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Ukraine minister says Elton John is too old to adopt

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  1. Too old, and not married. I’m not sure, but I think his age might be considered a valid reason to turn him down even in the UK, actually. But even so, its obvious that they’re scared to actually come out and say ‘you can’t adopt a Ukranian child because you’re gay’.

  2. “because he is not married and is too old.”

    Ohhhh she wont like that!

  3. Even though he is 62 years old, David is much younger. As for the marriage issue, well *rolls eyes* Ukraine isn’t exactly planning to legalise gay marriage any time soon, so Elton is between a rock & a hard place on that one.

    Of course, there are so many children living in foster care here in the UK, they could maybe adopt within Britain?

  4. If he isn’t considered too old here, then adopting within the UK would satisfy the critics who dislike foreign adoption on the grounds outlined in the article. And it would prove this isn’t a showbiz whim. It takes a fair bit of time to get an adoption approved in the British system. That would prove he is serious.

  5. Rose: I have to go with that. It seems after the Madonna/Branjelina debacles, adopting foreign babies is fast becoming the latest celebrity accessory. If the man is genuine, there are plenty of deserving cases here in UK. Mind you, I dunno if I would want to be Reg Jr. when daddy throws a hissy queeny strop.

  6. RobN – that would make the teen years quite a challenge… you’d seriously have to pull out all the stops for any teenage tantrum to register a blip in that household.
    J Carter – I’m with you there… Ouch!

  7. Flapjack: Hey Dad! Can I borrow the stretch limo with the candelabra to go out with the lads?

  8. VIVA UKRAINE! They are not stupid over there!

  9. Peter Darkest Queensland Australia 14 Sep 2009, 11:55pm

    The Minister for Medieval Cheese & Bikkies, Culture afairs said that POO_POO…. Go for it Elton. You may not win this time, but another will come along & another, till we win. ‘These Eastern European Thugs are swarming into our domain with their Cultural baggage, throwing their slops over the balcony etc. Their offspring turning our once polite society into Ferral Animals’. It’s understandable that many Aussies are leaving this Country. Since this mass migration, there has never been so much crime & murders. Don’t come to Queensland either, it’s not much fun for Gay’s here. Our Homophobic, West End Police destroyed our Gay Pride Festival, turning it into a miserable event. Cageing in Patrons with half strength alchol, Standover Bull Guards watching with Crutch sniffing dogs. The Police claimed, ‘It was a Concert & not a Cultural event’. They lied to the contary.

  10. I don’t know about the legislation in Ukraine, but I think there must be another figure -as tutorship or tutelage, don’t know- to make good for the children he chose. It would be really sad that a child is sacked of a oportunity to have a happy and relaxed life because of sounding politics for the press. Hope he helps the boy anyway.

  11. “Too old and not married”. And with that, some moron just robbed some child of a $60 million dollar inheritance some day!

  12. I’m relatively new to Pink News, and don’t read every comments page. Does Alesha always come up with comments like that? Is she/he expressing a dislike of Elton John or of forgeign adoptions or of gay people generally?

    Edward, I’m trying not to be cynical and think it’s just about money. A parentless child has been denied two parents who would care for him, hissy fits and family dramas notwithstanding. Hopefully Elton’s money could be used some other way to benefit that child remotely, a trust fund or some such thing. Meanwhile, I know for a fact that the former Catholic Adoption Agency in Lancashire, which has now split from the diocese, needs good homes for a number of children with special educational needs, and same sex couples, non-Catholic couples and even singles with a stable home to offer are welcome to apply. Elton should head North.

  13. The Ukranian snub is a bit petty given the circumstances, but i can’t help laughing at the scenario in comment #7. (RobN – that’s exactly what ALL teenagers do in West Hollywood and Bel Air, believe me)

  14. “Does Alesha always come up with comments like that?”

    Hi, Rose :) From my experience, yes. Nothing to do with disliking Elton – it just seems to be LGBT people in general or maybe LGBT people having equal rights from what I’ve read here.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Sep 2009, 1:27pm

    “Although Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish are in a civil partnership, Ukraine does not recognise this as marriage.”

    Neither does the U.K. last time I checked according to our own government. Since David Furnish is Canadian, they should go to Canada and really get married, then the Ukrainian minister will have to come up with yet another excuse, but we know what that will be.

    All of this bashing of Elton John, I’d like to know how many of us have done as much for AIDS as he has among other things? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t thrown stones.

  16. The boy in question may well wish the Ukraine had been “stupid” when he is older and grubbing for a living with little in the way of family support. Still if it pleases some idiot bigot…..

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Sep 2009, 2:05pm

    Rose, Alesha is a right wing shill, probably a deeply conflicted gay woman or tranny. Interesting how they find gay websites to spew their venom and lunacy. She/he must lead a very unhappy life to waste time on a gay site when she/he should be out there chastising the straight offenders, the adulterers (many of them religious cultists, the real threat to marriage), the straight pimps, hookers and their clientele, rapists and straight child molesters and the straight men who father children with different women. They surely have the monopoly on hypocrisy, bigotry and the double standard don’t they?

  18. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Sep 2009, 6:56pm

    I entirely agree with you Ray, it would be interesting to one of these follow up programmes the do about how kids develop and progress over the year and maybe when he’s 20 ask him, given the choice, who he have preferred to live a childhood in abject poverty, with no one to love him, encourage him, or care about him, to then be thrown out on the streets in young adulthood with nothing to his name, again with no one to love him, encourage him, or care about him …

    …OR ….

    ….would he have preferred to spend his childhood with two multi-millionaires, with nothing better to do that spend their fortunes on the best schools, the best food, the best clothes, the best life that money could buy for him, to then go forth from that life of unadulterated privilege into the adult world, the son of two world renowned celebrities with all the benefits and advantages that such parentage could give into a playboy lifetime of unadulterated privilege, safe in the knowledge that when his two dear old daddies passed away he would be richer then King Midas himself.

    Yep, it’s a hard one I know …. I mean some of those orphanages are even starting to get running water these days. In a few years time, they’re hoping it might sometimes even be CLEAN running water.

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