political neo-facists on and off for years. ‘First Hate’ heads every item on their ajenda I assume. The ajenda of a decent party would read: “First Do No Harm.”

  2. They are not homophobic, they just don’t like gays…

  3. So the BNP say they are not homophobic but then go on to give 3 examples of how homophobic they are-

    1.Believing children shouldn’t be taught about homosexuality but should be taught about heterosexuality is bigoted.

    2.Believing a child should be raised by one female and one male only is bigoted. (many single parent and gay parent families produce healthy childhoods whilst many straight parent families produce really awful childhoods)

    3.Believing in the separate but equal civil partnerships is bigoted. ( Why isn’t there more of a push to get full marriage in this country?)

    The line about women fighting in wars is uncivilised left me thinking w.t.f. At least with sexist views like that there’s less chance of them getting support from the female half of the population!

  4. Sure they’re not homophobic…they would just rather see gay people, physically & mentally impaired people (I wonder if this includes those who wear glasses/contact lens) and anyone they deem “non-british” (in a historical fantasy-not-reality type of way), dead.

    As I’ve said before, they are pond-life, nothing more or less. And given the growing support some members of the voting public seem to be giving them, then those BNP-voting people are also pond-life.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Sep 2009, 4:52pm

    Gary, I totally concur with you. I’ve also wondered why there is no full marriage equality movement as there is in Ireland, the U.S.A., and elsewhere but not in the UK. Clearly, StonewallUK did a hatchet job on muzzling it, believing that civil partnerships were equal and would have universal recognition as marriage does and their claim that they would have received nothing if they hadn’t gone along with Blair to get something different to avoid a confrontation with the established cult and others. Look at How WRONG they all were. Look at Spain which had a far harder time battling the roman cult and yet it won, hands down. We took the cowardly way out. It will catch up with us as more countries offer marriage for those of us who want it. If these partnerships are so equal, why aren’t straights allowed to form them. I bet you anything, if they were, there would be few takers.

    The BNP’s statement that children should not be taught about “homosexuality” is as absurd as saying that gays should not be exposed to straight sex on tv and films and other forms of media. Of courses the BNP is homophobic otherwise it wouldn’t make such outrageous statements like that. Liars always deny the truth when confronted with it head on.

  6. bigots never see their own bigotry yet they’ll try to lie/whine that others are bigoted against them

  7. Well, of course they’re not homophobic… silly. In the same was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Germany in 1933 wasn’t anti-Semitic.

    I’m sure when Mark Collett, former chairman of the Young BNP and current Director of Publicity, described homosexuals as “AIDS Monkeys”, “bum bandits” and “faggots” and said the idea of homosexuality was a “sickening thought”, I’m sure he was only kidding….

  8. Mark Wilson 16 Sep 2009, 4:56pm

    I have been involved with the BNP for nearly 10 years now and have found members to be as open minded as any other section of the population. Yes you do come across some biggots but that is true of any political party or group of people. I have far greater concerns about whar will happen as Britain takes in more and more people from countries which are far less tolerant. The BNP is not a threat to the gay community but blindly allowing less tolerant cultures to corrupt the freedoms we have fought for here will ultimately result in a disaster for us. Please do not believe everything you read in the newspapers about the BNP. A lot of it is ridiculous garbage. Incidentally the former leader of the National Front, Martin Webster was openly gay and a good friend of Nick’s!

  9. Mark Wilson: Sod off you neo-nazi.

  10. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Sep 2009, 5:14pm

    And there ain’t no sand in the Sahara.

  11. Homosexuals are supporting the BNP. Some of them realise that the BNP is a safer bet than Islam and that really is the choice. Homosexuals should consider this an cease hatred of ethnonationalists. If you were not so hostile to nature you would see that family/tribal/ethnic based groups always prevail. The BNP stance on homosexuals is that consenting adults can do as they like sexually IN PRIVATE and no promotion of culturally/ethnically destructive practices is allowed.

