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Atlanta gay bar raid: Police ‘saw men having sex’

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  1. In the good old days when a copper wouldnt enter a gay bar or club except to arrest someone, I’m reminded of the words of a olice officer after raiding a sauna “there were naked men in the sauna……(!)!!!!?) (well the drag queens had a night off obviously!)

  2. The obvious point is that the police made no arrests during two previous undercover observations of illegal sexual activity. So what they are claiming as justification in their current actions is, in fact, their own blind-eye ineptitude. It is a gay bar; of course, sex and drugs have a more than accidental chance of being present at any given time. As for the dubious claim of the n-word usage: if the Atlanta PD, which is 57% African-American, has members making such statements, it has more problems than goofy raids on gay bars. With those statistics, of the 21 attending officers, 11.97 were likely black. And either highly desensitized, or completely moronic. Oh, wait.

  3. Eagle Ashcroft 17 Sep 2009, 6:46am

    Yeah right, the police were more than likely the ones having the sex with each other, so rather than arrest them selves they arrested innocent by-standers. A bigot is a bigot is a bigot!

  4. That’s the south for you!!!! The southern part of the US is the most bigoted!!!

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