    The BNP has many women in positions of authority. This is not, as you might think, something kinky, but actually due to recognising and rewarding leadership and organisational skills.

  12. Funny how the BNP supporters crawl out from under the woodwork when it suits them to spread their lies. The choice is between “the BNP & Islam” eh? Get real! There is lots of other, more palatable choices. I’m not Christian, Muslim, or a BNP supporter (the latter being kind of obvious from my above posts really). I’ve made my choices in life, I’m very happy with them and thankfully they don’t involve the BNP or being potentially ruled by them.

  13. “I have been involved with the BNP for nearly 10 years now and have found members to be as open minded as any other section of the population.” – Says: Mark Wilson

    Thanks for that you had my whole office rolling around the floor in laughter.

  14. I am a bnp supporter and member im also Gay.

    The party has supported me all the way.

  15. @ Darren: Looks like self-delusion knows no boundaries with you.

  16. The BNP spout a whole plethora of left-wing hatred! That they despize us less than others is a fairly moot point. I think I’d be more concerned if the vile, racist BNP were pro-gay!

  17. Self Delusion explain George

    One could say that of you

  18. The BNP certainly are homophobic, so they have not REFUTED the allegation, which would mean they had effectively shown the allegation to be false. You should be more careful with your use of language, as your headline could have graced the BNP’s Web site.

    The BNP are, however, a legal political party. I don’t want to see BNP members eating, sleeping or breathing, but I can’t deny them the right to do so, nor can we deny them the right to work. What can be done is insist they keep their disgusting opinions to themsleves in the workplace, and don’t allow them to impinge on how they do their jobs – especially if they are teachers or public servants. That is a tall order, but that’s their problem. The police and prison service are a legitimate exception to this, because they exercise the coercive powers of the state and are quasi-military in this context. But that’s as far as it goes. Of course I wouldn’t want my child taught by a BNP member – but I wouldn’t expect to know they were a member, and if I did, it would probably mean they were letting it be known. Which means I think, on reflection, that they could legitimately be barred from public activity on behalf of the BNP, but not, I reiterate, from membership.

  19. What’s the betting Darren and Mark Wilson share the same IP address located at BNP HQ!

  20. @ Darren: Not at all. I base my views on evidence. In the case of disliking the BNP, I base my opinionns on their policies (available to read on the internet), on direct quotations of their leaders, particularly those of Nick Griffin and Mark Colette, who on many occasions have spouted forth their anti-gay, homophobic opinions (“AIDS Monkeys” being mentioned by another poster above) which can also be verified easily enough as being true (video-evidence) as well as Mark saying on camera his highly anti-semitic opinions.

    You on the other hand are deluded. You believe that your rights as a gay person will be furthered by the BNP being in power, despite the vast evidence to the contrary, therefore you are delusional, I am not.

    I also intensely dislike the BNP’s contempt for people classe as physically or mentally disabled. Again, the leaders of the BNP have made many references against these people, usually along the theme of them being no good for contributing to society. As someone who has a close relation with Down’s Syndrome, I take severe issue and offense to such views.

    I make no apologies for describing the BNP and their supporters as pond-life. If anything, I’m holding back on the worst I could say about them. They show nothing but contempt for anyone other than those they perceive as being the “same” as themselves, with no reasonable chance of persuading them of the folly of such views. So, I will make no effort to be nice about them. They do not deserve it, many other people who actually try to do some good for the world do.

  21. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Sep 2009, 6:28pm

    You’re right of course, some gays are supporting the BNP, as are some black people apparently. People do all sorts of things when they feel threatened – look at the Jews that collaborated with the Nazis during the last world war for example. The BNP are many things – racist and homophobic to name but two, but they aren’t completley stupid.

    The BNP consider Islamic extremism to be a vote winner at the moment (fighting it, not promoting it obviously). Islamic extremists hate gays and vice versa, so as the old saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so BNP are promoting to the gay community the notion that they are the only ones that will provide us protection from the evils of Islam.

    This has changes somewhat from a few years ago when it was black people who were the devil incarnate. In a few years time there will be some other variation. Credit where credit is due, they’ve re-invented themselves more often than Madonna.

    I pity any gay person. that insecure and that stupid not to see what the BNP stands for. Unfortunately however recession is always a rich recruiting time for filth like the BNP. Extremism has no place in a cohesive society, whether it be religious extremism or right wing fascist extremism.

    I have to laugh when we get these posting from people saying they are gay and go to BNP meting and everyone loves them. Really how dumb can these people be? Stupid, absolutely stupid.

  22. “…look at the Jews that collaborated with the Nazis during the last world war for example.”

    Hmmm…that’s funny, Sister Mary – why are they dressed as priests?

  23. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2009, 6:49pm

    “Refute” means disprove a statement through evidence or demonstration. “deny” merely means a statement saying “no we don’t”: it is not proof!

  24. Mark Wilson 16 Sep 2009, 7:16pm

    By the same rational the unions should ban Muslims from working in the public services as their beliefs are incompatible with jobs which may involve work with the Jews and gays. Should they ban members from listening to hip hop and dancehall reggae because they are homophobic or is that ok because they are ethnic “artforms”. Do all gay men have to vote labour and be politically correct liberals or can we have the same diversity of opinions as anybody else?

  25. Mark Wilson 16 Sep 2009, 7:18pm

    Islam Is Fascism

  26. If the BNP get in power, what will they do to transgendered people?

  27. “Islam Is Fascism”

    Let’s face it: religious fundamentalism is Fascism whether its Islamic, Christian or Jewish. They all want to give LGBTQ people hell. There are nice and nasty people in all creeds and belief systems – even supposedly ‘progressive’ or ‘revolutionary’ ones. It’s the individual that counts.

  28. No mark. Hating people with a different, forcing them out of public service jobs, forcing them to leave the UK and your ultimate fantasy of wiping out the whole of the muslim population is fascism.

    Look up the holocaust.

  29. sorry *hating people with a different religion

  30. Diversity is at the core of the United Kingdom, it always has been and hopefully always will. The BNP will never get any proper power if that remains.

  31. “Incidentally the former leader of the National Front, Martin Webster was openly gay and a good friend of Nick’s!”

    Just like Ernst Röhm was a good friend of Hitler until Night of the Long Knives?

  32. Julian Morrison 16 Sep 2009, 10:49pm

    Even if you wanted to oppose Islam – and I take a hard Dawkins line – opposing it with crass nativism is a cure worse than the disease. We win by basing our moral arguments in reason and science. Fascism in all its forms is essentially romanticist – it views reason and science as spoilsports. BNP’s theology of whiteness is just another wrong religion.

  33. ateI Norton 16 Sep 2009, 11:36pm

    I was horrified to see a picture of two homosexual arab men, they looked very young, maybe 18/20 standing with nooses around their necks about to be hanged, but after reading some of the hate-filled ignorant garbage being spouted on here, maybe it’s not their lifestyle that’s the problem but their mouths!

  34. ateI Norton, you use of the word “lifestyle” betrays your own thoughts on this. No one gay calls it a “lifestyle”, as we know a “lifestyle” is a choice, being gay is not. Like being a member of the BNP. Only bigots seem to refer to it as so.

    So, when gay people have a valid opinion on a group of fascists who have proven themselves to be racist, homophobic and bigoted, its “hate-filled ignorant garbage” is it? Please,you’ll find all normal democratic thinking people think the same way, I assure you, its why you’re a fringe party.

    Run along now, your brown shirt collection needs a wash.

  35. Once a Nazi always a Nazi – Nazis murdered gays and did other terrible things to them – it is as simple as that and they will never change their colours.

  36. the BNP would discriminate against lesbians, gays and bisexuals as well as the non-white/english!
    atel norton – it’s not their mouths ( I bet you don’t know anything about them) or their sexuality but that they live in ah very homophobic primitive country/regime, it’s not a lifestyle either, youa re also saying that they deserve to die due to some people they and you have never met!

  37. Mothers stay at home and cook and look after babies; they get medals for each new baby and a special one if its blond haired and blue eyed male! Freedom through Joy; the perfect female form! “Arbeit Macht Frei”, “Tomorrow belongs to me”! we all know how that ended up! Islam hates us but the RC church and other right wing christians are almost as bad (except they don’t say stone us, chuck us off cliffs etc, well at least not in public!)

  38. @@@ . . . ateI Norton

    You seem to think that you can come onto this thread and temper your hatred towards the LGBT community in a twisted ancedote. . .

    . . . and you think you can get away with hatred by stealth

    This reveals what a nasty piece of work you really are
    * I can see that
    * Most people on this site can see that
    * Is odd that you cannot!!!

  39. It is illiberal to ban people from any job because of their beliefs unless it can be shown that such beliefs or their expression adversely affects their work or people they work with. In practice this probably means demonstrating misconduct after employment has begun, rather than witholding it a priori.
    Regarding the BNP specifically, it is useless to attempt to engage its adherents in rational, or honest, debate.

  40. ateI Norton 17 Sep 2009, 7:04pm

    Tut tut . Like I said, what comes out of your mouths is the problem, you’ve just proved it yet again. Why did 500 Homosexuals in London vote for the BNP? Obviously because there are some sensible ones. Apparently they decided they would e better off with the BNP, who do not support throwing them off cliffs, hanging them, or cutting their heads off. I know who’d I’d rather vote for in that situation!

  41. @atel Norton

    Why did 500 homosexuals vote for the BNP? . . . especially since no major political party supports the murder of homosexuals. . .

    However the BNP is well know in its support of gay cure therapies.
    So why exaclty would a homosexual vote for you, unless they were ridden with self hatred, self loathing and a desire for self annhilation.

    Stop projectiong your agenda, beliefs and mindset onto Muslims and Islam

  42. Jean-Paul Bentham 17 Sep 2009, 10:51pm

    atel Norton:

    That’s how you interpret a photo of two young Arabic gays about to be hanged?!!!

    Are you well?

  43. “Why did 500 Homosexuals in London vote for the BNP?”

    No, the question is why did anyone vote for them. I mean, you’re just a party of social misfits, and besides, how do you know how many who voted for you were gay? Do you do a DNA test on the ballot papers? Count the amount who used a pink marker? Or just made the figure up? Well then, I’d say…. ohhh… 5m “homosexuals” voted for Labour.

    But let me correct you on something, only bigots tends to use words like “homosexual” and “lifestyle”. Like you. You’re fooling no one, we’re not as stupid as you. Probably why we don’t vote BNP, eh?

    So, its not too hard to spot your kind in here, you usual can’t hide your hate too well. You keep on enjoying being part of a fringe party of lunatics, I’ll be sure to mail you some old pillow cases you can turn into hoods.

  44. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Sep 2009, 8:04pm

    atel Norton:

    Answer me. Are you well?

  45. To all our gay BNP posters, I’d like to ask one question.
    Who do you think Nick Griffin and his ilk will turn their attention to once they get their dream of eliminating muslims from the UK? Seems to me that their campaign thrives on outgroup thinking.
    What other minorities will they focus on as an outgroup once they’re done with their particular brand of ethnic cleansing?
    Before you spout “we’re better off with the BNP then Muslim fanatics” chew on that.
    As Shirley Bassey would say “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself”

  46. Pat Harrington 19 Sep 2009, 5:09pm

    I think that is a sad day for democracy when Unions call for people to be denied work on political grounds. I think it is a knee-jerk reaction to the election of two BNP MEPs. My Union, Solidarity, accepts BNP members and will fight for their rights of freedom of expression and association. People can rightly be disciplined if they don’t act correctly but the TUC seem to want to introduce thoughtcrime as an offence. My Union is already fighting cases aimed at overturning existing bans on BNP membership. We are confident that the ECHR protects them and that ultimately this New McCarthyism will be blown away.

    As to BNP attitudes to homosexuality I have met many Labour and Union officials who privately are very prejudiced. This is by no means the preserve of the BNP. BNP members tend to be working-class and their values and opinions reflect that. Some hold bigoted opinions which need to be challenged in debate. There are many BNP members who I have spoken to, however, who have progressive views on sexuality. I think that the presentation here does not reflect a more complex reality.

  47. “There are many BNP members who I have spoken to, however, who have progressive views on sexuality. I think that the presentation here does not reflect a more complex reality.”

    Pat . . . provide us with some evidence, for example
    BNP manifesto
    BNP policy
    BNP political debate

    . . . or perhaps you sentiments are just wishful thinking

  48. The BNP seem to view being gay as analogous to having some bizarre fetish and that telling gay people to ‘keep their crap behind closed doors’ counts for being progressive on gay rights.

    They are so stupid that they seem incapable of recognising their own bigotry. Denying gay people the equal right to adopt or marry and seeking to bring back fascistic laws banning the so-called “promotion” of homosexuality in schools is apparently not homophobic in the least.

    Just as long as you tolerate what those perverted homosexuals do in the bedroom, that means you aren’t homophobic.

  49. These comments need a sanity check.

    Any reference to fascism/Nazis is trite and makes the rest, if any, of your message look like the hyperbole it is.

    The BNP spokesman has been coached to give the most wishy-washy version of their “values” possible, because the reality would scare away the bulk of their support, disillusioned and confused voters.

    As a gay man, I’ve learned to read between the lines of what politicians (as a whole, not just BNP) say and it is usually designed to play on the fears of people who have been tricked into thinking they are in a minority. White, christian (small c as they seldom actually go to church), heterosexuals are the vast majority in this country, but have been led to believe that Britain is being overrun by “undesirables”.

    Finally, atel Norton is a Troll, a person who posts deliberately inflammatory and/or offensive material and gets off on the increasingly hysterical reaction it causes. DON’T FEED THE TROLL!

  50. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Sep 2009, 1:26pm

    “BNP members tend to be working-class and their values and opinions reflect that”

    What! Sorry we must be talking about a different BNP I think

    “Nick Griffin was born in Barnet and grew up in Halesworth in rural Suffolk, England. Initially educated at two Suffolk private schools, St Felix School (in Southwold) and Woodbridge School, Nick studied history and then law at Downing College, Cambridge and boxed while at Cambridge”

    Very working class.

    Got better things to do than post the backgrounds of the entire membership of the BNP heirarchy, but I think working class is not a term common to many of them.

    Or are you talking about the other idiots they manage to beguile into joining with lies and half truths?

    I think Mr Harrington, with the 436 members declared at your third annual conference, Solidarity is little more than an insignificant, fascist sympathising, little blot on the political landscape.

    Just had a quick look at your constitution to see what it said about the General Secretary promoting racist, sexist, and homophobic political parties, and of course I couldn’t find anything in the published constitution concerning equality within your organisation at all.

    Quite a bit on the web about talk of you making donations to the BNP though – did that ever come off in the end though?

    But sad the BNP has to get its mates on here to say what lovely people they are.

    Like me asking my mum to write me a job reference.

    Sad. Very sad.

  51. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Sep 2009, 1:27pm

    Steve – this is pinknews – we A-L-W-A-Y-S feed the troll!!

  52. Rather than spout 50+ comments on how despicable and/or wonderful the BNP are, can somebody actually please make a comment on the topic itself:
    Should BNP members be refused membership to trade Unions, and ultimately lose their jobs?

    As the comment regarding the BNP that was made earlier in the week, I believe that ostracising them makes things worse. If they are treated as a legitimate political party, then they can be scrutinised the same way. Much that I can’t stand many mainstream politicians, they are clever at answering media questions and handling public image. Let’s see how well the BNP will cope. I suspect they will fall at the first hurdle, demonstrating their weak manifesto and poorly thought through concepts.

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